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Anthony 08-28-2008 02:54 AM

Anthony's NFL Preview: 2008 Edition
Here's what to look for in the fast-approaching NFL season.

The main theme this year could revolve around a large number of head-coaching changes at the end of the season, and quite possibly one or two during the season.

Hope you enjoy.

Anthony 08-28-2008 03:22 AM

A Closer Look: AFC East
New York Jets: 10-6
On weird 4-year roller-coaster ride - 10-6 in both '04 and '06, 4-12 in both '05 and '07 - that just might continue for a 5th season, especially with Brett Favre now on scene; Favre can either go deep to Laveranues Coles or underneath to Jericho Cotchery, or hand off to Thomas Jones, who may do even better than last year's 1,119-yard effort with FA OG Alan Faneca leading the way. Defense got run all over a year ago, but that could have been due to rudderless offense that made not-to-lose strategy attractive to most opponents - hardly a viable option this go-round. Beaten comical dozen games by New England in '07 - but doesn't the dreaded Super Bowl Runner-Up Jinx have uncanny knack for making such margins evaporate? The upset pick.

Buffalo Bills: 8-8
Would have been nice if they could have done something at QB over the spring, but it didn't happen - and worse yet, off-season's biggest prize at that spot went to division rival. RB Marshawn Lynch finished with exactly four yards less than NYJ's Jones while missing three games with high ankle sprain and rookie WR James Hardy could form deadly Mutt-'n-Jeff combo with the mercurial Lee Evans. On defense, FA pick-up Marcus Stroud will line up alongside Pro Bowl DE Aaron Schobel and 2nd-year MLB Paul Posluszny could be the next Brian Urlacher, while secondary seeks redemption for poor '07 showing blamed largely on departure of CB Nate Clements to SF via FA. But it all comes down to the QB position; and the Osmonds notwithstanding, one bad apple can indeed spoil the whole bunch - in this case, making a playoff trip problematic for what is overall a solid if somewhat indistinctive team.

New England Patriots: 7-9
Surely this has to be the year that the Super Bowl Runner-Up Jinx finally ends, right? Well, not so fast: What if the injured foot that has sidelined Tom Brady for the whole preseason is more serious than they're letting on - and how about the chronic shoulder problem which had him listed as "probable" on virtually every weekly injury report all of last season? Never been high on RB Laurence Maroney, and defense is ancient at LB and has lost CB Assante Samuel to Philly - and kicking game is suspect too. So there's quite a bit to work with here after all, and Brett Favre's arrival in division quashes possibility of '06 Seattle scenario repeating itself. Until - or should we say unless? - proven otherwise...

Miami Dolphins: 5-11
Became first 1-15 team ever to need overtime to secure that lone victory in 2007, so understandably changes were made, with Bill Parcells giving GM duties a whirl and Tony Soprano, oops, Sparano, taking over as HC; division rival Jets' signing of Brett Favre had trickle-down benefit for them, as it enabled them to ink Chad Pennington, who was released. RB Ronnie Brown silenced the doubters before bowing out with knee injury, and WR Ted Ginn Jr. hopes to do likewise; defense, however, will miss both DE Jason Taylor and MLB Zach Thomas. One final thought: Parcells took Jets from 1-15 in 1996 to 9-7 in '97 in 1st season as HC; how far can he elevate this team in Year One as GM?

Anthony 08-28-2008 03:47 AM

A Closer Look: AFC North
Pittsburgh Steelers: 9-7
Must take biggest year-to-year SOS jump by any NFL team since the league began using previous season's standings to determine upcoming season's schedules three decades ago - a staggering .145 - but rest of division will suffer almost as much; not taking any chances with injury-prone RB Willie Parker, they spent 1st-rounder on Rashard Mendenhall; QB Ben Roethlisberger comes off 1st-ever Pro Bowl invite and WR Santonio Holmes has bright future. Age becoming bit of a concern on defense, which debunks finesse tag frequently attached to 3-4s. Yes, the schedule is daunting; but, as already pointed out, their division foes aren't in good shape themselves in that regard, so even 8-8 might be good enough to enable them to repeat as AFC North champs - and that mark is certainly well within their reach.

