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The Pirate Bob 07-30-2006 12:04 AM

Bush Deal Done.....
Who is left now besides the always late Cardinals who will squeeze Leinart for as long as it takes to save a few bucks. I figure mid to late august at the earliest.

NY Jay 05 07-30-2006 12:05 AM

It would have been ridiculously stupid for Bush to sit out this season, I'm glad they got a deal settled.

Here is a Fox Sports list of the first round picks and their status which was posted earlier in the day, so a few of them might not be up to date:

doublee 07-30-2006 12:15 AM

I know the Eagles still have not signed Bunkley.

bama4256 08-02-2006 10:51 AM

Its a very big step for the Saints and Bush. Now lets work hard.:cool:

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