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TRAVIS13 07-17-2003 01:06 PM

sleeper teams
You better watch the dallas cowboys fellas. (notice i didn,t say boys) Yeah i,ve seen how bill parcels knows his business with the jets and eagels and patriots. He knew how to coach a winner and mark my words he will also make the cowboys to winners. He,s and old style coach who knows that he,s the boss and won,t take any crap from goofy players. It,s his way or the highway. He,ll get results. Dallas wins there diviison with maybe 11-5 or maybe better. Chad huntchinson will be good enough and you watch that to. he,s a pocket passer and you know how i think on that. I think parcels will make spurier cry and that will be cool. I hate that little mommas boy. I,ve never seen a whimp as much as him in the nfl. I wish they would kick him out of the league because it makes a bad name for pro football. What a girl. so dallas. Thats my nfc sleeper team.

The ravens will be good in the afc. There coach could whip the ass of about any other coach there i swear to god. Have you ever looked at his face?? You better believe that his players will listen to him. They have really good linebackers to and ray lewis will give a big beatdown to anyone not paying attention. They will rise up again and mark that down. they have no completiton in there division anyway. What the bengals?? HAhahahhahaha. NO no no, nobody can challenge them in there division. Pencil in dallas to play ravens in the super bowl and dallas wins 27-23.

t13 is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I OWN THIS 07-17-2003 02:00 PM

Travis these are my thoughts and corrections on your post of sleeper teams...

1. Parcells never coached the Eagles. Parcells coached the Giants, Patriots, and Jets.

2. Parcells did not go to the playoffs with either the Pats nor the Jets in his first season with both teams. In the second year, Parcells did make the playoffs with both the Jets and Pats. See the trend here?

3. Dallas has the toughest schedule in the NFL this season if you base that on last season's winning percentage. If they don't have the toughest scheule, it has to be in the top 5 in the NFL. That being said, a tough schedule, plus the talent the Cowboys actually have will probably not result in an 11-5 record this season.

4. Spurrier won't be crying for Parcells, for you, or anyone next season. The Redskins should at least beat the Cowboys once if not both times they face them.

5. Travis do you know Spurrier's family? How do you know he is a mama's boy so to say? He might not even have a mother for all you know right?

6. "Ray Lewis will give a beatdown to whoever is not paying attention" was your quote. Who in NFL does not pay attention when Ray Lewis is on the field? And would it not be easy for Ray Lewis to beat someone down if they weren't paying attention? How about Ray Lewis beating somone down while they are paying attention?

7. The Steelers won the AFC North last season and went to the playoffs, so the Ravens are not home free in that division. They do have competition within that division Travis.

8. Dallas won't make the playoffs to get to the Super Bowl, and the Ravens might make a push, but I dout them being in the Super Bowl as well.

9. Travis this is how you type the word I've....not I,ve. Same goes for It's....not It,s. You should use an apostrophe instead of a comma in those cases. I have been noticing that you have been doing that in all of your posts, and just wanted to help you and suggest that you use an apostrophe instead of a comma in those instances.

Travis, you can find the apostrophe key right beside the enter key on your keyboard. That would be to the left of the enter key as well.

Good luck with that.


MountaineerDave 07-17-2003 03:32 PM

Well done, Joey. I have nothing to add there.

I like the Ravens in the AFC North, however, and have made note of this propensity on other occasions, often after Anthony claims they'll suck. Will they beat the Steelers? Not sure yet. I think they stand a better chance than the Browns and Bengals combined to knock off the Steelers, though.

I think this will be a bad year for the Cowboys, Joey, but I actually believe that Parcells will have the team properly geared to go out and win, if only two games, the two games against their most heated rival. I work on the presumption that Parcells, being in a pass-heavy division, will work hard on pass defense. The Redskins will continue to not run the ball, and that will be their undoing. Beating the Giants and Eagles will be tougher, because they have decidedly more respectable running games.


TRAVIS13 07-17-2003 04:45 PM

1. I forgot about that eagle part. sorry. yes it was the giants. don,t know where my brain went.

2. yes but i can make a predicition anyway. first year or not. parcels knows his business and that is the point. best coach going.

