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kingcal 03-08-2010 03:39 PM

2010 College Basketball Coaching Changes Thread
It's that time of the year again. Each year, I keep a running tally of the hirings and firings.

I do the updates primarily on the article, but will also update this thread as time permits.

Some early changes:

3/7/10: Kent Reportedly Fired at Oregon
3/7/10: Central Arkansas Fires Chappell
3/6/10: ECU Demotes McCarthy
3/5/10/: Gardner-Webb Fires Scruggs
3/2/10: Wagner Fires Mike Deane
1/28/10: UNCW Fires Moss
1/11/10: Jerry Wainwright Fired at DePaul
1/11/10: Dartmouth Coach Forced to Step Down
12/15/09: Penn fires Glen Miller
12/3/09: Fordham Fires Whittenburg

kingcal 03-08-2010 03:39 PM

Current Openings

Central Arkansas:

Former Coach: Rand Chappell (fired)

Potential Central Arkansas Coach Candidates:
Russ Pennell - Grand Canyon coach & former Arizona interim coach (also former UCA player), Mark Downey - Arkansas Tech coach, James Dickey - former Texas Tech head coach/Oklahoma St assistant, Mark Gottfried - former Alabama coach, Joe Kleine - UALR assistant, Joe Pasternack - UNO coach


Former Coach: Terry Dunn (fired/resigned)
Interim Coach: Mark Gaupe

Potential Dartmouth Coach Candidates: Not much public interest thus far. 50 years without a title will do that. Expect Dartmouth to look at a candidate pool that will include regional and other Ivy League assistants (Nat Graham - Cornell assist) or lower division coaches with success in the area (Mike Maker - Williams College coach, Bob Walsh - Rhode Island College coach, Larry Anderson - MIT coach)


Former Coach: Jerry Wainwright (fired)
Interim Coach: Tracy Webster

Potential DePaul Coach Candidates: Expect DePaul to target top assistants from other BCS conferences with ties to the Chicago area. Head coaches with some success in the region in conferences like the MVC, Horizon and Summit should top the list.
Names you might see are Tyrone Corbin (Utah Jazz assistant) and Brad Brownell of Wright St. Jeff Goodman is suggesting SIU's Chris Lowery, Dayton’s Brian Gregory and Butler’s Brad Stevens as potential options. Others could include Doug Wojcik - Tulsa coach, Ken McDonald - WKU coach, John Groce - Ohio coach. Note that the new coach will need to retain the bulk of the current assistants...which will turn many candidates away.


Former Coach: Mark McCarthy (demoted)

Potential ECU Coach Candidates: Joe Dooley - Kansas assistant, Cliff Ellis - Coastal Carolina coach, Chuck Driesell - Maryland assistant


Former Coach: Dereck Whittenburg (fired)
Interim Coach: Jared Grasso

Potential Fordham Coach Candidates:
Mike Rice - Robert Morris coach, Steve Pikiell - Stony Brook coach, Dan Liebovitz - Hartford coach, Gary DeCesare - former Richmond, DePaul assistant, Steve Donahue - Cornell coach, Tom Pecora - Hofstra coach. Expect various assistants at larger programs to express interest now that Fordham has increased their basketball budget for next year.


Former Coach: Ricky Scruggs (fired)

Potential Gardner-Webb Coach Candidates:
Derrek Whittenburg - former Fordham coach. Expect to see various Big South, SoCon and Atlantic Sun assistant coaches on this list such as Don Hogan - Coastal Carolina assistant, Paul Molinari - Winthrop assistant, Charles Baker - Campbell assistant.


Former coach:Ernie Kent (reported fired)

Potential Oregon Coach Candidates:
Expect plenty of big names to be mentioned as this will be a high salary job. Oregon will have the resources to aim big like a Jaime Dixon if they want to.
Mark Few - Gonzaga coach, Mike Dunlap - Oregon assistant, Lon Kruger - UNLV coach, Randy Bennett - St. Mary's coach, Mark Turgeon - Texas A&M coach (former Oregon asst.)


