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HibachiDG 01-20-2003 12:28 AM

The Bucs beat them and yea I'm pissed. Will I make excuses? No. They got beat, as I said, I'm pissed and that's the obvious. But to make some crack about batteries, that just shows that you're a dickhead trying to start something. How many times have Philly fans thrown batteries? Once. It was for JD Drew and
five people threw batteries. Thanks for making generalizations, come back to the forums when you watch some games.

atllonghorn, you said "'s good to see that Penn State's not averse to admitting illiterates these days. How charitable of them."

did you look up all of the following words in the dictionary: good, to, averse, admitting, illeterates, days, chartiable, them

Plase, come on. You're sporting all sorts of Texas and you're going to knock PSUs academics? Have some ground to stand on first.

BucsFan 01-20-2003 03:30 AM

Thank you for welcoming me Marc. Actually I wasnt insulting the fans. I was just stating factual information that has been replayed over and over again on television here. I mean... I SAW with my own eyes, a bucs fan get beat down by 4 or 5 philly fans and then kicked while he was down. Come on now, Tampa fans would NEVER stoup to that level here. Now I know that not all Philly fans are like that, so it wasnt directed to anyone who is a respectable fan, but like I said, for the last week, on the news here, all I have seen is Philly fans talk crap and down the bucs with insults, and then when you see fellow fans 1000 miles away get beat down...ya tend to get a little pi$$ed.

Kornbix: I work for a very reputable and upscale reseraunt in the area, and many of the bucs players come in (as well as other celebrities) to eat. I have had conversations with many of them including Gruden. Mike Alstott and Dereck Brooks are in quite often and are part owners of our sister restaraunt. Mike also had his wedding rehearsal dinner at our restaraunt. I have sat with Monte Kiffin several times and chatted with him. He's a super nice guy as well as a funny. I can get autographs from any of them anytime, as well as tickets to the games for free. =)

OH and Doug...yes was reported on the news here that a fan was pelted with batteries. once again...nhot trying to start anything...just stating facts, and regardless of wether or not it happened again....the point happened.

Anthony 01-20-2003 03:36 AM

If there ever was a textbook example of the verb "to diss" (meaning to show disrespect), it was all those squib kicks the Buccaneers kept doing on every kickoff after the opening one. What they were "saying," in effect, is that they did not fear - or respect - the Eagle offense one bit; they were perfectly satisfied to keep the ball out of Brian Mitchell's hands.

Another thing that was made obvious by Sunday's game: The Eagles need a genuine, big-play, 4.2-in-the-40 receiver, and I mean they need him today, to paraphrase Professor Harold Hill from The Music Man. When Martin Gramatica kicked that second field goal to make it 20-10, the game was over - like, you know, totally over. You gotta have that speed guy who can get you right back in the game with one play - and the Eagles haven't had one since they traded Harold Jackson to the Rams as part of the Roman Gabriel deal, and that was 30 years ago!

Alex 01-20-2003 06:46 AM

man the eagles ggot steamrolled by the Bucs. i thought the Bucs would make it a close game and Philly would win but a 17 point win is not what i expected. i can't wait for the Super Bowl the leagues best O vs best D should be a fun game.

MountaineerDave 01-21-2003 07:54 PM

Okay, so Gruden proved his mettle. The hurry-up offense through much of the first half, while not a huge leap, was a genius move. They also seemed to move Brad Johnson around a little more than I'm used to seeing, and that was ingenious as well.

The devastatingly difficult part to fully comprehend, even two days later, was how well the Bucs' Oline kept the Eagles D in check. The Bucs weren't supposed to be able to run, but they ran as required and desired.

An amazing performance by the Bucs. We'll ignore the Andy Reid criticism for the moment. I'm still absorbing the offensive game plan, and trying to rationalize it with what I knew of the Bucs offense.


I OWN THIS 01-22-2003 11:27 AM

The Bucs so called hurry-up offense was interesting, for it wasn't a hurry-up offense play after was a hurry-up offense only at times, then they would huddle back up. Gruden didn't go as extreme as the old Bills no huddle hurry-up offense, but he seemed to do it situationally from what I could tell. I was not sure that the Bucs could even put together an offensive drive against the Eagles, yet they put up 94 and 80 yard scoring drives during the game.


magman1621 01-22-2003 04:36 PM

"All I have to say for all you sorry a$$ Philly fans who thought that you were so high up on your horse and untouchable....and all you people who underestimate the Bucs...........


I know a few of the Bucs players personally, and Ive never seen anyone play with so much heart and passion as I have the Bucs. They are the nicest, most "down to earth" friendly people you will ever meet (and yes...including Sapp). He's a ball buster, but thats part of the hype. They played their hearts out and did it very well. As far as Im concerned they deserve to be where they are at. As far as John Gruden goes..he's done a TREMENDOUS amount for the bucs and has completely revamped their playing style. So any of you who disagree with this, obviously dont know much about the game. But then again, that wouldnt suprise me since NONE of you even came close to predicting the outcome to this

Any posts given after this consisting of excuses why the Bucs won or the Eagles lost will be "humorously" disregarded as bull$hit. So save your snivvling and crying for your mommies. And if what I said offends you, feel free to email me...well do lunch, in an ally of your choice to help you better understand the way the world works."

It takes a person with big balls to kick someone when their down??? That just shows the type of person you are...

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