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bama4256 04-26-2007 03:15 PM

The 2007 Baseball Season Has Been Great so Far
We're already into the fourth week of major league baseball and boy has it been exciting so far. New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriquez is hot as a
firecracker, and on the verge of setting all kinds of new records, and San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds is closing in on Hank Aaron all-time homerun record of 755.

Rodriquez will be setting all kinds of records for the month of April it appears. With about four games
to go in the month Rodriquez already has 14 homeruns and has driven in 34 runs. Wow.

Even though Rodriquez is off to a great start his team is not. They are currently in last place in the AL East.

Their starting pitching has been decimated by injuries so far this season.

As for Barry Bonds he hit his seventh homerun of the season last night to give him 741 homeruns in his career. He is just 14 away from tying Aaron's record of 755

San Francisco defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers Wednesday night 6-4. That win was the Giants seventh in a row.

Another reason for the early success of the 2007 Major League Baseball season is we've already had a no-hitter thrown.

Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle (2-0) was the lucky man. He tossed his no-hitter on April 18th against the Texas Rangers in a 6-0 win. He walked only one batter and struck out eight.

Buehrle has allowed only 12 hits in four starting appearances this season.

So which team is playing the best ball right now?

So far the Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets enjoy the best record in the major leagues at 13-7.

Boston pitcher Curt Schilling won his third game of the season last night beating the Toronto Bluejays 6-1, in Baltimore.

That was his 210th career win.

But the biggest surprise for Boston's starting pitching staff has been the performances by Josh Beckett who is 4-0
with an ERA of 2.55.

As for their big expensive import from Japan, pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka has struggled a litte from the beginning of the season, but has won two games so far. His ERA is 4.00.

The New York Mets have shown a lot of offense since the start of the 2007 season.

In their first series of the season against the St. Louis Cardinals they scored 20 runs against two for the Cardinals in three games.

Shortstop Jose Reyes has provided a lot of that offense for the team. This guy seems to get on base in every game. His OBP is an impressive .440. He's
batting .356 presently.

Newly acquired left fielder for the Mets, Moises Alou is batting .377. He has really contributed to the success of this team.

Also, outfielder Shawn Green is hitting at .351.

Their other star outfielder Carlos Beltran leads the team in RBI's with 19 and in homeruns with four.

It was thought before the beginning of the season that the Mets starting pitching would not be very good, but it has done quite well so far this season.

They currently lead the majors in pitching with an ERA of 2.88.

Lefty Tom Glavine is trying to reach 300 career wins this season. He has won three games this season to give him 293 career wins.

John Maine has pitched very effectively for the Mets this early in the season. His record stands at 3-0
with an ERA of 1.71. Wow again!

The Atlanta Braves are only one half game behind the Mets at this time.

They have already faced the Mets six times this season and have won four of those games.

Hot-hitting outfielder Jeff Franceour of the Braves leads the NL in RBI's with 24.

Leadoff hitter and second baseman Kelly Johnson of the Braves has been a pleasant surprise. His OBP is
.438 and he's batting .306. He's also hitting with power. He now has five homeruns on the season.

Third baseman Chipper Jones seems to be his old self. He leads the team in homeruns with seven. He's
batting .317.

Another great thing about this season was the return of slugger Sammy Sosa to major league baseball. He plays for the Texas Rangers.

Even though he's only batting .224 he is contributing to his new team by hitting four homeruns and driving in 16 runs.

Sosa now has 592 career homeruns.

Gary Sheffield of the Detroit Tigers has struggled so far with his new team, but don't expect him to stay down long.

Alfonso Soriano who is now with the Chicago Cubs is struggling big time too.

But when this guy sets fire the Cubs will start to win some games.

We've already seen some great pitching performaces this season. We've already mentioned Buehrle no-hitter, but how about San Diego Padres pitcher Jake Peavy's great outing Wednesday night against the Arizona Diamondbacks?

Even though he didn't figure in the decision and his team ended up losing the game, he struck out 16 batters in the game. At one point he struck out nine batters in a row. Setting a franchise record.

Atlanta's Tim Hudson is off to a great start at 3-0, struck out 12 batters against Florida Wednesday night, but his team lost the game in the ninth inning to the Florida Marlins.

Hudson didn't figure in the decision either.

His ERA is an astounding 1.22.

Florida pitcher Dontrelle Willis is tied for the most wins in the majors. He is 4-1.

We still have a lot of baseball left in the 2007 season and you can expect to see a lot of great games.

Alex Rodriquez is on pace to hit more than 100 homeruns. We do expect him to cool down in the near future, but you never know.

Could he break Hack Wilson's RBI record of 191 in a single season? That will be tough to do, but if anyone can Rodriquez can.

Barry Bonds should break Hank Aaron's homerun record at least by July.

As for pitching, in the 2006 major league baseball season we didn't have any 20 game winners, but I expect that to change in 2007. We may have two or three.

Another big surprise this season has been the homerun hitting of shortstop Jimmy Rollins of the Philadelphia Phillies. He currently leads the NL in homeruns.

Rollins hit only 25 homeruns last season. So he's on pace to hit over 40.

Well I hope you enjoy the rest of the season. I bet its going to be great.

boston_aloha 04-26-2007 04:41 PM

Wow.... good post! Oh, BTW... the Redsox beat the Orioles in Baltimore not Blue Jays (wrong bird!:rolleyes: )

I'm really looking forward to seeing A-Rod break some records this season. Unfortunately he plays for the "enemy" but hopefully he can keep it up and the rest of the team can keep what they are doing (nothing).

I'm honestly more interested in A-Rod than Bonds. I could care less about Bonds... the only thing there is when he breaks it I hope he is on the road so he gets booed.

Back to Arod... I doubt he will break the single season HR record, but he should break the April record... and I'd like to see him break Hack Wilson's 191 RBU record. Amazing!!

bama4256 04-27-2007 10:32 AM

I care less what Bonds does either. I've always like A-Rod since his days in Seattle. I'd love to see him break Hack Wilson's RBI record. But that is a tough one my friend.

Thanks Boston for the corrections!:thumbup:

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