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Noon 01-28-2005 08:15 PM

My Empire Grows...
For those of you who pay attention when I pimp myself, you know I'm a sports writer in a nowhere town in Central Kansas.

Weeeell, starting Monday, in addition to being a sports writer, I'm also a sports-talk show host on the ESPN affiliate radio network for Central/Western Kansas.

If you ever happen to be traveling through Kansas on your way to Colorado, first off, I'm sorry, but if you're driving through Central or Western Kansas on either a Monday or Thursday in the late morning, tune into 1510 am.

Give me a few more months, I'll take over the television airwaves too.

Marc 01-28-2005 08:18 PM

Great, so now SC has someone who can pimp the site on the radio! Remember your roots, Ryan, remember your roots. :D

That aside, congrats! Sounds like a great step for you, and I'm sure you'll kick ass.

jhuerbin88 01-28-2005 08:21 PM

Congrats! I doubt I'll ever be passing through Kansas, but good luck!

Tarkus 01-29-2005 12:20 AM

Re: My Empire Grows...

Originally posted by Noon

Give me a few more months, I'll take over the television airwaves too.

Way to go, Noon....

& I have no doubt that will come to pass.....:)

Hail Caesar :D

Ellis 01-29-2005 12:25 AM

Keep up the good work!

buckeyefan78 01-29-2005 12:51 AM

Not bad at all Noon. Hmmm...let me guess...


11am-Jayhawk b-ball
11:05- Jayhawk b-ball
11:10-Jayhawk b-ball
11:15-Jayhawk b-ball
11:30- caller tries to talk about hockey, you hang up on him, yelling " Jayhawk b-ball rules !"

Sound about right?:D


ESP0704 01-29-2005 01:02 AM

Hey, congrats. It's always nice to see an ink-stained wretch make good.

Does this mean you'll have to change your handle from "Noon" to 11 a.m.?

ESP0704 01-29-2005 03:47 PM

Hey Noon:

Will there be a webcast of your show so the western Pennsylvania contingent can listen to ya talk about Jayhawks hoops?

Pimpbot 01-29-2005 05:20 PM

Where's Kansas?. lol

Seriously, congrats Noon. I must admit, that I have been tuning into ESPN radio a little more in the car recently.

KevinBeane 01-30-2005 02:32 AM

Hey noon, does your station have a website? A live feed?

da12ken 01-30-2005 02:47 AM

Remember Noon, racist and insensitive remarks over the airwaves are your tickets to fame!

Noon 01-30-2005 06:51 PM

I'm still working on getting a live internet feed so it can be broadcast world-wide, but I think the radio station exects are waiting to see if I'm a complete moron before they put too much effort into anything regarding the show.

There will be plenty of KU sprinkled throughout the show, but this area is bigger on Junior College basketball and high schools, which is what the main topics will revolve around; but I'll be pimping the Jayhawks every chance I get.

And I like to think of myself more as a sexist than a racist, but I'll work on offending as many people as I possibly can with this new forum. Why even have a radio show if you can't piss people off with unnecessary, inflamatory remarks?

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