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NickHammy 09-30-2001 07:24 PM

Browns show they're somethin'...
Browns win again....23-14 over the Jags....and you guys were sayin' this would be a pushover. Their defense is much improved as well as everything else. They could be a serious threat this year.

DannySwafford 09-30-2001 08:33 PM

Dont forget the great Browns are playing without their most explosive player Courtney Brown.

The man Butch Davis has really make a huge improvement on this team, they are the best team in the AFC!!!!!!!!!

NickHammy 09-30-2001 09:25 PM

I wouldn't say best in the AFC yet...if we can beat the Chargers next week, we could make a good case.

Go Browns!

Marc 09-30-2001 10:37 PM

Nick, you have reason to be cheering. :D

The Browns and my boy Timmy are much improved. I predict 6 wins!

Nate 10-01-2001 12:04 AM


Originally posted by mjames
The Browns and my boy Timmy are much improved. I predict 6 wins!
LOL! :lol:

SNichol 10-04-2001 03:43 PM

The Browns have proven that you can still build a program via the draft.
Bring in someone like Butch Davis was a big plus. The guy has the background to turn a team around quickly. The Dawg Pound should rock the house this year.

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