Baltimore Ravens: 8-8
The small-college factor didn't keep Big Ben from making immediate impact, so equally-big rookie QB Joe Flacco's saga might not be as quixotic as it looks, and having workhorse RB McGahee to turn to doesn't exactly hurt the cause. Receiving corps will need to step up though, but very well might if TE Heap is healthy, which was not the case last year; OL will sorely miss retired T Ogden however. On defense it's same-old-same-old, but in this case that's good thing. Incoming HC John Harbaugh (ex-QB Jim's older brother) seems like player's-coach type and getting to play Mia and Oak where Steelers have to face NE and SD could come in handy; quite playable at what promises to be square price with team coming off 5-11 season that cost Brian Billick his job.

Cleveland Browns: 7-9
A funny thing happened on the way to what was supposed to be the dawning of the Age of Brady Quinn: Journeyman Derek Anderson just wouldn't give up the starting job, tossing 29 TDs; and now Anderson will have Donte' Stallworth as well as Braylon Edwards to throw to. Ex-arch-nemesis Jamal Lewis rolled up 1,304 yards in '07, and O-line was led by T Joe Thomas, who Pro-Bowled as a rookie. Defense, however, is a whole different story, and even if DL is stronger pursuant to DT Shaun Rogers' arrival, it may come at expense of secondary as CB Leigh Bodden was traded for him. Won't have element of surprise going for them this time around, although they'll have plenty of opportunities to spring upsets thanks to killer sked which should see them give back about half the gains they made a season ago.

Cincinnati Bengals: 6-10
Chad Johnson and Marvin Lewis had their off-season stare-down, and, rather surprisingly, it was Ocho Cinco who blinked, then suffered preseason's most notable injury, forcing them to bring back the disgraced Chris Henry to help QB Carson Palmer match or exceed his 26 TDs of 2007. RB corps got bogged down with injuries a season ago and T.J. Houshmandzadeh will be showcasing his many talents in anticipation of 2009 FA bonanza. Defense, unfortunately, closely resembles Cleveland's, so top draft pick went for USC OLB Keith Rivers. With volatile locker room and skyrocketing SOS, Lewis is at or near the top of everyone's endangered list of HCs for this year, and wouldn't bet on him surviving; leaning in another direction.

Anthony 08-28-2008 04:11 AM

A Closer Look: AFC South
Indianapolis Colts: 12-4
They swear up and down that Peyton Manning will be ready to open season after undergoing minor knee surgery July 14, so we'll take them at their word; Dominic Rhodes is living proof that you can go home again; he'll spell RB Addai and prognosis for WR Harrison's return (from knee injury) seems as good as one has right to expect at age 35; O-line that comes off "disappointing" 23 sacks-allowed season rounds out offensive picture, and with a little better luck on the injury front - particularly up front - defense will be pretty strong again as well. But are they the Atlanta Braves of the NFL - with only a single world championship inoculating them from having the leprous "choke" label affixed to them?

Jacksonville Jaguars: 10-6
Have decided to stick with David Garrard at QB even though Garrard has yet to demonstrate that he can do more than not lose games; have RB tandem to die for in speedy Maurice Jones-Drew and bruising Fred Taylor, but latter is well into 30-something territory and has bumps and bruises to show for it; signed FA Jerry Porter, who might be the greatest WR in NFL history never to have a 1,000-yard season. Defense, along with running game, has carried team of late, but must overcome loss of DE Marcus Stroud (traded to Buf). These guys bring to mind those Bum Phillips Houston Oilers teams of the late '70s/early '80s, who come to think of it never could break Pittsburgh's hegemony in the old AFC Central; Jags of course have Colts to surmount, and don't see it happening this year either unless something is very wrong with P-Man; solid playoff prospects, though.

