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Marc 01-09-2008 10:53 PM


Originally Posted by themush (Post 266892)
Seriously what the hell are you talking about?



jamesfeger 01-10-2008 01:36 AM


Originally Posted by Marc (Post 267365)

Thanks for your support!;)

THe semi-finals begin this weekend.

Send me your shirt size and address and I'll send you a Rocball Jersey.

jamesfeger 01-15-2008 04:31 PM

The Stats Are Out

Rocball has two “Master Blasters” this year, Val Taisakan of the Islanders and Eugene Solomon of team Evenflow. Both Val and Eugene have scored at least once of the five categories that separate a side-out system of scoring from rallypoint.

To earn the title of “Master Blaster” a player has to score at least one each of the two point serve called an ace, the two point serve called a xunk, the two point backcourt score called a kee, the three point goal, and the most difficult, the one point “jam”. The jam is a play where a receiving team player can knock down or jam a served ball just as it crosses over the net.

Myron Laniyo of No-Mercy is the season’s heavy hitter. Myron has scored 13 aces, 2 xunks, 29 kees, and 5 goals for 103 points not counting his kills, dinks, and court point scoring. Myron is last year’s MVP and “Master Blaster” but has yet to score a jam.

Myron Laniyo’s 29 kees is the leader in backcourt scoring and is tied with Ichnis Kapwich of team No-Use at 5 goals each. J.R. Gechig and Eugene Solomon of team Evenflow are tied for scoring 16 aces each. And, J.J. Neth and Julius Saito of the team called the Try-Outs are tied at scoring 3 xunks each.

In team statistics, Evenflow has scored 68 aces, the Try-Outs’ scored 10 xunks and is the best in the league for that kind of serve, team Evenflow is the best backcourt scoring team with 73 kees, and team No-Use leads in the 3 point scoring category with 12 goals.

And, even though team Evenflow came in 4th place for the semi-finals, they scored the heaviest with 68 aces, 6 xunks, 1 jam, 73 kees, and 8 goals for 318 points. The second best heavy hitting team was No Mercy with 56 aces, 4 xunks, 64 kees, and 10 goals for 278 points. No-Use came in third with 36 aces, 8 xunks, 69 kees, and 12 goals for 262 points. And, team Try-Outs in their first year playing Rocball came in fourth place with 60 aces, 10 xunks, 40 kees, and 7 goals for 241 points.

jamesfeger 01-20-2008 02:21 AM

No-Use & Evenflow win Roc semi-openers

The Rocball team with the best win and loss record No-Use, and the number one Rocball scoring team Evenflow both won their first semi-final games against No-Mercy and the Try-Outs on Saturday at the MHS gym. :cool:

Team No-Use’s only defeat of the Rocball season came from No-Mercy on the last game of the round robin phase of the Rocball season. On Saturday night, No-Use juiced-out and defeated No-Mercy in four sets 88 to 71 in their first game of the semi-finals. And, No-Use only has to win the next game against N0-Mercy next Saturday night to advance into the best of 5 games for the World Title of Rocball.

No-Use won the first set of their game against No-Mercy 24 to 20. No-Mercy bounced back in the second set and won it 22 – 20. At half time the game score was 44 to 42 in favor of No-Use.

In the third set, No-Use got a big boost with five points scored off two plays that included a 3 point goal and a two point ace. No Use went on to win the third set 22 – 15. At the end of three sets of play No-Mercy was down by 9 points and needed to win the fourth set with a 10 point margin to win the game, or win the fourth set with less than a 10 point margin to force No-Use into overtime. But, No-Use closed down the game with a 22 – 14 set win and moved within one game of advancing to the championship finals. ;)

In the game between Evenflow and the Try-Outs, the Try-Outs lost the first three sets 8 – 22, 21 – 17, and 21 – 18. The Try-Outs made improvements in every set and when it counted mos,t they won the fourth set 21 to 14 and blocked Evenflow from juicing out to win the game.

In the fourth set, the Try-Outs jumped out to a commanding 9 – 0 lead and Evenflow got caught stumbling over themselves with a series of shank serves. Evenflow would score a court point and then serve a shank to lose the point in four of their first plays of the fourth set. The Try-Outs won the fourth set 21 – 14 and forced the game into overtime.

