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radric 01-03-2019 11:32 AM

Fairway woods or Long irons. Which are Best?
Ok guys and gals. Gonna open a bag of worms now. Iamvery consistent with 6 iron and lower. 5 4 iron and up I really struggle with. I only carry driver as a wood. As I feel no need for woods. I hit6 iron 180yards consistently. Question is would u ditch 4 5 iron for some form of woods. Or get some lessons on long irons.

However! Hybrid, rather than fairway wood, would surely be worth considering. Hitting a 4 iron is no gimme for an amateur, and even pros use 4 hybrids for more forgiveness and a higher ball flight. I'm not sure why you don't feel a need for a wood - if you can hit a 6 iron 180 yards, a 5 and 4 hybrid might give you 195 and 210 yardages which would give options on long par 3s or on holes where driver off the tee is not appropriate. There's a whole range of hybrids from those that look a bit like irons, to those which are like mini fairways. The only way to see what suits your game would be to have a bash at a few at a shop with a range. I think seeing the golf ball flight in reality rather than on a screen is helpful with longer clubs (but that's just me I guess)

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