Houston Texans: 9-7
Have been one of league's prominent "sucker" teams in recent years, although they did manage breakthrough of sorts last season, finally reaching .500, albeit finishing last in division and with 1-5 division mark whose lone victory occurred in a game where the opponents rested most of their starters. Matt Schaub proved well worth the price at QB; they kept their WR contingent intact (re-signing Andre' Davis), and OL comes off best season in franchise history by far; RBs have age/injury issues. Did DE Mario Williams ever squelch "bust" chants in his second season, and LBs and secondary may be better than advertised. Gary Kubiak has adapted nicely to HC responsibilities and best seems yet to come, with '08 postseason voyage not out of the question; but until they prove they can beat the teams in their own super-tough division, their appeal is limited strictly to the underneath slots.

Tennessee Titans: 7-9
Hopefully if they ever make a bio flick about Vince Young they can come up with more flattering title than "6," the score he pulled on Wonderlic Test. Young's on-field smarts have often seemed lacking at times as well, and he threw only 9 TD passes all season in 2007. Still, he led Jeff Fisher's team to the playoffs, and RB LenDale White seems to be hitting his best stride, but Young would have open-and-shut case if he sued his receivers for non-support. Defense zoomed from dead-last ranking in 2006 to 5th in '07 despite the loss of CB Adam "Pacman" Jones (for good, as it turned out), and has ten projected starters returning, with only DE Antwan Odom having flown coop, to be supplanted by former ex-Titan Jevon Kearse. This team presents as kind of scaled-down version of division foe Jacksonville, with similar strengths and weaknesses - only not as gifted overall, and final 2008 AFC South standings figure to reflect that; others rank higher.

Anthony 08-28-2008 04:31 AM

A Closer Look: AFC West
San Diego Chargers: 13-3
Norv Turner showed playoff moxie Marty Schottenheimer infamously lacked, Philip Rivers has proven to be more than adequate consolation prize for Eli Manning, and LaDainian Tomlinson is, well, LaDainian Tomlinson. Add a defense that is getting better every year and, if anything, is underrated. So what's not to like about Southern California's lone professional football franchise? Even the schedule seems cooperative; a Candlemas Eve date in Tampa awaits?

Oakland Raiders: 6-10
If they keep getting to draft big-name skill-position players (last year JaMarcus Russell, this year Darren McFadden) at this rate, sooner or later it has to show up in the W-L record; of course it would help if underachieving O-line finds will to block and Javon Walker signing at WR pans out. Defense will also need a hefty return from two rather high-risk off-season investments - DT Tommy Kelly and CB DeAngelo Hall - but hey, someone has to complete the exacta in this division, and if they can win as many as a half-dozen games for what would be the first time since 2002, that modest honor could be theirs for the taking.

Denver Broncos: 5-11
Perhaps no NFL team has won fewer games than their on-paper talent would suggest over the past two seasons than this one - and now that talent has been depleted by two key suspensions, both on offense (WR Brandon Marshall for first three games and RB Travis Henry for the entire season, and subsequently released). Run defense was terrible early on last year, but stabilized somewhat as the season progressed, and secondary is led by one of the best in the business in CB Champ Bailey. Those back-to-back Lombardi Trophies Mike Shanahan garnered seem like they were procured in the Middle Ages, and another clunker this season would likely push him out the door; but said outcome appears inevitable at a venue that hosts the 2008 Democratic National Convention but does not figure to be the scene of any meaningful action on the gridiron this autumn.

Kansas City Chiefs: 3-13
It's hard to win when you're not even trying to win; and this team's combination of moves and non-moves of late indelibly brand them as such: They did nothing to improve what is far-and-away the league's worst QB depth chart, their offensive line has completely unraveled, and they traded the only defensive player opponents even respected, let alone feared - sack artist Jared Allen - to Minnesota. HC Herman Edwards has been hung out to dry, and John McCain has better chance of carrying Washington DC in November's Presidential election than Edwards has of keeping his job beyond the end of the season, if he even makes it that far; it doesn't get any more hopeless than this.

