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ThatGatorGuy 08-17-2015 02:17 PM

The Return Of Tebow Time
Hate him or love him, Tim Tebow is back on the field in the National Football League. After two years away, Tim Tebow has changed his passing style and is with another team. The Eagles have taken a chance with Tebow and from the crowd reaction, people seem excited. If Tebow is given the chance will he be able to make a comeback into the NFL? I have always said, give him the starting quarterback position for a full year and see what he can do.

Tebow has worked hard in the offseason and it truly shows. He is quicker with his release and seems to read the defenses better. He stayed in the pocket more than ever by looking to make a play with his arm and not his legs. Yes, he scored a touchdown by running, but Tebow has changed.

I want to open this thread with a question, will Tebow make the team?

Anthony 09-03-2015 12:08 PM

Tonight is the moment of truth: Matt Barkley is playing the first half, Tebow the second half. If Tebow outperforms Barkley, he's home free.

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