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lmanchur. 11-26-2001 06:52 PM

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(this thread is a continuation of the SPORTS SURVIVOR 2: Stage 1 thread.)

Congratulations Nate, Matt, Jared, Brandon, Ross, and Sean! -- you have made it to Stage 2 of SPORTS SURVIVOR 2. This next challenge will probably be the longest of them all.

As of now, the old tribal lines of the MILLENNIUM MEN and the LORDS OF THE BOARDS are even, 3-3. In most cases, these tribal lines will stick together as long as possible and thus, this challenge will be the longest and most important.

However, this is also a "new" game. Former teams mean nothing. The MILLENNIUM MEN and LORDS OF THE BOARS no longer exist; it is everyone for themselves. This stage will last until just two SPORT SURVIVORS remain, at which time we will call back all previous competitors (except the first voted out, Peck), to decide who IS the ULTIMATE SPORTS SURVIVOR (2)!

Everyone will now compete on their own for individual immunity, represented, again, by the Goofy Trophy: :goof: . The person who wins this in each round is the ONLY person gauranteed immunity, the rest are on equal grounds to be voted off.

Good luck everyone, the rest of the way!!! Stay tuned for the immediate announcement of the next challenge. . . . . . . .

Brandon 11-26-2001 07:01 PM

I know there are no official teams. But we're still a team in my opinion and the Millenium Men will go all the way!

lmanchur. 11-26-2001 07:03 PM

Challenge 2.1
Welcome to the first individual immunity challenge. Not only will the person who wins this gain the first individual immunity Goofy Trophy of SPORTS SURVIVOR 2 and thus be immune from any votes during Locker Room Vote #5, but the person will also get to name the new tribe which is a combination of the former MILLENNIUM MEN and LORDS OF THE BOARDS from Stage 1.

This is will probably the most important and thus, most definitely the longest, immunity challenge of any thus far. As you see below, there is a Jeopardy!-style board below. There are 4 categories of 6 questions each. There are also 6 players in this game and thus, ALL questions will be answered or revealed when this game is over.

I have randomly drawn names, and the order in which people get to answer questions are as follows:

1. Nate
2. Matt
3. Brandon
4. Ross
5. Jared
6. Sean

Again, the objective of this challenge is quite simple -- the player with the most points at the end of the game wins immunity.

Nate will have the first opportunity to answer a question. The question will be given in the form of an answer, and thus, the answer must be given in the form of question (ie: just like the game Jeopardy!)

So, if Nate chooses "Hockey for 100" and the question is, "They play in New York City," Nate would answer, "Who are the New York Rangers?"

IT IS VITAL THAT YOU ANSWER IN THE FORM OF A QUESTION. If you do not, I will tell you that "you are wrong," (even if you are "technically" right) and any player may "steal" those points.

This is how the game will procede:

1. The player whose turn it is puts a post in this thread as to what question he wants.
2. I will post the question.
3. ANYONE may Private Message me their answer.
4. The player whose turn it is has 24 hours as of the time the question is posted to post his answer IN THIS THREAD.
5. If he a) gets the question wrong, b) does not answer in the form of question, or c) does not answer the question in 24 hours (or the first time I visit the SCMB after 24 hours), then whoever was the FIRST PERSON to PM me the question CORRECTLY will receive those points. If no one PMs me by the time the person whose turn it is answers the question, correctly OR incorrectly, then NO ONE gets those points.
6. The next person has 24 hours to tell me what question they want.

Got it? Good!

HINT: Be sure to be strategic when chosing what questions you want to answer. The questions will, more or less, increase in difficulty as the point value of the question inceases. Also, as ALL questions on the board will be answered, it is important that you PM me your answer to all questions you know the answers to in case you have the option to "steal" the points. Also, there will be NO EXCEPTIONS to having to answer the question in the form of a question. I repeat -- NO (ie: zero, zip, nadda, zlich, uh-uh) EXCEPTIONS to this rule.

One last thing -- Please don't look up the answers on the internet!! Of course, no one nor myself have any real way of knowing if you cheated or not, but what are you proving by doing it? NOTHING. Just... don't do it -- you don't gain anything significant by it. Thanks.

Now, let's get going!!!

NATE, starting now, you have 24 hours to choose what question you want!

SC-Jared 11-26-2001 10:23 PM

Let's go guys, it's go time! hahaha

Good luck to all of you.

Nate 11-26-2001 10:28 PM

I'll take Baseball for 100.

lmanchur. 11-27-2001 09:27 AM

Nate has chosen Baseball for 100.

ANSWER: The number of different MLB teams has Roger Clemens played for.
QUESTION: You have 24 hours to post your answer IN THIS THREAD. Everyone else may send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE if they wish to try and steal these points should Nate not get this qusetion correct.

Nate 11-27-2001 11:57 AM

Answer: 3: Boston, Toronto, NY Yankees

lmanchur. 11-27-2001 06:47 PM

Nate, that is INCORRECT because your answer MUST be in the form of a question (as I stated about 3 or 4 times AND I also included an example earlier in the thread).

The correct answer is, "What is 3: the Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, and New York Yankees?"

Jared beat Sean by two minutes with the correct answer of, "What is three?" and has stolen the 100 points.

MATT, starting now, you have 24 hours to choose what question you want!

Nate 11-27-2001 06:59 PM

$*@# :redhot: I'm such a retard! :redhot: Somebody shoot me and put me out of my mysery!

How hard is it for me to say "What is 3?" GOD! :redhot:

mteeter 11-27-2001 07:20 PM

I'll take Hockey for 100

lmanchur. 11-27-2001 09:03 PM

Matt has chosen Hockey for 100.

ANSWER: The diameter of an Official NHL puck.
QUESTION: You have 24 hours to post your answer IN THIS THREAD. Everyone else may send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE if they wish to try and steal these points should Matt not get this qusetion correct.

mteeter 11-27-2001 09:36 PM

What is three inches.

lmanchur. 11-27-2001 11:20 PM

Matt, that is CORRECT.

Next up is Brandon.
BRANDON, you have 24 hours to choose your question.

Brandon 11-28-2001 12:12 AM

OK, I've got my strategy. Baseball for 600.

lmanchur. 11-28-2001 09:28 AM

Brandon has chosen Baseball for 600.

ANSWER: This player holds the all-time professional baseball record for most home runs scored in a career.
QUESTION: You have 24 hours to post your answer IN THIS THREAD. Everyone else may send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE if they wish to try and steal these points should Brandon not get this question correct.

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