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Heatley15 09-23-2002 05:48 AM

Culpepper or Tiger...Whose the Biggest BABY
Daunte Culpepper and Tiger Woods got on my nerves so bad on Sunday. First, Culpepper blames Moss for his errant passes. Then Tiger has to point out that another person took his picture. Then even brings it up in his post game comments.:redhot:

Hey Daunte, team sport my man. Your fault more than Moss if you ask me. Unless you put the pass on the money, you have no one else to blame. Moss is your best teammate you have, and he is ya'lls only chance of having a winning season. You are overrated, and so was Brad Johnson and Randal Cunningham when they were in Minnesota throwing to Moss and Company.

Hey Tiger, people are allowed to go see you guys play golf. I know you wished nobody could come, but they can, deal with it. You are the most popular golfer on the tour, and naturally people are going to want to see you. I for one could care less. Your attitude makes your god given talent, look bad. Don't make excuses, and start practicing your shot with flash bulbs around.

Anthony 09-23-2002 06:04 AM

If you don't like what Daunte Culpepper did yesterday, chances are you couldn't stand the whole Buffalo Bills team throughout the early and mid-'90s. One difference, of course: Those Bills teams were able to overcome their personal infighting and still win (except in the Super Bowl, of course!), where the Vikings obviously have not.

If you ask me, Minnesota's difficulties can be traced to that 41-0 loss to the Giants in the 2000 NFC Championship game. It is no exaggeration to state that the Vikings have never recovered from what happened to them that day.

lmanchur. 09-23-2002 10:00 AM

I don't know what people have against Tiger Woods... unless you're on tour and can never win first-prized money because he is all the time... :confused:

Bran 09-23-2002 10:07 AM

Don't get all on Culppeper here, there are some passes he threw that Moss could have caught, Moss admits himself he doesn't try his best on every play. Id get upset too.

seymourgal 09-23-2002 02:13 PM

both of them
Dante Culpepper is a bit of a whiner it's true but isn't ole Randy doing his usual "mailing it on in" bit? At least that's the scuttlebutt I'd heard. If it's true I'd be plenty disgusted with him too. Between the untalented whiner and the talented loafer well why split hairs? They both stink.

Golf and Tiger. Well no matter how great Tiger is I can't stand this "I'm God and don't you dare breath around me" attititude golfers seem to have. Sure they need their focus but for God's sake don't throw a hissy fit if you don't get everything your own way. I thought that's what made athletes--facing adversity and triumphing over it. Apparently not in Golf.

lmanchur. 09-23-2002 02:36 PM

Well, Tiger seemed to have overcome that adversity he faced in the flash-happy US Open in New York in June, didn't he???

#47 09-23-2002 04:40 PM

Obviously heatley you have never been to a golf tournament, because if you had you would know a couple of things.

First, it is against every tour stops rules to take pictures of players during play. Says so right on the tickets you buy.

Secondly if you had been to a tournament you would know that probably at least half the field over the course of a tornament yells at a fan and tells them to stop taking pictures, but you, never being at a golf tournament wouldnt know this. Maybe its more noticeable with Tiger because he is always at or near the top of the leaderboard, therefore he is always on TV.

Dont talk about things you have no clue about, you look stupid when you do that. Thats why I stay off the Hockey boards, because I truly wouldnt know what I was talking about.

lmanchur. 09-23-2002 06:36 PM

Good point, #47 -- your only post ever in the NHL forum was "does Canada have any teams still playing? I thought they all moved to the states?".... and I thank you for not posting in the forum often... hey, I don't mind people asking questions, but it's the people talking about stuff completely unrelated and untrue with no background information that really bother me. There are those people on these boards... I let them know who they are usually. ....however, you took care of that this time, thanks. :nod:

#47 09-23-2002 07:33 PM

Yes Lee that is true, but I did say that in a totally joking manner. I watch Hockey a bit, not much during the regular season, then I do watch more come playoff time, but I do not think I know near enough about the game, owners, players or strategy, to make any comments whatsoever. Therefore I have no business talking about what I dont know.

Marc 09-23-2002 08:54 PM

As for Culpepper ... talk about a belated sophmore slump, huh? I feel sorry for the people who drafted him in their fantasy leagues. I don't think a big deal should be made out of it -- he and Moss are obviously just frustrated as it's basically a two-man show in Minnesota. They need more talent around them, particularly a running game!

I OWN THIS 09-23-2002 09:07 PM

And a defense! Moss will always be yelled at because he has set himself up for that kind of treatment. Now every play he doesn't make will be attributed to him not going full speed on that particular play....we will be hearing that statment the rest of his career no matter where he plays. Minnesota s 0-3 for the first in over 25 years, and their season is about to sink.


