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Spike 05-04-2002 03:36 AM

Western Semifinals: (2) San Antonio vs. (3) L.A. Lakers
So any thoughts on this series? I believe that even though San Antonio's the higher seed, the Lakers had the better regular season record so they get home court instead. That's a rule that was just changed in recent years.

David Robinson didn't play tonight against Seattle and if he can't play at all against the Lakers, I'm sad to say there's no chance here. I mean they can get by Seattle without David but not the 2-time defending champions.

Lakers in 4.

Bran 05-04-2002 12:27 PM

Tim Duncan is great but he alone cant get things going against the Lakers. Another SWEEP for the Lakers.

lmanchur. 05-04-2002 02:22 PM

Lee's Line says Lakers in 5 games. :nod:

The J 05-04-2002 02:26 PM

I say Spurs in 5.

Bran 05-04-2002 02:29 PM


Originally posted by The J
I say Spurs in 5.

Marc 05-04-2002 08:44 PM

Lakers in 4 - behind the great Tim Duncan, the Spurs are good enough to win one game, but not much more. The difference this year is Tony Parker and his ability to score, something they didn't have last year. But without Robinson, they lose a big body inside to guard Shaq, as well as defense and rebounds. Who's going to guard Shaq? If Duncan does, he'll either be in foul trouble or really worn out on offense.

Bran 05-05-2002 08:22 PM

Lakers with a 86-80 victory over the spurs today, despite Shaq going out of the game with a finger problem late in the 3rd and then Kobe out with a soar knee early in the 4th both superstars came back and played amazing

O'Neal 23pts, 17rebs, 4bs

Heathen 05-05-2002 08:26 PM

Man that game was terrible...

... I've seen high school kids shoot better than that.

Or was it good defence?

Bran 05-05-2002 08:30 PM

Mostly couldnt find they're touch. Lakers found it in the second half though when Shaq & Kobe left and then came back. Horry & Fisher were big once again hitting some big shots.

NickHammy 05-05-2002 09:39 PM

Well I'm late, but...Lakers will sweep again...

Marc 05-06-2002 08:05 AM

Good call, Nick - they Spurs need Robinson as a low-post defender madly. Duncan made only a third of his shots, despite finishing with a double-double. This WAS San Antonio's chance, and as usual, they let it go by.

I wonder why household chore Shaq was doing that got him so cut? :D

lmanchur. 05-06-2002 08:28 AM

After the Lakers' win, I think the biggest story in this series has got to be Kobe's new hair-doo. Personally, I think the "fatter' hair better, what about everyone else? ;)


I OWN THIS 05-06-2002 11:56 AM

Well the new school boy look is something new for Kobe, and i think we just got used to that other do of his.

If the Spurs were gonna win any game it was going to be that one on Sunday, because the Lakers won't play that poorly again for the remainder of the series.

Unless Bruce Bowen Holds Bryant Under 16 points the Spurs are through in 4 with a possible 5 game series. Lakers have the advantage in every area, even role players. Spurs have to do it with 3 point shooting, and the Defense of Kobe by using Bruce Bowen's good defensive presence.


air_canada 05-06-2002 05:51 PM

Nay. Shaq and Kobe just too much. TD can do some damage, but who else?

Marc 05-07-2002 09:27 AM

Lee, I think the word you were looking for was "mini-afro." :D

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