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Nate 10-12-2001 01:47 PM

Cowboys finally sign Leaf
The Cowboys were finally able to sign Ryan Leaf to a 3-year $2-million contract. Jerry Jones said Leaf will be in uniform for Monday's game against Washington. Full story here:
What does everybody think?

I still don't like Leaf, but he might be able to help the 'Boys while Rookie QB Quincy Carter is out 4-6 weeks after tearing his hamstring in Oakland.

Marc 10-12-2001 04:44 PM

In other words, the Cowboys are officially DESPERATE. :D

Who knows, he might find success in Dallas. Sometimes, all it takes is a player finding the right place for him to truly showcase his skills. Leaf has talent, if he can stay healthy and focused. Some guys are just late bloomers.

$2 million for three years, now that's a reasonable contract. :D

Anthony 10-13-2001 03:15 AM

They should have tried to sign Jeff George instead. Imagine George playing against Marty Schottenheimer this Monday night and leading the Cowboys to victory? Talk about poetic justice!

But Dallas could be a good fit for Leaf. First of all, he isn't the most mobile quarterback around, and if the Cowboys still have a strength left, it's their offensive line; also, they definitely have speed at wide receiver (Joey Galloway and Rocket Ismail) so Leaf's arm can be put to good use.

bama4256 10-15-2001 12:30 AM

Leaf will turn over a new leaf in life and lead the Dallas Cowboys to the Super Bowl and he will be voted MVP of the NFC and the Super Bowl. That is the definition of a dream fellas!:P

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