Anthony 08-28-2008 04:57 AM

A Closer Look: NFC East
Philadelphia Eagles: 12-4
Donovan McNabb appears to have regained almost all his mobility, which had been compromised by ACL tear in November of '06; he's also a completely different QB when he has a legitimate deep-threat receiver at his disposal - and he has that once again in rookie phenom DeSean Jackson, whose preseason has been nothing less than sensational; better still, Jackson can carry the mail on special teams, so RB Brian Westbrook no longer has to. Jackson's presence also figures to raise the play of TE L.J. Smith, who hopes to vindicate front office's vote of confidence (in form of new contract) that he can put his recent injury issues to rest. DC Jim Johnson's front 7s are never big enough, but they always produce when at full strength, and secondary is so deep and talented at CB that two-time Pro Bowler Lito Sheppard has been relegated to nickel duty. If they can emerge from September - when they're just 16-14 under Andy Reid compared with 80-48 in the rest of Reid's games - without leaving themselves with too much to do, there's no telling how far this team can go in its 10th season with Reid and McNabb at the controls.

Dallas Cowboys: 11-5
Like Buddy Ryan and Randall Cunningham two decades ago, Wade Phillips and Tony Romo are finding their first playoff win hard to come by; exchanged one Jones (Julius, who signed with Seattle) for another (Felix, drafted in Round 1) at RB, held onto WR Patrick Crayton who will line up opposite T.O. once again, and Jason Witten may be the most prolific pass-catching TE they've ever had. Defense may have its share of bad boys (NT Tank Johnson, CB "Pacman" Jones), but they're anything but bad on the field. It all boils down to whether Phillips and Romo can smash what is fast becoming a huge mental block; and if the answer is no, then Jerry Jones (so many Joneses, so little time!) just might pull the plug on Phillips and promote OC Jason Garrett in time for 2009.

New York Giants: 9-7
The Super Bowl Runner-Up Jinx gets all the ink, but there's also a largely but not totally overlapping jinx that afflicts NFC champions regardless of how they fared in the SB: No NFC champ has reached the Final Four next time out since Packers followed up their SB 31 victory with a loss in SB 32 more than a decade ago, and only one even got as far as the Elite Eight the season after (the '06 Seahawks); already missing three starters from '07 defense (DE Michael Strahan to retirement and LB Kawika Mitchell and S Gibril Wilson via FA), unit sustained further blow when DE Osi Umenyiora went down with preseason knee injury; and on offense, while Eli Manning could still get even better, decision to sacrifice talent for peace of mind by trading TE Jeremy Shockey to NO may come back to bite them. Their 3-5 home record was the worst ever for a Super Bowl winner, and expecting them to go 7-1 on the road again (10-1 if you count playoffs) is stretching it in a big way, and resurgent Eagles and redemption-seeking Cowboys may prove too tough.

Washington Redskins: 7-9
Will the real Jason Campbell please stand up - and what if he already has? RB Portis is constant injury risk and WRs have been a major disappointment, but TE Cooley made first of what has every chance of being multiple Pro Bowl appearances this past February. Pass rush improved noticeably last year, and has since added veteran DE Jason Taylor to the mix, while secondary has done admirable job coping with first the trade of CB Champ Bailey, then the tragic death of S Sean Taylor. Will have new HC (Jim Zorn) and new offense (the ubiquitous West Coast variety) this year - and trying to stay competitive in this division while concomitantly implementing these changes is a tall order indeed. It's not so much that they're the worst team in the division as it is that they just might be the best team, except for the other three; inclining toward others.

