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bama4256 04-19-2002 01:07 AM

Is It Time for A Change in Atlanta?
I think its time for Bobby Cox to retire or go to the front office. I've been ready for him to go since the 1999 World Series. He has been a great manager, but Atlanta needs a change in direction and a change in the way they play ball. They need to be more aggressive on the bases. Bunt more. Take some chances. Get rid of Franco too lol Altanta should be great this year, but I don't think Cox knows how to get the best from his lineup. Does anyone else think Atlanta needs a change?

Heathen 04-19-2002 01:26 AM

He needs to go on the BDSSP - along with OJ

hehe.... that would be bizzare

Marc 04-19-2002 03:15 PM

I wouldn't have a problem with him moving to a lesser front office roll while the Braves hire the "young blood" to freshen things up. The question is whether he will do it or not.

The J 04-19-2002 07:44 PM

He needs to get out of Atlanta, it's not working for him there anymore.

Wedge231 04-19-2002 10:16 PM

Guess which answer I picked??? ;)

Brandon 04-21-2002 11:10 PM

First of all, if he retires from managing, I seriously hope he goes to the front office. He's just as responsible for getting the talent like Smoltz and Glavine as Schuerholtz is. I don't think people realize that up until 1991, Cox was the GM of this team.

That said, I don't think its time for him to go yet. He may have a problem sticking with a certain guy or a lineup for too long, but he still gets the most out of this team most nights. Sheffield came to Atlanta in part because of Bobby Cox. He's a player's manager and that whole clubhouse respects him. I could see this team falling apart if Cox was forcefully removed from his managerial post. I believe that Bobby Cox will step down when the time is right, but at this point I agree with him, it isn't time yet.

TheWittyOne 04-23-2002 01:55 PM

If you look at how the Braves have handled adversity then you will see Cox's strength as a manger. The Rocker conflict is an excellent example; teams have imploded from a lot less. As for his style, it is terrible. The team has not bunted since Belliard and has not ran since Otis Nixon's first appearrance as a Brave. If the Braves would play good 'little ball' Maddux and Glavine would win 20 games every year.

bama4256 04-23-2002 02:09 PM

Thats what i'm talking about-he won't bunt or steal baes or do the hit and run much-WAKE UP BOBBY COX U OVERWEIGHT RASCAL LOL

Marc 04-23-2002 09:25 PM

Keith, you're a nut today. Amusing yourself left and right. :lol:

Anyway, the Braves set a season-low in attendance the other night and isn't Sheff hurt now? So is RP Jason Marquis, so injuries are hurting the team and fan interest is down. :(

The J 04-23-2002 10:11 PM

The Braves are down.

Brandon 04-24-2002 05:19 PM

And its a bad time to be down. This schedule has been a weird one than in previous years. The injuries could not have come at a worse time, the Braves have only had one off day this entire season. That doesn't help the injuries. Attendance has been dropping slightly, sometimes the Atlanta fans can be very fickle. Just wait, I garuntee Sheffield and Chipper are not weak, .260 hitters. They will pick it up, and Damian Moss has been a nice surprise. I also like the way Jong Bong pitched last night.

bama4256 04-24-2002 06:02 PM

I know the Braves are down. They need Sheffield healthy and now. Tough for Jason Marquis to be on the DL. Myabe they shoudl try Smoltz as a starter again and see what happens. of course I don't know who would close. Mike Remlinger might be an effective closer. I agree Chipper Jones won't stay a .260 hitter for long. But I still say Cox needs to go. I bet even with a healthy team and even if they win their division they will no go to the WS or even win the NL pennant for that matter. The Braves must be more aggressive in their play, especially with all these injuries. They must find a way to produce runs and allow their starting pitchers to have a comfort zone when they go out to pitch.

Brandon 04-25-2002 12:01 AM

I bet before his contract is out if the injuries keeps up, Smoltz will see a start or two...

pffriberg 04-25-2002 02:09 AM

Marquis will end up a stud, the Bravos just need him healthy... The bigger question is what to do with Maddux and Glavine next year. Atlanta probably can't afford to sign them both (and probably should avoid having two 35+ starters in their rotation anyway...

Don't you think J. Hart in Texas would have rather traded Carlos Pena to someone outside his division? How good would the Braves be if they had a power-hitting lefty to compliment Chipper, Sheff, and Andruw instead of auto-outs like Surhoff and Franco. Of course if Sheff were healthy, we might not have this thread, but luck is what luck is...

Franco, by the way, is playing about like you'd expect a 43 year old to play. Julio, please retire.

And what about Castilla and Lopez. At least Castilla was a one-year deal. I know, Lopez was a one-year deal w/ a player option. Do you think he believes he can get more from anyone else? He'll exercise his option and the Braves will be stuck w/ another non-hitting position player... And to think, Houston got Greg Zaun for $600,000 - a switch-hitting catcher w/ a career .850ish OPS.

If the Braves win the NL East this year (they still should) John S. will think he made all the right moves instead of getting lucky (which is more true).

The Braves have Betemitt in AAA and some other nice hitters in A ball, they can't get here quick enough...

Cox? He's fine; one of the best managers in the game. It's Schurholtz that needs to go.

catman 04-25-2002 03:00 AM

Peter, you are very astute as usual. I agree about Cox. He is a fine manager and needs some young position players to work with. The Braves haven't had a decent 1B for more than a couple of years at a time. They need one. They need a bit more depth in their outfield and at 3B, also. Maybe those 2 items could be combined with the acquisition of a good "fill-in" outfielder. One that leaps to mind is Jacque Jones of the Twins. Next season, the Twins will have a couple of young guys, Restovich and Cuddyer, manning the corners and Jones could be available for a reasonable price.
Another is Bobby Higginson of the Tigers. They need to move him and he knows it. He would possible accept a trade to Atlanta and could be available for a decent price, also.
Either guy would allow Chipper to move back to 3B and allow some more young guys to move up in the organization.
Another possibility could be Dimitri Young. He can play 1B, 3B, and the outfield. Maybe Robert Fick, if the Braves could handle his marginal defense at 1B.
I like Marquis, too. He has great stuff and cannot throw a ball straight.

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