Heatley15 09-23-2002 11:03 PM

I've been to the Masters 3 times and one tournament in the metro Altanta Area. The rules have nothing to do with my frustration, I know how golf works for the most part. Tiger just seems to vent his frustrations in ways I wouldn't do. After he vented them, he chose to bring it up in the post tournament news conference. He won, and still takes a shot at the guy. Instead of disagreeing with me, you choose to take a shot at me saying I know nothing about golf and shouldn't comment on it. That was exactly my thoughts when you said Jason Terry would not be the Hawks point guard. I tried to shed light on your misinformation that you had.

I think this would have been okay, but I didn't mention the guy was within the rules and didn't claim to be very knowledgeable at golf. What if I say, oh no you don't understand that was a safety flash bulb on that camera, it was just a faulty one. Obviously you have never used a camera and never have taken a picture before.

Agree to disagree, but don't take shots at the posters when you are just a fan of Tiger, it would appear.

#47 09-25-2002 04:26 PM

I have great respect for Tiger yes. His accomplishments are unmatched by anyone playing the game today. I also know that every golfer on tour yells at photgraphers and fans, you chose to single out Tiger. If you know as much as you say, why didnt you bring all of them up and not just focus on Tiger? If you want to say they are all wrong for doing it, that may be a verry valid point, but focusing on just Tiger is both showing that you just dislike him and that you have no idea what the rest of the players are doing............because they are doing it too.

Sounds to me like YOU have a problem with Tiger. Must win to much for you, because his actions are no different then every other player on tour, he is just under the microscope more and therefore seen more by every fringe golf fan there is.

Heatley15 09-26-2002 01:39 AM

I really don't care if Tiger wins or loses, because your right I'm not that big of a golfing fan. If I started breaking down the sport of golf and its players then I would have to be corrected a lot.

However, I was just steamed at Tiger and Daunte getting mad in public the way they did and had a finger to point in the process. Noticed I only picked out Culpepper, no other QB's. I guess the way your making your point, someone else can come in here and say, hey you don't know quarterbacks, they all gripe at their receivers, why are you just pointing out Daunte. This has nothing to do with other people in the same field as these two. It just so happend that these two was on every sports channel in America Sunday Evening, so I was assuming everyone would know the incidents I was talking about. If my local college golfing team Georgia Tech has a player to go haywire, then I wouldn't bother posting in here because I know most people would not know about it.

Maybe I am missing something here. Maybe I said something that I shouldn't have said. Let's just wipe the slate clean and for the record my position is that Daunte and Tiger did things that I hate on Sunday. Maybe other people do, do it. It just makes me mad about Daunte because he is playing a team sport and doesn't want to take any blame whatsoever. That is the way I take it.

As for Tiger, same thing pretty much. Yes, I agree he is under the microscope and anything he does is magnified. Just like his stance on the women at the Masters. He doesn't care if women or there or not, he just doesn't think he has to stand up for it. I agree with him totally and back him on that. I think he has a spoiled type attitude when it comes to his golfing game. He is a black golfer doing well so that makes it an uphill battle right there. Now his attitude that gets showed on ESPN all the time just hurts his cause. He is the best golfer out there and is compared to MJ alot. The only bad thing about MJ I have ever heard in his early playing days was the gambling problem. That's not a big deal if you ask me, he's got it to blow. Tiger has many reasons of why I choose to root against him. Its the shoving of fans and the constant griping of photogaphers. Winners don't make excuses, they accept what happend and go on.

Anthony 09-26-2002 06:43 AM

Culpepper seems to have the same mindset as John McEnroe and Pete Rose - namely, that "losing sucks" (and hopefully without the latter's gambling habit).

A quarterback shouldn't compulsively berate his teammates, though - that made Bert Jones perhaps the most unpopular QB of his time.

#47 09-30-2002 08:49 PM

Heatley, it is funny that you would bring MJ up, I'm glad you did. You do know that he bullied teammates relentlessly in practices and publicly flogged his teammates for disappearing in big moments especially early in his career. In fact MJ was so relentless in his ripping of teammates, that Bill Cartwright physically threatened MJ in front of the entire team in the lockerroom. Telling him, if he shot his mouth off one more time that he would end MJ's career by breaking both his legs. Your picking out MJ has some type of role model in this subject was very bad choice.

As for Tiger 'shoving' fans and making excusues when he loses. First off, because he yells at fans is far different then shoving them, he's not a loser like Moss. Secondly, every golfer playing the game today has told fans to shut up or to stop taking pictures(pics that there not suppose to be taking at golf events lets not forget). Thirdly, he WON that tournament you are speaking of, so it is kind of hard to make excuses when you WIN a tourney. To me that is the best time to make a point about your displeasure with something. If you do it after you lose then you do look like your making excuses(Nolan Richardson syndrome). Tiger said something after winning a tournament.

It is no secret amongst the pros on tour, that they all consider the US crowds to be horrible as opposed to golf crowds in europe. Many of them have expressed this. But when Tiger says something about it, all of a sudden he his whining.

Tiger Woods has shown FAR more class in his career to this point, then MJ ever did at the same age. His not making Parnevik have to take that putt to end the Ryder cup was another point in Tiger's respect for the game and his opponents.

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