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Cowboy22 07-27-2003 01:44 AM

I've never liked Hambrick's attitude but if there's a head coach in the NFL to get it under control, Parcells is the man to do it.

By the way, Dave, excellent point on Bruce Coslet. I had forgotten him...(or maybe blocked him out of my head.) Giving Emmitt 8-10 carries in a couple games was just horrible coaching. Man, I hate Coslet...

Anthony 07-27-2003 03:59 AM

If Parcells has told Hambrick to report to camp at a certain weight, then Parcells is a narcissistic idiot. If someone is playing effectively at a certain weight, then what's the big deal - Babe Ruth was, clinically speaking, at least 50 pounds "overweight" at the peak of his career.

Which brings up one of my favorite jokes: Bengals fullback Pete Johnson once told a reporter that he was going to show up at training camp the following year at 230 - prompting the scribe to ask him, "Would that be A.M. or P.M.?"

MountaineerDave 07-28-2003 01:48 PM

I'm not quite sure I understand the jab at Parcells, Anthony. He's the coach. He has a much better idea of what's effective, and I would certainly understand if he declared Hambrick as ineffective. Add to that the fact that Hambrick came to spring camps HEAVIER than he was during the season last year, and I think you can take your jealous jabs at Parcells, who is somewhat likely to dethrone your Eagles by 2005 (if the Gints can't do it before then), off the shelf and pull something down that means something.


Anthony 07-29-2003 12:20 PM

Dave, if a player is productive on the field, who cares what some stupid scale says? (Although personally I'm not convinced that Hambrick will ever be an elite runner is this league, at any weight.)

And second, they're not "my" Eagles - it's just that my parents (and older brother) have stuck it out with this team for 25 years, and I don't want my dad to go the way of a close personal friend and former neighbor of his who was a lifelong Giants fan: He died of a heart attack in December of 1986 (he was in his late fifties); one month later the Giants finally won their first Super Bowl (they beat Denver).

Of course with the current bunch running the show in Philly, I'll be lucky if I live to see the Eagles win a Super Bowl, let alone my parents!

poptart 11-14-2003 01:33 AM

Brought this thread back for "entertainment purposes" only.

11-5 11-5 11-5 11-5 11-5 11-5 11-5............




Ellis 11-14-2003 02:26 PM

lol. good times

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