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Habs Fan 09-02-2004 10:25 PM

Advice for RB position
Hey guys, some RB advice ....

I drafted second in our Yahoo 10 team pool and grabbed Holmes with my 2nd pick. After that I grabbed the following RB

1. Michael Bennett (who's injured).
2. Julius Jones
3. Lee Sluggs

Who should I play alongside Holmes until Bennett comes back?

gconnhokiebird 09-02-2004 10:36 PM

Suggs, a VT guy, he will play alot this season, Julius Jones won't play as much. also Suggs put up good numbers last year

doublee 09-02-2004 10:55 PM

Go with Suggs early he is likely going to start the season as the Browns starting tailback. Jones should prove to be a decent guy to have once Parcells and JJ realize that George is a bust playing behind that line in Dallas. Jones will likely be getting the majority of the carries in Dallas by season's end.

Habs Fan 09-03-2004 12:11 AM

Thanks .... I was looking at Suggs but I am worried that he will split with William Green who is also having a decent camp without the off the field hoopla.

I'll probably stick it out with Suggs unless some other developments arise.

doublee 09-03-2004 10:51 AM

The Browns are going to give Suggs every chance to succeed early on. They are tired of the side show that is William Green and would love for Suggs to emerge as viable solution so they can tell Green to take a hike.

gconnhokiebird 09-03-2004 10:57 AM

Is Jamal Lewis a safe pick?

doublee 09-03-2004 12:38 PM

Hard to say. He could miss time in a couple of months for his court case and with Ogden 'tweaking' his knee last night who knows. I don't think he is going to miss any time, but if he is not up to his usual dominating self Lewis' numbers could take a slight hit.

gconnhokiebird 09-04-2004 08:22 PM

i think i will draft him

Habs Fan 09-07-2004 02:36 AM

Great now they say that Suggs is day-to-day with a neck stinger. That leaves Jones but I did pick up Moe Williams ..... even if it is against the Big D in Dallas. Crap now I gotta hope that Suggs is ready to rumble if not .... Priest will have to carry them both.

gconnhokiebird 09-07-2004 05:44 PM

your screwed if Suggs doesn't play, cut jones and pick up someone decent that will atleast play.

Habs Fan 09-08-2004 01:32 AM

Cut Jones ...... my boy you gotta be crazy he could be a potential RB threat once Eddie George falls apart.

I just don't know if I can wait that's all.

Looks like it might be Moe Williams who I picked up as Bennett's insurance ... ughh.

doublee 09-08-2004 10:33 AM

Dude, Moe Williams played well in Bennett's absence last season. He is not that bad of an alternative if he is going to be getting 20 carries.

gconnhokiebird 09-08-2004 08:06 PM

will Onterio Smith play? He is my ot player

doublee 09-08-2004 08:24 PM

Smith's status is still up in the air, but it looks like he may play against Dallas:

Habs Fan 09-10-2004 07:27 PM

At this point I'd be afraid of playing any running back against Dallas' Big D ...... those guys are not friendly to the opposition's running game and I'd just as soon put a good backup in than start a Viking this week.

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