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lmanchur. 10-13-2001 11:13 AM

Happy 17th, Jared!
Welcome to my exclusive "17-plus" club, Jared!!!!

Happy birthday!!!


...what do you have planned for today? I went to a CFL football game last month for my 17th... not much you can do to top that! j/k! :)

Have Fun!!!!!!! :partytime

Marc 10-13-2001 02:05 PM

Happy birthday, Jared! :cheers:

Yes, tell us your plans on your birthday. They include legally seeing an R-rated movie? :D

SC-Jared 10-13-2001 04:44 PM

Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

Well, today's my birthday, and after working in the morning (:mad: ) there is my high school's homecoming dance tonight, so I'll be having some fun at that. Then, tomorrow, back to work as the Patriots host the Chargers.

I got a nice new car stereo from my parents and an authentic Pedro Martinez jersey for my presents. I'll be sure to pimp out my car w/ my new stereo now. :D

Thanks again.....

PS- Marc, yeah...keyword: LEGALLY! ;) Yeah, and only one more year until it's legal to access PORNO! WOO HOO! :lol:

bostonsportsfan 10-13-2001 04:54 PM

Happy Birthday, Jared! :bday:

Do you work at Foxboro?

SC-Jared 10-13-2001 05:11 PM


Yeah, I work for the Patriots in their Pro Shop (which goes along with the E-Commerce on

We're open all week, but draw huge crowds for the gamedays.
We're also one of only a few NFL teams that has their own Pro Shop (actual big store, as opposed to a little stand just for games).

bostonsportsfan 10-13-2001 05:33 PM

Cool, that must be a kick ass job!

I have season tickets for the Pats, but I don't usually go to the Pro Shop. We park right by that big tent that sells merchandise, so whenever I need something, I just buy it there. Maybe I'll stop in tomorrow, though. I've been looking to get the new Wedge Sideline hat.

Nate 10-14-2001 03:51 PM

Happy b-day, Jared! :)

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