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Pyro 02-13-2009 11:16 PM

Pierce favors some tinkering in Boston

Originally Posted by Boston Herald
Paul Pierce would like to see the Celtics make a move before Thursday's trade deadline, which would involve getting rid of someone on the team's 15-man roster.

Eddie House, who has brought scoring off the bench for the defending-champions, feels the pressure.

"You hear stuff, but you try not to put too much into it," House said. "It's just rumors. You hear things floating around, but you can't control any of that. You've just got to continue to stay focused on the task at hand and what you've got to do to help.

"It's a business. It's always a business. At the end of the day you know that things are going to happen, and it's out of your control. I know I control my time out on the court, how I play and how I practice. The rest is up to other people. But we as players just want to win, so we can accept anything if itís going to help us do that."

SOURCE: Click Here!

Should the Celtics make a move, who should be involved in a deal?

Marc 02-14-2009 04:17 PM

I wonder what kind of move Pierce wants. They still need a backup PG. But House's scoring is valuable off the bench...

buckeyefan78 02-16-2009 02:58 PM

Not signing Posey up for another stint was their biggest failure but tinkering now would an even bigger mistake. It ain't broke, don't fix it. Cleveland and Orlando have never beaten you in a series...til they do...stay pat.

doublee 02-16-2009 03:29 PM

I am sure the fact they lost both outings against the Lakers this year has some folks in Boston worried a bit.

buckeyefan78 02-16-2009 08:09 PM


Originally Posted by doublee (Post 294420)
I am sure the fact they lost both outings against the Lakers this year has some folks in Boston worried a bit.

The loss at home when the Lakers played in Toronto the previous night raises the eyebrows a bit but it was still only the regular season.

doublee 02-17-2009 10:07 AM

You are right and until Kobe, Odom, Gasol, et al. grow a set and close the deal when it truly matters I would not worry terribly much about it.

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