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iFroggy 12-25-2000 10:13 AM

What did you get for Christmas?

I'll try to name what I got. :D

Sean John Jeans - Black
Fubu Shorts - Black
Fubu Shorts - Navy
Sean John shirt - Red
Sean John shirt - White
Amateur League Golf for the PC
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for N64
A weird pie plate thingy... (:D) lol
Some candy
A figurine of Derek Jeter (My favorite player and the best ShortStop in baseball! Believe that :))
Yankees World Series T-Shirt - On the front: Winning the World Series is Our Business" - On the back: "And Business is Good!" (Gotta love that! :))
Portable CD Player
Silly Slammer thingy
Crackers (Stocking...)
Toothbrush (Yeah Yeah :P)
Miami Dolphins bean bag
Thats all I believe. :)
My Mom says something else is coming in the mail...

So, lets here what you got.

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Wedge231 12-25-2000 10:21 AM

I got a watch that looks pretty cool, some gift certificates to places, some weird sweater from my aunt, Jenga, a photo album, and Sim Theme Park. I am also getting a box of Reflections II for SWCCG once it comes out.

lmanchur. 12-25-2000 10:43 AM

Nike socks
a sleeve of Nike golf balls (the ones Tiger used at the US Open... now I can play just like him!... he he ;))
World Guineuss (sp?) Book of Records -- 2001 (funny.. the first page I flipped to had Tiger on it!)
A golf bag
A putting machine
Icy Squares -- my favorite choclate!!
two sweaters
I got a car... okay, so it was just a toy one :(
some more candy
that's about it...

iFroggy 12-25-2000 01:00 PM

Yes... but what was in the long skinny box??? (i.e. The one that sounded like golf clubs.)

Marc 12-25-2000 01:06 PM

Yeah, Lee, we want to know!

lmanchur. 12-25-2000 02:37 PM

the golf bag!....

iFroggy 12-25-2000 06:29 PM

A golf bag? What brand?

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