Former coach: Glen Miller (fired)
Interim coach: Jerome Allen

Potential Penn Coach Candidates:
Jerome Allen - Interim coach, Andy Toole (Robert Morris assistant), Fran O'Hanlon (Lafayette head coach), Steve Donahue (Cornell head coach, former Penn assistant)


Former coach: Benny Moss (fired)
Interim coach: Brooks Lee

Potential UNCW Coach Candidates:
Billy Donlon - Wright State associate head coach , Tom Herrion - Pittsburgh associate head coach, Mike Lonergan - Vermont coach, Pat Kelsey - Xavier assistant, Barry Hinson - former Missouri State coach, Russell Springmann - Texas assistant, Rodney Terry - Texas assistant, Steve Forbes - Tennessee assistant.
Longshots the UNCW fans would want: former Depaul coach Jerry Wainwright, Brad Brownell - Wright St. coach


Former coach: Mike Deane (fired)

Potential Wagner Coach Candidates:
Derrek Whittenburg - former Fordham/Wagner coach, Richard Pitino - Florida assistant, Jim Engles - NJIT coach, Jared Grasso - Fordham interim coach, Danny Hurley - St. Benedict's HS coach, Dennis Wolff - former Boston University coach, Glen Braica - St. Johns assistant
Others: like most schools at the level of Wagner, expect to see an assistant from a mid-major level school that has had moderate to good success. You might also see a 2nd or 3rd assistant at a higher level conference make the move to get some head coaching experience.

Marc 03-09-2010 01:09 PM

Sounds like the only major one would be Kent at Oregon, and that's a football school.

Snooze... but thanks for the post. Keep us updated.

kingcal 03-11-2010 03:51 PM

[b]# 3/11/10: St. Johns Reportedly Fires Roberts
# 3/11/10: Toledo Reportedly to fire Gene Cross
# 3/10/10: FDU Removes Interim Tag from Vetrone

NAR(cotics) 03-11-2010 09:45 PM

Now maybe I am wrong but I heard St Johns retained their coach for one more season.

doublee 03-12-2010 10:09 AM


Originally Posted by NAR(cotics) (Post 300317)
Now maybe I am wrong but I heard St Johns retained their coach for one more season.

Not unless they changed their minds. I saw on SportsCenter yesterday that they were letting him go.

Marc 03-13-2010 09:31 AM

Auburn fired their coach, Jeff Lebo. No one cares.

kingcal 03-15-2010 01:07 PM

3/15/10: Iowa To Fire Lickliter
3/15/10: Charlotte Fires Lutz
3/13/10: HIRING: Central Arkansas Hires Corlis Williamson
3/12/10: Auburn Fires Jeff Lebo
3/12/10: Boise St. Fired Graham
3/11/10: UC-Irvine Fires Pat Douglass

Potential candidates on the blog. See link above.

kingcal 03-15-2010 03:24 PM

* 3/15/10: UCF Fires Speraw

Big hire coming for them. They will likely try to find the guy who can get their program on par with USF and increase the chance of a future Big East all-sports invite.

Marc 03-16-2010 11:03 AM

UNC Charlotte, my alma mater, fires Bobby Lutz after a promising season had the Niners thinking NCAA tourney, before falling apart at the end of the season with a first-round A-10 tourney exit. After 12 years, it's time for a change. Lutz is a likeable hometown guy, but the program was stagnant with him. Good move.

RangerCup08 03-26-2010 10:48 AM

St. Johns is still having trouble finding a new coach.. Hewitt just turned them down and I doubt Donahue will take it.

seeingdouble 03-31-2010 04:20 PM

St. Johns just hired Steve Lavin for the new head coach: Game On - On the Hardwood: Hiring Lavin Home Run For St. John's; Staff Is Next

NAR(cotics) 03-31-2010 08:26 PM

Steve Lavin, really? I'm not quite sure how I feel about the move but it sounds like a good deal for St. johns.

Marc 04-02-2010 04:31 PM

I like the hire, Lavin did a good job at UCLA (good, not great) and I am amazed he didn't get another job until now. He was good as an analyst.

doublee 04-02-2010 04:54 PM

He almost took the NC State job a few years back. I suspect it may have taken this long because his ESPN gig was paying him fairly well.

The thing with Lavin is that while he did have a solid record at UCLA his tenure there was widely seen as a disappointment given the wealth of talent he had on his teams.

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