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Classof11buckI 12-02-2003 09:50 PM

Best conference.
Okay I want to hear you opinions on the strongest conference in college football. Even thought I am a buckeye fan Im not playing favoritism I belive the big ten is the strongest conference in College football. Followed by the SEC. I find the big 12 to be the overratted ones besides Oklahoma.

h0kies4life87 12-02-2003 10:22 PM

1. SEC
2. Big-12
3. Big-10
4. ACC
5. Big East
6. Pac-10

jus the major Confrences..But next year..when VT, Miami, and BC join the acc..theyll probably be number 1.

Richard the Lionheart 12-02-2003 11:15 PM

Big Ten
Big 12
Big East
Pac 10

Brad O. 12-03-2003 08:07 AM

It's really tight between the Big 12 and SEC at the top. This year the Big 10 is third. I'll say Big 12, SEC, Big 10 -- in that order.

I OWN THIS 12-03-2003 11:43 AM

I actually think the Big 12 is soft this season compared to all the accolades they get as a top conference. If anything I think it is very very close between the SEC and the Big 10 for the honors of top conference in college football.

The SEC has 3 top 10 teams, and 5 in the top 17, which gives them the slight edge over the Big 10.

The Big 12's 2nd best team, Texas, lost to the SEC's 6th or 7th best team in Arkanslaw at home. Oklahoma had it's toughest game vs. an SEC opponent, and an SEC opponent that is ranked 9th in their conference. The Big 12 does get some props for Texas Tech beating Ole Miss early in the season 49-45 in Oxford.

Besides Oklahoma and Nebraska, for most of the season, there was not much defense played in the Big 12. I think Oklahoma has had an easy way to the National title game, not saying they would not have made it if they were in the Big 10 or SEC, but I think they would have been tested more in either of those 2 conferences.


MountaineerDave 12-03-2003 04:18 PM

It's this the question that the bowls are supposed to answer? Last year's ESPN Bowl Champion Challenge or whatever it was called was a narrow contest, if memory serves, between the Big 10 and the Big East, with the Big 10 winning in double overtime.


MountaineerDave 12-03-2003 04:56 PM

Sometimes, it's difficult to understand why I hate my job so much. I have the time and opportunity to go find almost all the sports numbers a person could ever need.

This matrix is a little hard to read at first , but it gives a pretty good picture right off the bat. I'll have the time later to remove the div1-aa wins & losses and post a div1-a only effort, but should probably do something work-related for a bit.

Analyze at will.

The first thing that popped out at me was how many div1-aa games the MAC played. 17. Unforgivable, especially if they ever expect to be taken seriously. Even the Sun Belt only played 8 div1-aa games (of course, they lost five, so... can we kick out the Sun Belt, please, Kevin?)


Alex 12-03-2003 05:25 PM

Take North Texas from the Sun Belt and send the rest to 1-AA. That league is SAD. If that league continues to compete at the level they do North Texas will be a forever participant in the New Orleans Bowl. No one else except for Middle Tennessee State 2 years ago has put up a fight. In 2001 (I believe that's when it was) North Texas went to the New Orleans Bowl 5-6. How pathetic is that?

1. SEC
2. Big Ten
3. Big 12
4. Pac-10
5. Big East
6. ACC

Even the bad teams in the SEC put up a fight in games against good non-conference opponents. The only duds in the league are Mississippi State and Vanderbilt.

I OWN THIS 12-03-2003 06:27 PM

Even Mississippi State beat bowl bound Memphis. I am about to leave work, but I will get back to this thread tommorrow.


Classof11buckI 12-03-2003 08:53 PM

The big XII is overratted.

Noon 12-03-2003 09:21 PM

The Big 10 sucks.

the thrusting banana does not need to back up his statements. He just makes them to provoke outbursts.

Bama_AL 12-04-2003 01:00 PM

I think that the SEC is the best conference. And I dont think that the results from the bowl games is a very accurate way to determine who the best conference is. Just look at some of the matchups. Conference X's #3 team vs. Conference Y's #2 team. Conference X's #6/7 team vs. Conference Y's #5 team. I dont think that needs any explaining. You can see thats not a very accurate way. When you have matchups like #1 vs. #1, #2 vs. #2, and so on, you can tell who the better conference is.

NickHammy 12-04-2003 04:25 PM

However it can tell you even more when the #3 in on confrence beats the #2 from the other confrence of the #6/7 beats the #5.

Aristides 12-04-2003 11:04 PM

#1 and #2 I'll let the bowls decide between the Big 10 and SEC. Both had very solid years unlike some others...

#3- Big 12
#4- Big East
#5- ACC
#6- PAC-10

MountaineerDave 12-04-2003 11:23 PM

That's *****in' ridiculous. The ACC is a one and a half team pony, and you claim they're better than the Pac 10.

And no, I won't change my tone on the matter if my 'Eers get pounded again by that half-pony, either.


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