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catman 10-21-2001 11:55 PM

D'Backs make it to their first WS.
The D'Backs don't match up well against either of their potential opponents. The Mariners have too much offense and a decent pitching staff. The Yankees have a good, balanced lineup with a couple of holes in it, but when the chips are down, the Yankees pitching staff comes through.
Any thoughts?

bama4256 10-22-2001 12:20 AM

I agree Catman-it won't be much of a matchup with either Seattle or New York. it looks like it will be another New York Yankees championship. I'm so excited.:redhot:

lmanchur. 10-22-2001 08:36 AM

Well!! Finally we're at the World Series!!... well, depending on how fast that ALCS wraps up. The World Series schedule and other sporting events are posted on the SCMB Sports Calendar.... be sure to check that often not only for the World Series schedule, but for other sporting events, too.

...anyway, hopefully this will be a quick World Series because watching baseball on TV is starting to affect my study time and... well... watching baseball is starting to take priority :uhoh:


....anyway, providing that the Yankees come out of the American League (which, they will), the Diamondbacks will fall to the mighty city of New York and we'll be yawning again as it's become all too repetitive over the past five/six years . . . . . . . . . ..

Nate 10-22-2001 09:00 AM

The title should read "[MLB Playoffs] World Series: Yankees vs. Diamondbacks" :redhot:

Marc 10-22-2001 07:25 PM

The best chance the Yanks' had of getting beaten was against the A's, who matched up best against them. If the Yanks got this far, I think they're going to win again. People are getting sick of them winning, unless you're a Yankee fan. It gets old after a while.

NickHammy 10-22-2001 08:30 PM

Either way....GO D-BACKS! :)
I will not watch the Yankees win another....hopefully Schilling and Johnson shut them down winning 4 amonst themselves.

Nate 10-23-2001 12:13 AM

Felt the need to update the title of the thread after the Yankees 12-3 bashing of Seattle tonight. So much for 116 wins. :rolleyes:

Anyway, I think i've made myself very clear that the Yanks will be WS champs for their 4th straight year. I am really getting tired of seeing them win all the time. I'll be rooting for the D'backs, but I dont hold much hope. :(

catman 10-23-2001 01:26 AM

Thanks for the title update, Nate. I agree that the Yankees should be the favorites, but I will be cheering for the D'Backs. They are my wife's favorite team.

lmanchur. 10-23-2001 08:37 AM

Yep -- you and me, Nate. You and me -- only people to predict the Yanks to win at the start of April AND at the start of October.

So far, my post-season prediction record is 5-1 with my only "loss" in the Houston/Atlanta series..... no reason I can't make it 6-1 by continuing to predict the Yankees coming out on top.... although most of you don't think that's much of a prediction anymore (remember, it WAS back at the start of this tournament).

However, I have to disagree with you all that the Yanks will have an easy time.... like the guys on FOX said, Schilling and Johnson could combine to pitch 5 games in the World Series, if it goes to 7 games. Schilling is nearly unhittable and except for Game 5 last night, the Yankee's bats aren't exactly hot, except for that of Bernie Williams.

It'll be a tough road, but I'll say the Yankees will win, but they'll do it on the road, in Game 6.

NickHammy 10-23-2001 05:07 PM

Hmm....I'll only watch if nothing else is on and I'm bored. It's too depressing to see them win again.

lmanchur. 10-23-2001 06:27 PM

I really don't see how you all hate the Yankees so much. I mean, you are watching one of the greatest dynasties of our time!!... How many of us were able to see the Montreal Candiens in their glory days??.... or the Celtics or the Pakers when they ruled the NBA and NFL???.... WE are witnessing the continuation of the greatest team in the history of baseball!!

Sure, I'd love to see my Jays or Twins or even the Diamondbacks win the World Series again/for once, but I don't see how you can watch "if nothing else is on," etc., etc., etc. If you're a baseball fan, you'll watch the World Series no matter who is playing, even if it IS the Yankees (again).

I just don't see how you are all so against the Yankees. If Montreal won the Stanley Cup, sure, as a die-hard hockey fan, I'd be [b]CRINGING/[b] in my seat!!!!!!!.... maybe that's how you all are as die-hard baseball fans.... but if the Canadiens won the Stanley Cup AGAIN, or if the Yankees win the World Series AGAIN, you just do what Bret Boone did -- smile, shake your head, and just watch the shear brilliance of how a team like that gets lucky soo much and appreciate it.... it's called "sport."

Marc 10-23-2001 07:46 PM

Yep, it's Yankees vs. D-Backs. I wanted to add prior to the series I predict the Yanks in six. Have to give a few games to the D-Backs because they have such great pitching in Schilling and Johnson.

bama4256 10-23-2001 11:42 PM

Yes I've been lucky enough to see a lot. I was around when Boston's Bill Russell won 10 Championships and when Wilt Chamberlin dominated the goal, I was around when UCLA Bruins in college basketball dominated year after year with coach John Wooten. I was around to see the Big Red Machine with Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan, Pete Rose win year after year. I was around when the Alabama Crimson Tide was the most feared college football team in the nation, running the wishbone offense. I was around when Joe Torre was a rookie with the Milwaukee Braves. I saw Hank Aaron hit his 715th career homerun live. I'm out of breath. I'm telling my age again.

I have really been a lucky man to have seen all of this.

P.S. I saw Muhammad Ali knock out Joe Frazier, George Foreman and etc. I also saw Ali get his jaw broken by Ken Norton.

P.S.S Maybe I've seen too much. I'm tired. lol:goof:

catman 10-24-2001 11:38 AM

I remember all of those things, too. Boy I'm old!!!!!

Spike 10-25-2001 02:51 AM

Bob Brenly going with Brian Anderson to start Game 3
So what do you guys think about Bob Brenly saying that he's going to go with Brian Anderson for Game 3 of this series?

I don't think it's that bad of a move.

He pitched well in relief in one of the games in the National League Championship Series I remember. I guess I'd rather have him pitching than Albie Lopez. But I might go with Miguel Batista instead of Anderson so we'll see if this works out for Brenly. I guess the thinking here is that since Anderson is a left-hander, Brenly wants to neutralize the left-handed bats of the Yankees and the short right field porch they get to work with at Yankee Stadium.

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