Anthony 08-28-2008 05:22 AM

A Closer Look: NFC North
Minnesota Vikings: 9-7
QB Tarvaris Jackson has lot to prove to say the least, but so do GB and Chi at the position and Det's Kitna has long since moved into the WYSIWYG zone; Adrian Peterson may have best size-speed ratio of any NFL RB in literally decades, and they stole WR Bernard Berrian in FA from rival Bears. Defense has had chronic problems vs. the pass, but that may change with arrival of sack-happy DE Jared Allen. Retirement and subsequent trade of Brett Favre renders GB's five-game bulge atop division at end of '07 irrelevant, so it's wide open this year - and if the running game decides things, it will do so in their favor.

Green Bay Packers: 8-8
They say that when the colt leaves the mare, he kicks her in the belly - and that's exactly what Favre may have done to them with this summer's drama-king routine, and RB Ryan Grant has one-year flash-in-the-pan written all over him, but receivers and OL are top drawer, as is the defense generally. They've clearly come back to the rest of the division, but since that division could be entire NFL's weakest this year, they can't be ruled out in Year 1 After #4.

Chicago Bears: 6-10
Like Buffalo in AFC, they stood pat at QB holding 7-5-4-3-2, and they're not much better off at RB after parting ways with the troubled Cedric Benson - and with Bernard Berrian gone to division foe Vikes they were reduced to bringing back aging Marty Booker and/or hoping special-teams WMD Devin Hester can make it as full-time WR, but defense is rock-ribbed when healthy (as it was most emphatically NOT last season), though MLB Urlacher's ongoing and highly-publicized contract dispute serves as unwelcome distraction. Lovie Smith must be included on any watch list of HCs at risk for firing in 2008, and his prognosis for survival with such sparse resources on offense is guarded at best; tough sell, even in this underwhelming division.

Detroit Lions: 5-11
Actually coming off their best finish since 2000 (7-9, if that doesn't tell you something), but the way they did it (going 1-7 after 6-2 start) left big-time bad taste. Until demonstrated to the contrary, Jon Kitna veritably towers over rest of division's QBs, but Bronco discard Tatum Bell (Shanahan seems to know when to unload his RBs - see Mike Anderson) heads backfield that frightens no one and neither does OL, and even highly-touted WRs haven't lived up to their billing. And just think: The offense is in much BETTER shape than the defense! Add Rod Marinelli to the roster of likely '08 HC casualties, and don't even think of using this team in any seasonal propositions.

Anthony 08-28-2008 05:48 AM

A Closer Look: NFC South
Atlanta Falcons: 10-6
Wasted no time letting the post-Vick healing process begin by selecting QB Matt Ryan with #3 overall pick; were also active at RB, plucking Michael Turner out of LT's shadow, and WR Roddy White finally broke through last year, providing lone bright spot in pit of despair that was '07 season. Defense added size up front in DT Rashad Moore, while subtracting speed in secondary by trading rambunctious CB DeAngelo Hall to Oak. In what has to be one of the most mind-boggling trends of its kind, every team that has finished last in this division one year has won it the next since it was created in the 2002 realignment, and even if Ryan's rookie stats do not excite, he figures to have the same profound psychological impact Reggie Bush had on '06 Saints - and with no proven powerhouses to leapfrog, why not?

New Orleans Saints: 10-6
Eliminated themselves with 0-4 start a year ago but undemanding early slate this season militates against chances that will replicate; QB Drew Brees gets awful lot out of what he has (which conspicuously excludes top-end arm strength) and hopes to have RB Deuce McAllister back to join Reggie Bush; already loaded receiving unit becomes more so with trade that brought TE Jeremy Shockey aboard. Defensive scenario is considerably less rosy, although FA MLB Jonathan Vilma is being counted on to help remedy that. The fashionably decadent pick to win this division, but beware those Cinderella Falcons; also a major player (along with virtually the entire NFC East) in the playoff scramble.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 8-8
Rode the worst-to-first wave to win the division last year, but now must confront the flip side of that theory: No defending NFC South champ has either so much as graced the division exacta, or posted a winning record, next time out - and QB Jeff Garcia, an integral part of the 2007 surge, may not have another such effort left in him at age 38; questions at RB as well with Cadillac Williams seeking rebound from catastrophic knee injury, and how much longer can 36-yo WR Joey Galloway keep peeling off those 4.25s? Defense has its share of age spots too, and 2008 draft harvest was uninspiring. Not only have past winners of this division in general struggled the next year, but Jon Gruden's TB teams have yet to follow one winning season with another (nor, for that matter, has any NFC South team, defending division titlist or not, in its entire history!); shaky.

