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Jersey Devil 07-22-2001 12:31 PM

Welcome to SURVIVOR! Let the individual challenges begin!
The first individual challenge will be up in a few minutes!

Jersey Devil 07-22-2001 12:44 PM

The first challenge ... 6 people left!
We are going to have a "Who Am I?" contest.... here's how it works...

I will think of somebody, for example, Tiger Woods, and then give THREE clues as to who that is ... for example

"I am the only golfer to win the US Junior, the US Amateur, and the US Open"
"I was the first golfer to exceed $10,000,000 in winnings in a single season"
"I recently signed a sponsorship deal with Disney Co."

Obviously.. that's a REAL EASY example.... but this is how it'd work. I will keep on giving 3 clues for each round... and then everyone PMs me the answer. However, I will only give up to 48 hours for you guys to answer me, otherwise it could drag on for a bit. I plan on starting out easy with the clues, and then getting harder as the rounds go on.

But anyway, whoever gets it wrong in that round is BOOTED from the challenge, so it's possible that there's a winner in just one round. You keep going, though, until there's a champion of the challenge, who will recieve the immunity :goof: for himself AND get to rename the tribe! If EVERYONE gets a question wrong in a challenge, then EVERYONE that was still in the game at that time stays and tries again. Pretty simple.

Like last time, this is a trust game. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK TO ANYBODY ABOUT THESE QUESTIONS. IT MUST BE YOUR OWN GUESS. DO NOT REFERENCE THE INTERNET OR ANYTHING TO LOOK UP YOUR ANSWERS. This way it doesn't take forever and a day for the challenge to get over. Spelling won't count, as long as I can understand who you're trying to tell me.

After I declare that the challenge is over, the six people will each PM me a vote as to who of the 5 people who did not gain the immunity this time would be voted off.

There will be more rules, etc. to come if I think of them or if somebody has a question.

Jersey Devil 07-22-2001 01:03 PM

ROUND ONE question!
"I am the reigning American League MVP."
"I set a record for most homeruns in one round of the All-Star Homerun Derby -- with 14."
"My brother Jeremy also plays on my team."

PM me your answers by Tuesday @ NOON (EST).

Jersey Devil 07-23-2001 12:11 AM

Just to clear up some things ....
In case you didn't understand completely (Nick), it doesn't matter if anybody else has it. You have to answer it correctly for that round to stay in the game, that's all. You got it right, meaning you're still in till next time. (Wasn't sure if you were confused about it or not.)

Marc is correct.
Lee is correct.
Patrick is correct.
Nick is correct.
Rick is correct.
Wedge is correct.

The answer, as you all know, is Jason Giambi (see, I told you I'd start easy).

Also, like last challenge (funny, cause last challenge Jared "would" have won had we had the challenge and had he been in it), those not in the game anymore may also play for no credit. That being so, Ross is correct.

Since everybody has gotten the Round One question correct, I will start round two early (yet give extra time to make up for anybody possibly not being here since we didn't expect everyone to get answers this quick).

Jersey Devil 07-23-2001 12:30 AM

"I hold the MLB record for most stolen bases in a season by a rookie."
"I hold the MLB record for most consecutive steals in a career without being caught."
"A switch-hitter, my ONLY all-star appearance came during the 1988-1989 season."

Answers must be here by Wednesday, NOON EST. Hopefully everyone can send them in ASAP though.

NickHammy 07-23-2001 10:09 AM

Re: Just to clear up some things ....

Originally posted by Jersey Devil
In case you didn't understand completely (Nick), it doesn't matter if anybody else has it.
I realized that after I sent the PM. Thanks though.

Marc 07-23-2001 10:49 AM

Can you do some questions other than baseball? :mad:

NickHammy 07-23-2001 10:56 AM

I'm sure he'll do something different next time...hopefully it won't be hockey:uhoh: :uhoh:

iFroggy 07-23-2001 12:21 PM

Yeah I am sure he will... but he is the one doing it and taking the time, so lets relax. :)

Jersey Devil 07-23-2001 02:32 PM

Actually ...
I didn't realize that I used another baseball one (I honestly forgot that I started with Giambi). But, since Brandon's out, I guess it makes it that much harder. Next round won't be baseball, it'll be one of the other three major sports, sorry bout that. At least the questions come from different decades.