The players of Evenflow are the most experienced overtime players in Rocball. They have played four overtime games and only lost once in that situation. In the first set overtime, Evenflow unchoked, served no shanks, and closed out the game 11 – 8. :rolleyes:

On Saturday, January 26, N0-Use, No-Mercy, Evenflow, and the Try-Outs will play their second semi-final games. Evenflow and the Try-Outs will play will play at 6:30 pm, and No-Use and No-Mercy will play at 8:00 pm.

jamesfeger 01-27-2008 03:29 AM

No-Use Advances & Try-Outs defeat Evenflow

No-Use is the first team to clinch a spot for the Rocball Championship title by juicing-out No Mercy in four sets 72 – 64. With no quarter time breaks and no half time rest, the game was completed in about 50 minutes. In a similar contest between the Try-Outs and Evenflow, in a game that took about 45 minutes to play, the Try-Outs won their first game against Evenflow to tie up their semi-final series at one game each.;)

The Try-Outs and Evenflow played the first game on Saturday night. The Try-Outs came on strong in the first set and beat down Evenflow 23 to 13. Evenflow came back in sets two and three at a 21 – 18 and 22 – 10 to take the lead in game points 56 to 51.

In order to win the game, the Try-Outs had to score the difference of the score after three sets of play plus one point, or by a margin no less than 6 points. All Evenflow had to do to win the game, was to win the fourth set by any margin.

But, team Try-Outs started the game with strength and they overpowered Evenflow in the fourth set with a 14-point margin at 22 to 8. The win was the first victory the Try-Outs have had against Evenflow in the four times they have matched up to play one another this season. :)

No Mercy was the only team during regular season to defeat No-Use and spoiled team No-Use’s undefeated record in the regular season of play. On Saturday night, No-Use crushed No-Mercy’s hopes of advancing into the championship series of play.

In the first two sets, No-Use and No-Mercy flip-flopped their scores and started the third set tied at 36 point each. No-Use won the first set 21 – 15 and No-Mercy came back and won the second set 21 – 15.

In the third set, No-Use spiked, killed, dinked, and backcourt scored without mercy to win the third set against No-Mercy 21 – 7. No-Mercy had two options in order to win the game by the end of set four. They would have had to win the fourth set by 15 points to win the game or win the fourth set by any margin less than 15 to block No-Use from juicing-out, and forcing the game into overtime.

But! No-Use chose neither of those options for a chance to advance intogames for Rocball’s World Championship title. No-Use liked the way the third set ended so much they came out and defeated No-Mercy by the same score 21 – 7 and ended No-Mercy’s bid to make it to the finals. :mad:

On Feb. 2nd at 6:30 pm, the Try-Outs and Evenflow will play their last game of the semi-finals. The winner of that game will advance to the championship games and face off against No-Use in the best of five games, at 25 point sets, in Rocball quarter/set system of play for the world title for Micronesia's indigenous sport. :cool:

jamesfeger 01-28-2008 10:13 PM


Why isn't there a thread or even a sub-forum for team net sports like volleyball? This kind of sport is played at all levels of school as intramural, interscholastic, and collegiate competition. Students win scholarships to play volleyball. Then there is professional volleyball which is gaining a lot of notice in Europe, and it's an Olympic sport.

Except for the thread "The Serve and Side Out Order" which is critical of volleyball's rallypoint rules of play, and the exposure of the first team net sport of this kind to implement offensive and defensive scoring, Rocball, the indigenous sport of Micronesia. Where can a person find conversation or statements about a sport that is played by tens of millions of people around the world, and has been with us for the same amount of time as basketball, on the Sport Central Message Boards?

Just Wondering!

themush 01-28-2008 10:22 PM

Ummmmmm I don't think anyone else cares james. But, keep up the good work... sport.

buckeyefan78 01-29-2008 04:43 PM

Does Team Evenflow have anything to do with Pearl Jam?

And if so, do they wear flannels while competing?

jamesfeger 01-29-2008 10:30 PM


Originally Posted by buckeyefan78 (Post 269665)
Does Team Evenflow have anything to do with Pearl Jam?

And if so, do they wear flannels while competing?

