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Marc 04-08-2001 02:30 PM

14-10? 10-0? Some of these recent baseball scores look more like football scores. What's your opinion on baseball's high scoring? Do you think it's better for the game because it's more entertaining for fans or should we restore the low scores and good defense?

Brandon 04-08-2001 03:46 PM

It's been said for a while that offense is out of hand. I agree. It was good for baseball, probably still is to a certain extent to the casual fan, but the scores need to go down.

First off, from what I've seen, the high strike isn't consistently called. Every once in a while, but every crucial count, don't expect to see the high strike called very much.

The second thing is the ballparks, something needs to be done. Move out the walls, something. Otherwise we're going to see utility infielders hit 10-20 HR's.

I do think the quality of pitching has gotten better though. We've seen a lot of quality young arms this season and past. It's just that routine fly balls a couple years ago are now homeruns.

We need to do something to give some kind of advantage back to the pitchers. Something I've heard is the ball being wound too tight when made. Maybe loosen them up just a bit. Anything would help at this moment.

Wedge231 04-08-2001 06:11 PM

I like the scores but they should go down a little. 10-0 is good but not when its against my team.

lmanchur. 04-08-2001 07:35 PM

....neither is 13-5 (Jays score today)!!!!!

Baseball is the ONLY pro team sport where I would rather see a defensive game than a wide-opened offensive game.

MLB has GOT to do something about the high scoring in baseball.

Wedge231 04-08-2001 07:37 PM

Well maybe make the Yankees sell their whole team. That could be a start....

Jimt 04-08-2001 08:22 PM

Gee..I kind of like those numbers, I don't agree with 21 to 15 finals, but it is also early in the season and it is usually like this,Go down to the sportsbooks eveyday and the numbers become less significant,unless you play overs and unders alot.
However, I do agree the ball parks sould have more outfield

iFroggy 04-08-2001 08:31 PM

I don't see a "problem" per say. I think that high scoring is part of todays game with many things contributing to it. It just makes the best pitchers look that much better and the worse ones... look that much worse.

Jimt 04-08-2001 08:37 PM

Not only that, you can't get into the sports arena unless you know you way around the gym, which makes for more longballs.

NickHammy 04-08-2001 09:32 PM

I think the high scoring makes it more exiting for the fans...although they could expand the strike zone to help speed up the games.

Brandon 04-08-2001 10:41 PM

True enough, I think once the season gets a month or two under it's belt, the scoring will be down a bit, it seems some hitters are ahead of the game, and others aren't. It'll eventually even out. But even then it's a little too offensive for my tastes. I would much rather have a 2-1 pitchers duel than a 13-2 blowout or even a 13-12 game. When you have the 2-1 scores more often, it makes the offensive games that much more entertaining.

Jimt 04-09-2001 02:47 AM

Well..I see two ends of the spectrum here. Let's see if there is a happy medium to be found.
While I love to watch a Pedro Martinez blowout your 1 to zipp games, I do find the 9-6 games just as exciting.
As far as game length, most of the time the game is over too quickly for me.
An explanation is due, Being the sports wadgerer that I am, when money is on the line,time and innings run out rapidly when your down by a few runs. By the same token when you're ahead you want the game to suddenly end there.
From an overview perspective of the game I thank God just to have the fantastic sport healthy and flurishing. It still is the greatest game on earth and we as writers need to keep it alive and well as long as possible.Taking it apart bit by bit will lead to it's disinterest, fans could fall like flies from frustation.See(Too many cooks)under James Topping. Also feel free to correct me when I'm wrong.Except for spelling,you'll have to live with that,smiles.

Nate 04-09-2001 05:04 PM

I really don't see a big problem with the high scores. I always think it funny when they look like football scores. Makes the game more interesting, imo.

HyperBaseball 04-09-2001 06:52 PM

I just wanted to let you guys know, MLB released today that scoring is down 7% from last year.

7%! Do you realize how much that is? Scores haven't gone up at all. Sure, it is just the first week of the season, but the scores are all going down.

Wedge231 04-09-2001 07:25 PM

Not for my team though...

Brandon 04-09-2001 10:37 PM

Yeah, I guess it's probably just my team. I mean, over the recent years, I'm not used to these 6-1, 10-4 games I've seen over the past week. Lets hope we see some normalcy in Atlanta sometime soon. It feels like I'm back in the late 80's.

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