Rick Dogg 07-24-2001 08:53 PM

So who got it right????????????????

Jersey Devil 07-25-2001 12:33 AM

It was NOT Rickey Henderson (or Tim Raines)!
And the results for ROUND TWO of this challenge:
Marc is correct.
Lee is correct.
Patrick is wrong.
Nick is wrong.
Rick is wrong.
Wedge is wrong.

The answer, as you former Demolitioners both know, is Vince Coleman.

As for those people NOT still in the game:
Ross is correct.
Spike30303 is wrong.

Round Three will be between Marc and Lee for the immunity :goof:

Jersey Devil 07-25-2001 12:49 AM

After all that complaining (LOL), here's an NBA question!

"I was a member of the gold-medal-winning U.S. Olympic team in 1984."
"I was selected directly after Michael Jordan (my college teammate) in the draft."
"I was once traded by the Lakers to the Seattle SuperSonics for C Benoit Benjamin and G/F Doug Christie (February 22, 1993)."

Answers must be in my PM box by Thursday at NOON (EST). Good luck to everybody.

spike30303 07-25-2001 12:54 AM

Why can't I play? There were other people who got the second question wrong, and I thought the first one was a freebie? ( I got it right anyway)!

Brandon 07-25-2001 02:07 AM

Spike, this was a game started a while back. These people are the six left from the game.

Jersey Devil 07-25-2001 08:18 AM

Like Brandon said, this "SURVIVOR" game started a few weeks ago with two teams of 5 players each. Over the past few challenges, one person has been kicked out, just like on TV.

You still have the option to participate, it just won't technically count like those in the game. I will give you all credit either way.

For example ... ROUND THREE ... everyone may guess, but the only answers that will affect who gets immunity will be that of Marc and Lee, since they are still in the Survivor game, and have yet to lose in this challenge.

Everybody is welcome to "play" though.

lmanchur. 07-25-2001 10:28 PM

Jersey, your SCMB PM Inbox is FULL (reached the max. limit of messages). Please delete some... otherwise, no one can send you PMs.... I just tried!

Jersey Devil 07-25-2001 11:23 PM

Lee, go ahead .....
I just deleted upwards of 50 messages ....... you can send your answer now for the challenge.

iFroggy 07-26-2001 12:12 AM

Did you get mine?

Jersey Devil 07-26-2001 12:23 AM

Yeah, got it ...
I got ROUND THREE answers from Patrick, Ross, and Marc.

Jared and Lee's PMs did not go thru, but that was my fault. Sorry bout that guys. Mailbox is cleaned out ... please try again!

Jersey Devil 07-26-2001 02:27 PM

And the winner is ......
ROUND THREE has concluded, and Marc has won :goof: for knowing that this person was indeed Sam Perkins.

Others to get the answer right as of now were Patrick and Ross.

Let the voting off begin. Choose one of the five remaining people (since you can't choose Marc). PM me with your vote and explanation!

Marc, you now also get the priviledge of renaming the new tribe.

NickHammy 07-26-2001 04:44 PM

does Marc get to vote since he won the immunity???

Marc 07-26-2001 05:48 PM

Muahahahaha! :D What should I name it... I will take suggestions, but I might make my own. :)

lmanchur. 07-26-2001 08:59 PM

1 Attachment(s)
As you can tell...... I was very, very bored last night................................................

NickHammy 07-26-2001 09:25 PM

Very nice Lee:), you must have been bored...:sleepy: :sleepy:

Nate 07-26-2001 09:39 PM

Pretty good, Lee. You have my 'graphical acceptance'. :D

Jersey Devil 07-26-2001 09:40 PM

Marc can vote ......
All immunity winners still vote, they are just immune from being voted off for the round.

VERY, VERY nice Lee. Maybe your art skills will come in handy in a later round, you never know.

Marc 07-26-2001 10:39 PM

Re: Marc can vote ......

Originally posted by Jersey Devil
Maybe your art skills will come in handy in a later round, you never know.