Don't know what a Pearl Jam is:confused:

But, we all live on the islands of the Pacific Rim, like Saipan of the Northern Mariana Islands, Chuuk, Pohnpei, Yap, Guam, Belau, Kosrae, the Marshalls etc. So, we don't need flannels. The low tempeture is around 78 degrees and it gets as high as 90 degrees, sometimes.

But, flannels can say a lot about a person's life style. You are a "buckeye' so I would imagine you are from the midwest. So you wear flannels in the winter to keep warm. But, what kind of flannels? That is the question! If your flannels are long johns with a flapper(back door), chances are you don't have indoor plumbing:eek:

And, that would be a shame, because I think they stop making Sears & Roebuck catalogs.

Marc 01-29-2008 11:58 PM

Best. Thread. Ever.

Pearl Jam is a famous rock band!

jamesfeger 02-03-2008 05:22 AM

Evenflow does it the Hard-Way

The final two teams to face off for the world championship of Micronesia’s indigenous sport will be No-Use and Evenflow. No-Use eliminated No-Mercy last week in the semi-finals best of three in a two game sweep. And, Evenflow finished off the Try-Outs in double overtime in their third game of the semi-finals to qualify for the world series of Rocball. :cool:

In the final game between Evenflow and the Try-Outs, it was a game of come from behind action that best describes the competition of their team’s final game. The Try-Outs came on strong and won the first set 23 – 10. Evenflow came back in the second set with a 15 – 6 lead and then lost the set 21 – 20. In the third set, Evenflow came out slamming and spiking with a 17 – 2 point lead and blew it by losing that set 22 – 19.

At the end of the third set, the Try-Outs were leading in game points 66 to 49. To win the game and advance to the championship series, all the Try-Outs had to do was win the fourth set. Evenflow was in a much more serious situation. In order for Evenflow to win the game they needed to win the fourth set by an 18 point margin. And, in a 21 point set, that was highly unlikely to happen. ;)

Evenflow needed to win the fourth set if they wanted any chance to make it out of the semi-finals. Evenflow needed to block the Try-outs from juicing-out. That meant that Evenflow needed to win the fourth set at any margin to force the game into overtime. Because, in Rocball’s quarter/set system of play, the team with the most game points scored, has to win the fourth quarter/set of play to win the game.

In the fourth set, Evenflow and the Try-Outs played point for point for the first 9 points. The Try-Outs shanked a serve at point 9 and sub scored to point 8. Evenflow jump all over Try-Out’s bad serve and took the lead with 16 – 8 before the Try-Outs were able to get the serve back.

The Try-Outs scored up to point 10 before losing the serve again. Evenflow scored a backcourt kee for two points off the Try-Outs serve and that brought them from 19 points to set point 21. But, in Rocball, only the team in service has closure. So, Evenflow then served for the set point, but the Try-Outs scored a point off their serve and won the serve back.

At this point, Evenflow had 21 points and the Try-Outs had 11 points and the serve. The Try-Outs shanked the serve, lost a point, and lost the serve to Evenflow at set point. Evenflow served, scored a point, and won the set but not the game. And, the Try-Outs lost the set but not the game. :mad:

By winning the fourth set, Evenflow forced the game into overtime but were still at a disadvantage. The Try-Outs only needed to win one overtime set to win the game. Team Evenflow had to win two overtime sets to win the game. In Rocball’s quarter/set system, an overtime set can be won at ten points or a goal, whichever comes first. And, Evenflow, the best overtime winning team in the league, won both sets to win the game and advance to the finals.

Next Saturday, N0-Mercy and the Try-Outs will play for third and fourth position titles of the Rocball season and teams No-Use and Evenflow will play their first game of the best of five series for Rocball’s exclusive World Championship title. :rolleyes:

buckeyefan78 02-04-2008 07:41 PM

So Evenflow won huh?

Congrats to Eddie, Mike, Jeff, Stone and Matt? :confused:


Tarkus 02-04-2008 09:17 PM

Props to james for the dedication but this thread reads like a Rain Man clip...

themush 02-04-2008 09:22 PM


jamesfeger 02-06-2008 04:34 PM


Originally Posted by Tarkus (Post 270659)
Props to james for the dedication but this thread reads like a Rain Man clip...

Maybe I can help you out;)

What part of which post was confusing for you? I mean the ones that contained Rocball competitive descriptions of course.

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