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LA RAMS FAN 02-12-2015 03:42 PM

La ram fan here.
another newbie here.I am betting that only the mods will reply to this thread cause I have noticed that there isn't much activity here at this place which is odd considering the amount of members there are.I have noticed that in almost every thread made,while there are a lot of views to it,hardly anyone takes the time to post on it which is odd so here is for the two mods or so that will reply.

I have lived in Kansas City my whole life but grew up as an LA Ram fan.I never liked the chiefs.I always rooted for the Rams.I love the Royals and always have,but not the chiefs. Believe it or not it depressed me when the Rams moved out of LA to St Louis even though they were much closer to me.

Back then people would ask me why I was depressed about it saying-why they will be a lot closer to you now? Not understanding that the ONLY reason I liked the Rams was because they were called the LOS ANGELES Rams. If the name Los Angeles is not in front of them,I wont cheer that Rams team on.

Physically I have lived here in kc my whole life but my heart has always been in California so that's why I loved the Rams.I am a movie buff and since LA is where movies are made and everything and since I thought they had the coolest looking uniforms in the world,the classic yellow and blue colors,I loved watching the Rams. I was happy that when they did move to St Louis,they changed their colors later.St Louis doesn't deserve those awesome colors.

However dreams do come true.I been saying this for over a year now that the Rams are coming back.may not be till next year though.I been telling everyone the whole past year it will be this year but it may both be till 2016.

we wont know for sure till this sunday when the announcement is expected to be made that they are moving.NFL sources back in September where saying on the 15th an announcement was expected to be made on the move so we will find out this weekend.

well we know at least now that they will be back at least by 2016 with Kroneke making the announcement that he plans to build an NFL stadium.

If the NFL is smart,they would just tell Kroneke to go ahead and make the move to avoid a lameduck season in saint Louis.Thats what they would have because who is going to show up in st Louis now that they know he has one foot out the door and will be gone after this year? nobody wants to see a lameduck product on the field.nobody would tune in for that either.

Looks like dreams CAN come is crossing your fingers that it is LA RAMS 2015 baby:thumbup::thumbsup2::banana:

Marc 02-12-2015 05:24 PM

Welcome. How'd you find us?

catman 02-13-2015 10:04 AM


LA RAMS FAN 02-13-2015 07:28 PM


Originally Posted by Marc (Post 309377)
Welcome. How'd you find us?

I just googled in sports message boards to try and spread the word to people out there the Rams are coming back to where they belong and this was about the only board that popped up where it took my registration. practically all the others did not.

LA RAMS FAN 02-13-2015 07:30 PM


Originally Posted by catman (Post 309380)

Hi.I called it right.just you a mod and the administrater replying.pretty easy to predict,sure dont understand why so many view a thread but never take the time to post on it.:rolleyes:

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