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Bran 12-28-2003 05:58 AM

The Great Schwaby
After hearing Grapes talk about Corey Schwab THREE times tonight during HNIC, he opened my eyes again as to why the Leafs let him walk, FOR NOTHING. Anyway's, I think that Schwaby is one of the most underrated backups in the NHL. He may not be the best, but he certinally can come into a game at anytime and play well.

Did I mention the Leafs let him walk FOR NOTHING?

In only two games this season: 1-0-1, 0.48 GAA, .980 SV%, 1 SHO.

This is coming from a guy who will NEVER see lots of ice time behind the greatest goalie on the PLANET right now in Martin Brodeur. Just unbelievable

Loser 12-28-2003 11:47 AM

He's playing behind the best defensive teams in the league. Not to mention his last game (yesterday) he played against THE WORST team (offensively and defensively) in the league.

Even Aubin could of had a shut-out against them.

Schwab is nothing more than a back-up. Toronto did a good thing when they let him go. The Devils picked him up because they needed another goalie. Hell they could have gotten the drunk Craig Hillier and he still would have done just as well..:P

Bran 12-28-2003 05:53 PM

Schwaby is a GOOD backup though. Toronto didn't do a GOOD thing, they did a STUPID thing! Schwab is twice the backup compared to Trevor Kidd.

If you look at the year when CuJo went down with injury and Toronto needed a goalie, they braught him in and he was outstanding. He still had 21 saves last night, I know it's Pittsburgh, but he also had 27 saves against Toronto earlier in the year.

lmanchur. 01-06-2004 01:42 PM

Again, didn't see this.... gonna get on soon to watch it.... but I will still take ANYONE ELSE on ANY GIVEN DAY over a goalie from the Devils. Brodeur best goalie of all-time?? Even if he breaks the wins and SO records?? Not a chance. Put him in Toronto or Pittsburgh or Washington or Florida or something and then if he does as good there, I will name in #1 all-time.

Loser 01-06-2004 05:31 PM

Brodeur is a very good goalie, but his numbers are inflated by the trap style that the Devils play.

BobbyBaseball 01-06-2004 10:19 PM

Point blank Brodeur is a Hall of Famer... a real gamer!! He certainly has a huge advantage playing behind such a "d" minded team. But he comes up huge when he has to! I'm a Flyers fan and I have lost track of the number of times he has stoned the Flyers from point blank range. He handles the puck excellent...a third "d" man during the penalty kill cause If you dump it anywhere close to him then you're gonna be chasin' the puck back down in your ice. Heck, the man has a career 2.17 GAA and a .912 Save Pct....

He could play for me.....:)

Bran 01-07-2004 03:29 AM

Brodeur IS a big time goalie. Yes, his team does play defense first. However, that team doesn't have a lot of scorers and doesn't score a lot of goals. If Brodeur let's in a softy, the Devils don't win. He is a very sharp goaltender and I'd certainly pick him over anybody right now, hands down.

lmanchur. 01-07-2004 08:41 AM

For sure a hall-of-famer, but I'd still pick my man Khabby number one :D

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