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digital7 12-12-2005 11:02 AM

Pat Riley is back!
after Stan Van Gundy stepped down today as coach

catman 12-12-2005 11:50 AM

Interesting. How much pressure was put on Van Gundy to do so?

Titans100 12-12-2005 12:12 PM

They are saying he stepped down for personal reasons...yeah...that's real believable.

He might have real family issues but that wasn't the only issue that went into the decision of stepping down.

#99 12-12-2005 02:37 PM

Van Gundy says that Riley really tried to get him to stay on as coach. I don't know that there is any real reason to doubt him, but man does it look suspicious now that Riley is on the sideline.

I feel a little bad for Van Gundy. Here, we have the same coach who led Miami to the best record in the East and one game shy of the Finals a year ago. His team is overhauled with mismatched egos and questionable "team-players" and, suddenly, he misses his family. It's not hard to read between the lines, in this case.

da12ken 12-12-2005 04:40 PM

It definitely does looks suspicious, considering that this was widely speculated to happen for awhile. Regardless, Pat Riley back on the sidelines brings back good memories.

And a Christmas Day game between the Lakers and Heat, with Phil and Pat on the sidelines? Nice.

Marc 12-12-2005 08:47 PM

I am curious how the team will respond. Riley is notoriously hard on players in practice. It is interesting Van Gundy decided to do this in the middle of the season. Maybe it runs in the family (i.e. Jeff in NY)...

doublee 12-12-2005 08:55 PM

There seems to be some scuttlebutt that the timing of this in relation to Shaq's return is rather curious as well....

digital7 12-12-2005 10:19 PM

If you ask me, all of this is staged.

From O'Neal's injury to Stan Van Gundy stepping down from his head coaching position. There are just too many curious things for this to be a coincidence

buckeyefan78 12-14-2005 12:38 AM

Where are my pro-Kobe people at? Wanna stick up for Riley...anyone?

#99 12-14-2005 01:26 PM

I'm failing to see the connection between pro-Kobe and Riley. Unless you're just goofing around with conspiracy theories.

Miami almost blew it last night in Chicago, nearly losing a sizable 4th quarter lead. But Riley had Shaq back, so no biggie.

JayRedd 12-15-2005 11:43 AM

Two word on the Riley move: Legendary Haircut.

buckeyefan78 12-15-2005 09:18 PM


People believe Kobe had nothing to do with Phil and Shaq leaving. If you believe that, then you should believe Riley had nothing to do with Van Gundy leaving.

Of course the difference here is that Riley is a four-time champion and one of the best coaches of all-time while Van Gundy has a "nice" resume. Kobe got rid of a better and older player as well as a coach with 9 rings. That's how things work in the bizarro-world...or L.A...take your pick.

#99 12-16-2005 02:33 PM

Conspiracy theories it is, then. There's been enough coverage of Laker-gate, btw, that everyone knows Kobe is responsible for the breakup there. Shaq still has bad blood about it to this day, according to a reputable unamed LA Times source.

Van Gundy, on the other hand, while obviously feeling pressure all summer long from on top, said publicly that Pat Riley wanted him to stay. I'm not saying it isn't suspicious (highly suspicious), but I'm willing to take the man at his word. After all, he's a grown man. He has a pair, he has a reputation. I highly doubt he was paid under the table to walk and blurt a cover up.

Shawndo 12-16-2005 11:37 PM

I am GLAD to see Riley step up and take the reins.

I want to see Shaq and Wade take what is rightfully theirs this year and tell San Antonio to go fishing!!!

Van Gundy is a fine coach, no doubt. But Riley knows what it takes to win championships AND there is a large reserve police officer that wants the best possible odds of winning this year. I still love Shaq. I will always love Shaq. And I want to see him take it this year. Riley is better than Van Gundy.

Go HEAT!!!!!!!!! I called it early, and I'm stickin with it. Miami Heat in '06. Duncan go comb your afro some more.

Marc 12-18-2005 08:49 PM

Sorry, but the Heat suck. It was a bad move to dismantle the team that was a game from the Finals last year. And to make matters worse, they added the wrong kind of players you need to win. It's just a bad combination. The Pistons will easily mow them over, and probably the Pacers, too. 18-3 and better than ever. It's going to be Spurs/Pistons again, IMO.

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