3. tough schedule? how do you really know that. you,re talking out of school joey. we don,t know that for sure now. teams never always work out good or bad like people say they will.

4. why do you say that? spurrier was a joke terrible coach last year and parcels is the best there is. just wait and see about it.

5. i know he,s a mommas boy by his face on the sidelines. have you ever seen another nfl coach look so much rediculous like that? come on now joey. i don,t know his family much but i know his dad did not do that boy right.

6. what i mean about lewis is that he,ll beat down his own guys in practice if they don,t get with the program. he,s hungry to win and he takes no crap.

7. steelers?? HA....never will they win a big playoff game with that coach they have. bill COWARD. LOL not scared of them.

8. ok then we,ll see about it.

9. maybe this keyboard is kind of broken joey. i know english is not my best anyway so bear with me on that.

I can see that if dave is agreing with you then you,ll be wrong about most of it joey. lolol.....just joking dave. i love you.

t13 is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

poptart 07-17-2003 07:05 PM


t13 is a bit uhh......RAW in his presentation, but I agree with a number of his points.

Not sure what that says about me. :eek:

1. I like what Parcells brings to the table.

2. Dallas MIGHT be a lot better than people think. Their D-backfield will be real good and they "culture" of that team will make a dramatic switch with Parcells taking over for Mr Magoo, Campo.

3. Travis is right about the schedule thing. You can't guage strength of schedule at the beginning of the season. It's too unpredictable these days.

4. Hutchinson will be better than people think.

5. Not sure if Spurrier lacked strong male guidance lol, but he IS a weenie-to-the-max to look at on the sideline and he DID do a subpar job last year. I would not be surprised to see Dallas whip his behind a couple of times.

6. The Ravens will be better too. I don't agree with t13 that they'll be the AFC champ, but better, yes.

7. Brian Billick fighting Bill Cowher would be cool. ;)

8. The Ravens have a SCARY set of 'backers.

9. Travis needs a new keyboard.......or something.

9a. I love Dave too. :D

MountaineerDave 07-17-2003 09:26 PM

Holy crap, it's a lovefest!!

Travis, you realize that I agreed with you on the Ravens. If I'm wrong so often, you realize that they're doomed, then, don'tcha.

I agree with poptart (again!dammit) Billick v Cowher would be cool.

I wish my team (the Steelers) had a coach like Billick. He's a horse's ass, but that Ravens team last year was supposed to win four games. They won seven WITHOUT Ray Lewis.


Ellis 07-17-2003 10:35 PM

I think the Lions,Jags, and maybe dallas will do well due to there new coaches. Ravens will have the best d, but with the aweful offence they won't go anywhere. Dallas will have there ups and downs but and i don't see them winning more than 10 games.

Anthony 07-18-2003 03:03 AM

If you go simplistically by who will improve the most over where they finished last year, the obvious "sleepers" would be the Rams and the Bears - with a sharp drop in schedule difficulty (definitely) and less chaos at quarterback (hopefully), there is no reason why St. Louis (7-9 a year ago) can't literally go all the way in 2003; and with fewer injuries (it would be almost a miracle if they don't have fewer than they had in 2002), the Bears will be well within themselves to win at least eight games this year, which would be four more than they won last season.

But if you don't subscribe to this way of thinking, then what about the Chargers? True, the late-season fades have left a bad taste in everyone's mouth, but let's not overlook the fact that San Diego has gone from 1-15 to 5-11 to 8-8 in just two years; and with Bobby Beathard's calamitous quick-fix policies one year further in the rear-view mirror, this could be the year that the Chargers forget to stop down the stretch and hold on for at least a playoff berth, if not the AFC West title.

MountaineerDave 07-18-2003 03:33 AM

I'm actually with you on SD, Anthony. I think the AFC West has the potential for complete reversal this season, with Denver (probable) and Oakland (less likely, but an injured Gannon is a dead Raiders O) finishing in third & fourth, behind KC (less likely, but who knows?) and SD.

The Chargers have all the pieces on offense, now. Brees, Tomlinson, Boston. I'd be a little concerned about their D, though.


