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JakeLitwicki 02-11-2001 04:31 AM

I have sunk to a new level of bordom.

Now 2:30 AM, I have resorted to posting this message due to the insane pressure of bordom.

Spike 02-11-2001 05:36 AM

Yeah I know how you feel right now. :(

iFroggy 02-11-2001 12:33 PM

No time to be bored now, boys. :D

Wedge231 02-11-2001 03:26 PM

Shouldn't this get deleted or closed?

iFroggy 02-11-2001 03:44 PM

Wedge, as you can see, the actual Moderator of "The Lounge" started the thread. Says a lot, don't you think? :) j/k

Wedge231 02-11-2001 04:27 PM

Good point. Keep the thread alive!

Marc 02-11-2001 06:15 PM

If this thread is the best you fellows can do, I am disappointed. ;)

Wedge231 02-11-2001 08:36 PM

Blame Jake. He is the moderator who started it.

H. Tiemann Jr. 02-11-2001 10:00 PM

Great Job :)

Rick Dogg 02-15-2001 05:16 PM

I dont even know how to reply to this.

iFroggy 02-15-2001 05:55 PM


Originally posted by Rick Reighard
I dont even know how to reply to this.
Well you just did. :D

Anyone checking out the website for the first time is probably thinking "Look at these idiots" :D lol

Wedge231 02-15-2001 08:03 PM

"See Wedge, the anti-Yankee fanatic."

JakeLitwicki 02-15-2001 09:10 PM

ha, tricked you all.

a post without meaning, and you've all been sucked into it.

egg-sa-lent! (in mr burns voice)

Wedge231 02-15-2001 09:52 PM

Oh darn, I fell for it.

Rick Dogg 02-15-2001 10:27 PM

Ha! My evil plan worked as well. I was only pretending to be interested in your post without meaning. Looks like you fell for my trick, I win, as usual! Ha Ha!

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