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catman 04-22-2002 02:00 AM

A Sad Day
I don't usually pass on sad news like this, but sometimes we need to
pause and remember what life is all about.
There was a great loss recently. Larry LaPrise, who wrote the song
"Hokey Pokey," died this week at age 83. It was extremely difficult for
the family to keep him in the casket.

They'd put his left leg in and .....
.....well, you know the rest

Brandon 04-22-2002 02:05 AM

Heh, you had to know that joke was coming. Truly a sad day for children everywhere. :(

air_canada 04-22-2002 09:37 AM

Don't know the guy, but sad. :(

Marc 04-22-2002 11:26 AM

You don't know the Hokey Pokey song? You haven't lived! ;)

It's sad to hear such a trend-setting guy lost his life today.

Richard the Lionheart 04-22-2002 07:22 PM

Im not ashamed to say that I am not sad at all.

Sorry guys, maybe Im cold-hearted, but Im not gonna fake emotions for the hokey-pokey man.

air_canada 04-22-2002 07:42 PM

Umm, maybe I haven't lived but this is an American song, ain't it?
In these parts they don't play the Hokey-Pokey song. :)

Brandon 04-22-2002 08:10 PM

But Rick, he was my hero!

Richard the Lionheart 04-23-2002 05:11 PM


Erickson 04-23-2002 05:17 PM

Another Sad Day....Linda Lovelace star of the movie "Deep Throat" passed away from injuries sustained in a car crash. :(

Richard the Lionheart 04-23-2002 05:21 PM

Youve got to be kidding me. Now we are mourning fallen porn stars??????

air_canada 04-23-2002 07:39 PM

! :eek:

NickHammy 04-23-2002 07:50 PM


Marc 04-23-2002 11:04 PM

And I loved her work, too. :el:

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