Jersey Devil 07-27-2001 07:16 PM

I was wrong .....
Lee's artistic skills will not help him out in the later rounds .... Lee's kicked off!

Lee got three votes!

"Lee, nothing personal, but I had to stay loyal to my original tribe and vote you out. I would have rather voted off Marc first, but he won immunity."

"Lee, so you and Marc thought you could get 4 or 5 people in the final three, don't think so man, and the rest of us can't all be the "most trustworthy"...also I'm stickin' with my former tribemates"

"I vote for Lee because he's the only member of the Demolition Destoryers who I can vote for. "

Patrick got two votes!

"My vote ... goes to Patrick."

"Patrick, I see you as the 'odd-ball' in this tournament, and also as the 'Strongest Link.' It's getting late in the game -- time to get strategic, so that means that the 'Strongest Link' is also the 'Weakest Link.' .... GOODBYE!"

Wedge got one vote!

"My vote is for Wedge. Very tough decision, but I feel that he is the weakest right now. Sorry."

The next challenge will start sometime Monday or Tuesday around 12:30PM (EST). There's a lot of bugs I have to work out for the next challenge. Good luck to all.

iFroggy 07-27-2001 07:36 PM

Lee and Marc voted for me. :rolleyes: Just a guess, but it looks like it. (Both of them are very jealous!) :D

Wedge231 07-27-2001 09:23 PM

I'm pretty sure I know who voted for me..... :P

lmanchur. 07-27-2001 10:53 PM

Re: I was wrong .....

Originally posted by Jersey Devil
Lee's artistic skills will not help him out in the later rounds ....
Well, in the real show, they always get to say something after they're booted off... so I'm just going to say the following:

"I would like to think I played the game very fair. I may have costed the Demolition Destroyers a chance to get even when I said that we, unkowingly, disobeyed the rules, but I am proud that we came through and, eventually, followed the rules by fessing up and being honest.

Anyways, I know I was voted off because I was the most likely to win the event out of the final six (;)). At least, that's how I voted, so I hope everyone else voted the same way.

Wedge231 07-27-2001 11:07 PM

Oh cool. I don't think that's how I got my vote though, lol..... ;)

Rick Dogg 07-29-2001 01:00 PM

Marc, what is the tribe called?

Ross 07-29-2001 02:01 PM

Marc is back on Wednesday, Rick.

Jersey Devil 07-31-2001 03:33 PM

Idea for next challenge ...
Here's the idea for the next challenge. The problem is that I'm not too sure if it'd work too well. Tell me what you think of it, if it could work, how you'd do it, etc.


Everybody must try to duplicate the sports central main page ( using ONLY the Microsoft Paint program that comes standard with Windows. I will then judge them and choose the best one.


Would the pictures be small enough to be emailed to me? Would they have to be loaded up to a webpage or something? All you really smart computer people ... give me some help! I plan on starting this challenge once things get straightened out with it. If this one doesn't work, I have a back-up challenge.

Wedge231 07-31-2001 07:14 PM

It sounds hard I think. Or could you cut and paste certain elements? I dunno, I just know if we do this, it would be beyond my abilities. I couldn't even copy SC's main page with Photoshop :o

lmanchur. 07-31-2001 11:24 PM

For Everyone's Information.... I came up with the idea for this challenge.... I also threw in an option rule for Jersey Devil to throw in where you are not allowed to use the text feature.. therefore, you're trying to make the site look as realistic as possible, but on the other hand, it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to do it exactly... in fact, I can tell you from using MS Paint quite a bit that it's graphical capablities won't allow you to do it unless you spend a lot of time at it......... the pictures should be small enough in file size to e-mail, but ONLY if they're converted from the default file type of MS Paint (bitmap, .BMP) to a .GIF file or .JPG file....

I think it'd be a fun challenge, but I'm also the one that the majority of people no longer want in the tribe, so what do I know!? :P

iFroggy 08-01-2001 12:03 AM

Hmm... it will be a very rough sketch in MS Paint. Nothing remotely exact (unless the person cheated). Sounds okay by me.

NickHammy 08-01-2001 11:36 AM

Well, if we did this I know I wouldn't win the immunity...:goof: :sleepy: :o :no way:

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