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Spike 12-08-2000 10:52 PM

Hey I'm a Warriors' fan, so I kind of have to gloat whenever I can since there hasn't been much to be proud of this year. Did you guys hear about this? Antawn Jamison got 51 points in Seattle, but unfortunately the team didn't defend so that ended up being a loss.

But then he came back on Wednesday night against the World Champion Lakers with another 51 points on not a bad shooting night either. He was 21 for 29 from the field (and made his last 10 shots) which is a little under 75 percent shooting from the field! Wow. It's the first time I believe since Bernard King scored 51 and 51 in 2 straight games back in the 1980's before he tore his knee up and was never the same player again.

Anyways I'm really proud of Antawn. When he first came into the league a few years ago, he really looked kind of lost on the floor. He was really bad shooting the ball from the outside. As the saying goes he couldn't throw a pebble into the ocean.

Add to that the fact that people kept on comparing him to Vince Carter because of that Draft Day trade where the Warriors and the Raptors traded picks and the Raptors ended up with Carter and the Warriors with Jamison. And actually there should be no comparison because the Warriors had no chance to pick Vince Carter even before that trade. That's a misnomer that's been widely reported around the league. And I can explain that if somebody's interested.

Anyways, this past Summer up until now, Jamison's worked and he's worked on that outside shot where he's almost become the best outside shooter on the team and has developed range up until the 3-pt. line despite how awkward looking he sometimes is when he shoots the three (he really leans his body into the shot).

And he's not real flashy. He doesn't dunk the ball a lot like Carter or do a number of 360 moves but Jamison, from what I've seen has one of the quickest releases to his shot that I've seen, if not the quickest. He just uses his athleticism and quickness around the basket to throw up a variety of flip shots that's really very hard to stop. Just ask Horace Grant, last Wednesday night as Jamison was putting 51 on him. Now Grant's not nearly the defender at power forward he used to be, but he's still not that bad on the defensive end of the floor.

Marc 12-09-2000 11:34 AM

I knew this guy was good, but this good? Wow, pretty spectacular!

Spike 12-23-2000 09:28 PM

Antawn Jamison
Yeah, what's really cool is he still has some room to improve on his game. Like he still needs to develop an off-the-dribble move where he can hit medium range shots driving to the basket and he still needs to work on going to his left. Right now, he feels most comfortable catching and shooting and going right when taking it to the hole. But, he's such a hard worker, I'm sure eventually he'll get that fixed in his game and he'll be an even better scorer than he is now.

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