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SouthLink02 07-02-2003 04:52 PM


Originally posted by I OWN THIS
All I heard last year, after Miami spanked UF, was how Florida was going to get murdered by UT. Then I also remember a undefeated Georgia team was suppossed to give Florida a good beating as well. Remembering last year, Florida went on to beat both of those teams in surprising fashion. I know that was last year, and last year was the past, but that is a decent example of what could happen down the road.
But to use last year's team compared to this years team would be an injustice (ok, sounds weird but only word I could think of). Last years team still had plenty of talent on it and you all know that but the record didnt reflect it with an iffy offensive scheme. UF did beat UGA but dude, it was by 7 points. You all did blow away UT but not UGA. It was close all the way through...

I would agree with your rankings too.

Zook? Oh man, don't get me started on him. I like UF as I said before. But I cant stand that man. I dealt with him here in New Orleans and am so glad that prick is gone.

I OWN THIS 07-02-2003 08:30 PM

Yeah, Zook was a defensive Coordinator with the Saints for a few years there if I am not mistaken.

Florida did have 8 players drafted off last year's team amazingly, so they did lose some talent yes. I by no means meant that Florida beat the hell out of UGA last year, for I thought that was a very close game....and like I said I was more than surprised UF won that game.

This could be a very tough year for Florida football, and many are thinking it will be much worse than last year. I surely hope not, because last year's Florida Gators went 8-5. Time shall tell what this inexperienced, young team will be able to accomplish.


Dublin Mike 07-04-2003 01:06 PM


Originally posted by MountaineerDave
Greene is definitely a solid QB. I have yet to surrendur to the hype machine behind Shockley. Since Vick, it seems, every QB with a set of feet and the potential of an arm gets hyped out of this world, when in reality, there's no reason to believe he is what they say he is.

I think it's a mistake to split the duties, but if it works for Georgia, more power to them. Of course, it's nice to have a backup you believe in, but I want to see the farm before I buy the beef.


Oh yeah. It works great for UGA. I am sure Joey and Southlink both remember that beautiful pass Shockley threw to that UF corner last year, which was run back for a TD. Surprisingly, UGA lost by 7! :redhot:

Coach Richt needs to stick with Greene imo. The kid could be a Heisman candidate if he played the entire game!

Dublin Mike 07-05-2003 06:24 PM

Hey Joey, who do you want as the starting QB for the Gators?

I OWN THIS 07-07-2003 11:00 AM

Mike, I want Chris Leak to start, but I am not sure he will start. UF will probably go with Ingle Martin, who is the only Qb coming back with any kind of experience. I think Leak has a shot at starting, but he is not the only freshman coming in to make some noise....Justin Midgett is supposed to be in the mix for the starting job as well. Gaven Dickey is currently #2, until the 2 freshman come onto the scene.

Mike, I want Chris Leak, but I worry about starting any freshman against Miami on the road....which UF plays on Sept. 6th. If Ingle Martin fails, I do think Leak will get the first chance to start over Midgett and Dickey though. Look for Leak to be inserted sometime this season as the starter.

May the best man win, and it looks to be a very interesting competition for QB this summer.


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