Carolina Panthers: 6-10
Rookie OT Jeff Otah had better be one quick study, as he cost them their first-rounder in '09 in addition to the #1 they used to select him (acquired from Pha); his primary task is to ensure that QB Jake Delhomme's comeback from Tommy John surgery is not aborted by a blitzing LB - and they better not count on a strong ground game to lighten the load, as the pickings are pretty slim at RB, plus All-Pro WR Steve Smith will sit out first 3 games for breaking CB Ken Lucas' nose in training-camp fight. Defensive line has gone way, way back from its early-2000s salad days, but LBs and secondary have largely picked up the slack. John Fox is yet another HC rumored to be on the bubble, and will take mucho heat if Otah isn't Joe Thomas redux; looking elsewhere.

Anthony 08-28-2008 06:15 AM

A Closer Look: NFC West
Seattle Seahawks: 13-3
Have had this division pretty much to themselves for quite some time now (even shook off SB Runner-Up Jinx to win it in '06); HC Mike Holmgren has already announced he will retire after this season, with ex-Atl HC Jim Mora Jr. waiting in the wings. QB Matt Hasselbeck has quietly built impressive resume and RB Julius Jones was brought over from Dal to replace Shaun Alexander, whose fall from glory was something to behold; WR Deion Branch's unavailability for possibly entire season due to devastating '07 knee injury compounded by loss of D.J. Hackett in FA but OL adds G Mike Wahle to proven mainstays Walter Jones and Sean Locklear outside. Defense is strongest at LB but talent both in front and behind them no slouches in their own right. When looking at this division, one must wonder, Casey Stengel-like, can anyone here play this game? Anyone, that is, besides these guys, for whom another division title is only the beginning of what could very well turn out to be a journey whose final destination is Raymond James Stadium on the first of February.

Arizona Cardinals: 7-9
It took them more than long enough, but they finally made it to .500 last season, for the first time since 1998; Matt Leinart is ready to take over at QB should he find the exit to HC Whisenhunt's doghouse, otherwise it will be Kurt Warner again; RB Edgerrin James just turned 30 after amassing 1,222 yards in 2007, and WRs are highly productive but lack breakaway speed - and one of them, Anquan Boldin, is dissatisfied with his contract. Defense has had to deal with plethora of injuries along line of late, but boasts keeper in LB Karlos Dansby and comer in rookie CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. On paper, this would appear to be a team on the rise - but can you trust them after they have teased so many times in the past?

St. Louis Rams: 7-9
Everything that could have gone wrong for them did in 2007 as tsunami of early-season injuries catalyzed an 0-8 start and HC Scott Linehan looked at times like he lost the locker room. QB Marc Bulger remains human yardage machine, RB Steven Jackson is big and fast, and apparently their obsession with speed receivers did not leave with Mike Martz as they made Donnie Avery the first wideout selected in '08 draft. Pair of 34-yos (DE Leonard Little and DT LaRoi Glover) anchor defensive line, with #2 overall pick Chris Long joining the party; LB Will Witherspoon probably would have made Pro Bowl had team not gone 3-13 and secondary was among units hardest hit by '07 injuries. The key here could be psychological: Can they come back from the kind of season they had last year, as if it simply didn't happen? Linehan's continued employment likely depends on the answer - and while they're fully capable of rounding out NFC West exacta if Ari does flop again, they are not a plausible threat to Sea, or even to the likes of Dal and NO in the playoff chase.

