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Marc 05-31-2007 07:03 PM

Arkansas' Nutt in middle of scandal...

Looks like the national media has focused in on the "Nuttiness" going on down in the land of the Hogs.

USA Today ran a sports-front cover story on the controversies in Arkansas, from football coach Houston Nutt's alleged affair to basketball coach Dana Altman backing out of the job and returning to Creighton after just one day. (A departure that opened the door for ex-Wildcat John Pelphrey to assume the Razorback reigns.) Also Tuesday, launched a week-long look into the Razorback mess.

Some highlights, thus far:

- From November 3 to January 11, Nutt exchanged 1,063 text messages with Fayetteville news anchor Donna Bragg. Nutt says the messages were about a Bragg friend who was undergoing cancer treatments and about charity work involving the two.
- One of the text messages, sent just before Arkansas' appearance in the Capital One Bowl on New Year's Day, lasted 19 minutes.
- Though Arkansas posted the same conference record as eventual national champ Florida, Nutt said he did fear the pink slip. "It doesn't go together," he said.
- The e-mail that Little Rock physical therapist Teresa Prewett, a Nutt family friend, sent then Arkansas quarterback Mitch Mustain said, "Competition scares the s--- out of you, doesn't it little boy? Please transfer. All you've been since you walked onto campus is a cancer . . . Why is it that you came to Arkansas again? Was it so your mommie could be close by to change your diaper, or was it because you thought having (Malzahn) on the sideline would make playing in the SEC easier?"
Hmm, something is up...

Billy D 06-02-2007 04:46 PM

Who cares? It's all peripheral if he teaches the game well and wins games. Affairs aren't good, but I guess I sort of expect that from football coaches. If an email sent by the friend of the football coach is big news, I think they're a bit distracted in Arkansas

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