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The J 05-04-2002 02:22 PM

Baseball Thoughts
I thought it would be good to post a thread about player thoughts. If you ahve any questions or comments about a player, lay it out here.

I'm gonna start with Bartolo Colon. Is he what everyone makes him out to be? His main attribute is probably the fact that the deeper he goes into games, the harder he throws, Randy Johnson-like. I have watched him pitch twice this season, both were the two games he pitched on Sunday Night Baseball, against Anaheim and Texas. He pitched the shutout against the Angels, a game in which his stuff wasn't his first priority, control was. In the Texas game, his stuff was his first priority and he lost. He pitched a good game that night, going eight innings, giving up five hits, two earned runs, walking one and striking out nine. he was a better pitcher in teh Texas game, no doubt. He didn't have the run support, so he lost.

He has only pitched in the Majors for seven years, with a record of 68-44. He's always been known for his 100 mph fastball, but his control is underrated. He really knows how to paint the corners and hit his spots. He has been inconsistent this season, pitching a couple great ones and a couple bad ones. If he wins 18 games, I think there might be more talks about trading him.
He probably wants to get out of Cleveland, they are on not on the rise anymore, not young, and certainly could use the young talent they would get for Bartolo.

catman 05-04-2002 04:00 PM

He is another of the players that have come along with immeasurable talent. He has a great attitude and I think he likes it in Cleveland. He gets in trouble when he starts "thinking" out there. If he just pitches, he does fine.

Brandon 05-04-2002 06:36 PM

Like I've said in the post about the trade deadlines. I've never been a fan of Colon because ever since he came up, he's always been inconsitent. He needs to harness that talent before he's an ace like everybody calls him now.

Richard the Lionheart 05-06-2002 03:46 PM

I think the Indians will resign him in the offseason. And since this is a transision year, I dont see why we wouldnt be on the rise, but oh well, your opinion.

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