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Kornbix 10-02-2003 08:21 PM


da12ken 10-02-2003 10:24 PM

This might as well be the "reply here to inflate your post count" thread...

Kornbix 10-02-2003 11:34 PM

Daiken dude you got that right. But I really don't care THAT much for my post count.

da12ken 10-02-2003 11:38 PM

Yea, me neither (496...)

da12ken 10-02-2003 11:39 PM

Although I suppose it isn't as bad as that one time you and I kept posting back and forth for an hour...

Cubs88 10-02-2003 11:44 PM

Braves have no chance against Prior and Wood in Chicago.

Cubs88 10-02-2003 11:45 PM

I guess Prior and Clement

We got Wood, just remember that if a game five is needed(it won't be, Cubs win 3-1)

Ellis 10-03-2003 11:48 AM

I just proposed a trade in ff!

da12ken 10-03-2003 03:59 PM

For second there I thought you meant Final Fantasy....

Kornbix 10-03-2003 05:12 PM


Alex 10-03-2003 06:08 PM

I just finished my FH draft

da12ken 10-03-2003 06:28 PM

We need more posts here... at this rate we'll be on Social Security by the time 20,000 rolls around.

Alex 10-03-2003 06:33 PM

I post everytime I'm on the site or when I'm on the site and someone else posts.

da12ken 10-03-2003 07:23 PM

Post again.

Ellis 10-03-2003 09:03 PM

Kornbix, proprose me a trade. I need to make a few moves.

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