San Francisco 49ers: 3-13
That Alex Smith is being exposed as a colossal bust may not be overly surprising - but if J.T. O'Sullivan is the answer, what's the question? RB Frank Gore can certainly chew up the real estate, but he's also injury-prone, fumbles too often and is essentially useless between the tackles; and at WR it will be either has-been Isaac Bruce or never-was Bryant Johnson lining up on other side of the unobtrusive (to be nice about it) Arnaz Battle. Even incoming OC Mike Martz can't make this offense work; and defense really isn't any better, except maybe in the secondary. Martz might end up inheriting HC slot from Mike Nolan, a virtually guaranteed pink-slip victim, quite possibly even during the season; will give AFC's Chiefs all they can handle in the race for the #1 draft pick in 2009.

Anthony 08-28-2008 06:44 AM

(Home teams in CAPS)

AFC Wild Card: N.Y. JETS over Houston
......................Jacksonville over PITTSBURGH
NFC Wild Card: New Orleans over ATLANTA
......................MINNESOTA over Dallas

AFC Semifinals: SAN DIEGO over Jacksonville
.......................INDIANAPOLIS over N.Y. Jets
NFC Semifinals: SEATTLE over New Orleans
.......................PHILADELPHIA over Minnesota

AFC Championship: SAN DIEGO over Indianapolis

NFC Championship: SEATTLE over Philadelphia

Super Bowl XLIII: San Diego over Seattle

CKFresh 08-28-2008 09:19 AM

Anthony, good stuff. I agree with most of your predictions. Very good analysis as well.

One thing I did find laughable.


Baltimore Ravens: 8-8
They have no chance of winning more than 6 games - none.

Marc 08-31-2008 12:59 PM

I hope you're wrong about GB. If Ryan Grant and the running game are NOT a flash in the pan, the Packers could easily go 10-6 like I predicted. They still have tons of young talent, so I disagree about them "coming back to the rest of the division."

Anthony 09-02-2008 03:17 AM

Maybe the Eagles will trade Correll Buckhalter to Green Bay - that way, my man Tony Hunt moves up a spot on Philly's depth chart.

doublee 09-02-2008 09:16 AM

Meh, I doubt it happens. I cannot imagine a guy with the history Buckhalter has had staying on the field has a ton of trade value at the age of 29 and if Reid were interested in elevating Hunt he would have just cut Buckhalter loose.

I really like the Panthers for more than 6 wins this year unless the wheels fall off again. They got rid of a lot of the dead weight this summer and cleared out some of the lockerroom malcontents. The offensive line looks to be much improved this year meaning they should be able to run the ball more effectively and Julius Peppers seems to have snapped out of the funk he was in last year. I don't know if they are a playoff team but they should get to at least 8 or 9 wins.

I have a hard time seeing the Falcons winning 10 games this year. They just had so many more issues than losing Micheal Vick last year. Losing Vick simply exposed a lot of the other weaknesses the team has failed to address over the past couple of years.

I tend to agree with the Vikings winning only 9 games or so. Everyone and their brother seems to be on this bandwagon but I just don't see it right now. The defense and Peterson will be good enough to make people pay attention, but, I am just not convinced Jackson is ready to lead a team deep into the playoffs just yet and what happens when Peterson inevitably misses games due to injury. I think his freshman year at OU was the only time he played an entire season above the HS level.

I also think the Pats do better than 7-9. They won't win 16 again but I say they win at least 9 or 10, if not more, even if Brady misses a couple of games.

luke broadbent 09-04-2008 02:17 PM

I reckon you are under selling the Patriots slightly, they should win around 10 or 11 games.

Also, your comment about the Super Bowl runner-up jinx and the NFC Champions seems pretty redundant. Since Packers won the trophy only 3 teams from the NFC have won the Super Bowl (including the Giants), therefore on 8 occasions the NFC champs and the Super Bowl runners-up were the same team. So, only the Bucs and Rams mangaged to win it and the did have pretty awful season the following year but that statement seemed a little absurd to me.

However, I reckon you are half right for the Super Bowl, I think San Diego will be there but I reckon they will lose to the Carolina Panthers.

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