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buckeyefan78 10-09-2005 12:35 AM


Thing is, we're old. Sometimes that's all you have to go on when it comes down to it. That argument really doesn't fly in here or anywhere else for that matter. And I can understand a point. No one likes to be told "take my word for it." Thing our day...we KNEW the merits of the past because the players of that time held that kind of thing up. That's why I continuously blast players (even ones I like) until after they retire and than they settle in on me. Hell, I'd kiss Mike McGee on the lips if I saw him on the street today (hmmm...better not tell anyone that one).

Hey, I kinda liked Dave Cowens when I was kid (even though he was a dreaded Celtic). I didn't get beat with the insanity stick and say he was better than Bill Russell though. That thing was nipped in the bud, IF it ever surfaced, back in the old days.

Tarkus 10-09-2005 03:30 AM

Yea, I guess being "old" is something the younger generation can't identify with but when I speak up is when the younger view comes in acting like the game was founded in 2000. I'm not disputing someone's idea of greatness but balk at the casual reference to players far superior in the course of their view.

I don't necessarily mind today's players but I'm bothered when, to make a case for a favorite player of someone's, they use the greats of the game as guidelines. If they can remember their names enough to use them, they should get off their lazy duffs & research the stats & compare them to "their guy" before they haphazardly use their name in vain, so to speak. Just show the game a little respect is all.

As far as being old, that excuse goes right past me as a rule. Being older has given me more of a foundation on the game & still has me out there droppin' in 35'ers with ease on the court. Tho I could dunk when I was younger, I'm only down about 8" from it now & that's with 2 bad knees. So old won't cut it either on the court or on the boards.

So while I have a lot of respect for guys that know the game, I can't help but counter the ones who don't spend the effort when they make certain general statements.

Now, since I'm tired cuz of my age & gettin' cranky cuz I missed my nap, I'll go rest like this thread... ;)

trayhezy 10-09-2005 02:46 PM

Ahh........another thread hi-jacked by the Kobe argument.

Are you guys nuts?!?!?!?!?

There is only one major problem with the Spurs......Tim Duncan's ankles. If they hold up reasonable well throughout the season and are healthy come playoff time, they are by far the best team.

The Spurs have added a guy in Finley who over the past three years was one of the five most accurate three point shooters in the league to a roster who have two other guys (Bowen and Barry) who were top ten over that span. They have added another penetrator in Van Exel to a team that had no problem getting in to the lane with Parker and Ginobili. Some of the best clutch performers in Ginobili, Van Exel, and Horry to go with their vaunted defense and they lost next to nothing.

buckeyefan78 10-10-2005 12:46 AM

Wow...Van Exel and Horry on the same squad. Talk about clutch. Good point tray.

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