TexasNative 07-18-2003 09:09 AM

I'm as big of a Cowboy fan as anyone here. And the fact remains that you are not 5-7 two years in a row because of bad coaching, though they did have that.

Your 5-7 two years in a row because of talent. The talent on offense has been gone. No QB. No RB. No WR. No TE.

Dallas will get better under Parcells. No question about that.

Heathen 07-18-2003 12:22 PM

Seahawks will be in the Superbowl this year.

You heard it here first people.

MountaineerDave 07-18-2003 04:43 PM

Tex- I agree with you to a point. You really have to compare the 'Boys' talent to what they play, and while they are weak offensively compared to the rest of their division, their defense should be fairly good. That'll work in their favor. They definitely lack obvious talent at QB and RB. Antonio Bryant is as talented a second-year WR in the league, however. Only problem there is that if Terry Glenn is teaching him... well, Glenn's not the world's best role model. And I think Witten could be the right TE for a Parcells' team, so I wouldn't cash in on him just yet. The real problem will be up front. Johnson will be a part of the solution. Coaching will also be a huge plus for the guys up front.

Heathen-- There're just too many possibilities in the NFL these days. I think the 'Hawks have as good a chance as anybody from the NFC West (I fully believe that Warner will prove himself to be the fraud I've been claiming he was without health as an excuse; I don't think the Niners will be able to find the end zone, and may struggle to keep folks out of it, and, well, the Cards are the Cards.)


TRAVIS13 07-18-2003 10:09 PM

Seattle isn,t going to win didly squat and that is for certain. There coach is the same as denvers dud mike shanahan who can,t win with out john elway. well mike homlgren can,t win without brent farve. Never has and never will. take that too the bank. He looks like that fat golfer guy and nobody can really take him to serious. Farve was special and he won anyway. They don,t have anybody like that in seattle so forget that.
Dave you,ve said some things that were bad but nothing as bad as saying that warner is a fraud. He happened to be a league mvp buddy boy!!!!! Tell me any league mvp who was a fraud. man don,t be a dummy. warner has over a 98 qb rating for his life. He,s a classic qb and one of the best in the business. Are you just trying to say wierd things on purpose?

t13 is out!!!!!!!!!!!

Marc 07-19-2003 10:09 PM

A couple sleeper teams:

1. Seattle -- Yes, they have a couple receivers in Koren Robinson and Darrell Jackson who are really going to breakout. They were on a tear in the second-half of 2002, along with Matt Hasselback, who finished red-hot. If Shaun Alexander can give them more consistent running and their defense makes strides, they could win around nine games.

2. San Diego -- Assuming David Boston's injury woes are behind him, I really like the young nucleus of this team. They have the runner in Tomlinson, the passer in Brees, and the aforementioned Boston. Scary. Consider it the poor man's Manning/James/Harrison.

3. Baltimore -- They are recovering from salary cap hell and with the return of Jamal Lewis and Ray Lewis, I think they could win nine or 10. Billick practically got them there last year without anybody -- he's a great coach.

4. Cleveland -- I also think the Browns are going to continue their upward climb. William Green really came on late last year and is going to be a Pro Bowl-level player eventually. Their young receivers such as Quincy Morgan have a lot of upside, as well.

P.S. Travis: it's BRETT FAVRE, not Brent Farve. And keyboards are really cheap, like $10. Maybe you could get your mommy or daddy to pick one up for you. ;)

Fallfever 07-20-2003 02:40 AM

I agree about Seattle, but I would say that they won "about" 9 games last year while playing many games with no starting linebackers and many injuries to their offensive line as well. I think this team did very well to put together 7 wins considering that. This year they are fairly deep except at linebacker. They are better than they look an I would put them at 11-5 barring major injuries and somewhat hinging on Hassleback's performance. I sleep good at night knowing that we have Dilfer on the bench who can put up no frills wins, but if Hassleback can find the groove he was in last year, we could win 12 or 13. I know that's a BIG if.
But hey, I'm optimistic about the Seahawks every year, but in the NW its not like we have a lot of choice. Go hawks!!

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