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Marc 05-20-2001 12:15 AM

Hi everyone!

Unlike our first league where only staff members were allowed to participate, this new one I have created is purely open to the public and we encourage you all to participate.

This is a WallStreetSports league. If you do not know what that is, click on the link and find out more. For those who already do, join the SC league and compete against others:

League name:
Password: sportscentral2001

lmanchur. 05-20-2001 08:35 AM

I'm in!!!! :partytime

Marc 05-20-2001 11:05 AM

We need more people to sign-up. Come on, it's sports and money - the two best things in the world! :wavey:

Wedge231 05-21-2001 09:50 PM

I'll join now..... :D

SC-Jared 05-22-2001 03:55 PM

I'm in.....

But I don't really get how to play....

Wedge231 05-22-2001 07:51 PM

I'm not doing too bad. This is fun although I was a little lost at first.

Marc 05-22-2001 08:23 PM

This is interesting! How am I in first place? I thought I was doing terrible compared to a league I'm in with friends at school. I am in dead last there, I know someone who is ranked 1500 out of like 600000 - wow!

Jared - read the how-to and FAQ pages there. You'll get the hang of it, heck, I am still learning! My portfolio took a big hit when Mashburn's stock nose-dived -24% and I had to sell it all.

Wedge231 05-22-2001 08:57 PM

I am in 2nd and I'm new to this! I feel special. :D

lmanchur. 05-22-2001 10:07 PM

Marc... it's based on percentages... not portfolio value.. you wait 'till next month when I am actually paying attention to the market... I'll be first :)

Wedge231 05-22-2001 10:35 PM

I just make random trades. Good strategy huh? :D

SC-Jared 05-24-2001 05:33 PM

Yeah, random is also my middle name with this....

We'll see what I can do.

Wedge231 05-26-2001 10:54 AM

Guess who's in the lead? :D

Ross 05-27-2001 08:50 PM

I'll join

Ross 05-27-2001 08:57 PM

I've been playing this for awhile. I got Tiger like right after he won the '99 PGA and he has gone up 2600% since then.:D

Wedge231 05-29-2001 06:26 PM

Anyone else going to join? Only 5 people are in this! :wavey:

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