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jamesfeger 03-01-2008 10:44 PM


The long sleeve style of shirt I sent you should arrive this coming week. It's the same shirt given to the Pro-Volleyball players at the Marianas Beach Volleyball Cup.

The Rocball (volleyball/soccer) players of Saipan who participated in the Marianas Beach Volleyball Cup, gifted the U.S.A , Japanese, and Korean Pro-Volleyball players's with long sleeve Rocball Jerseys including a 12 inch Rocball logo as a part of the silk screen and ink print shirts.

U.S.A....Phil Dalhausser....Paul Baxter....Jenn Snyder....Janelle Koester

Japan....Shinya Hata....Yoshiumi Hasegawa

Korea....Jeeyeun Han....Ji Youn June

Tarkus 03-04-2008 07:04 PM

It's fantastic, James

Thanks again & keep up the posting. :thumbup:

jamesfeger 03-21-2008 06:26 PM

Service Fun

Some of the volleyball rocball players were practicing service the other night. Which in of itself isn't unusual. But, this practice session got my immediate attention. :eek:

As I stepped out of my office one night during our Safe Haven Program, I heard a lot of yelling, laughing, and screaming out on the main floor of the gym. When I came out of the hallway and was looking out on the floor, there were four guys laying down on the floor on the opposite side of the volleyball/rocball court from where another person was serving.

The four on the floor had made a kind of square with everybody having there heads pointed inwards. The the space open between their heads was the traget area of the server. There was maybe about a four to six foot square in which the server was trying to hit the ball into.:cool:

As you would expect, the boys on the floor had their hands over their heads and their eyes wide open looking at the server and judging the flight of the ball.

Later, the boys moved around and kneeled down with their buttocks up and their heads pointed opposite of the server in a straight line in the back court,and the server was trying to serve the ball inbetween the spaces of each of the boys on court.

They were doing these kind of service practice games until the gym closed, and had a good time doing it. :D

Tarkus 03-22-2008 08:54 PM


Creative boys, James

You should get some video to go along with these posts. I'm sure it would be something to see...:thumbup:

jamesfeger 04-01-2008 07:39 AM

A group of high school students from Tokyo Maritime High School, Japan came down and learned how to play Rocball. This is the third group from Japan this year.

Rocball Rules March 27th, 2008

The sport of Rocball is played under a modified version of the side-out rules of play; not every serve is worth a point. And, a team must have the serve to win a set or game.

1. If the first serve of any player rotating into the service position is bad, the receiving team is awarded the serve and a point as a penalty for delay of game. A bad serve is a ball that touches the net off the serve, is not served within the boundaries of the receiving team’s court of play, a line fault etc.
A. If the serving team makes a first serve fault and has a zero score, then the receiving team will be awarded a point and the serve.

2. The receiving team has a two hit play off the serve. The receiving team only has two hits off a serve to send the ball back over the net to the service team.
A. Any situation where the receiving team cannot return the ball back over the net in two hits, the service team is awarded two points.

3. The service and receiving team have five hits to send a ball over the net. When a receiving team successfully returns a served ball back over the net to the service team in two hits, then each team has up to five hits of play to score points.
A. Either team can score off a served ball or during volley.

4. The person playing the goalie’s positions cannot step down within the ten foot area next to the net to play on the ball. The goalie is restricted to the backcourt area of play. However, when a goalie of either team scores from back court, his/her team is awarded two points. And, the goalie must wear a different color shirt.

5. Whenever a goal is scored, a team is awarded three points.
A. The goalie of each team is not allowed to catch a ball to prevent a goal from being scored.
B. Any player on either team can score a goal
C. If a player accidentally scores a goal against his/her own team, their opponents will receive three points and the next serve.

6. A team has to be at set point to win a game. If set point is 15, a team must have scored 14 or more points to win a set. A team cannot win a set from 13 or less points. For example, if a service team has 12 points and scores a goal, it earns 3 points and has scored a total of 15 points for the set. But, the set isn’t over and the service team needs to score one more time to win the set.
A. There is no two point margin of difference in scores required to win a set.

7. The Quarter/Set System of Play: Rocball games are four sets of play.

jamesfeger 04-14-2008 01:38 AM

I'm wondering :confused:

If Ultimate Fighting is replacing boxing in that kind of sport, might one day Rocball replace volleyball in team net sports?:rolleyes:

jamesfeger 04-22-2008 10:54 PM

What do you think?:rolleyes:

Is it time to challenge the mental and physical skills of the athletes who play this kind of team net sport with more than just a conventional rally point game?:cool:

jamesfeger 06-12-2008 07:31 PM

What are the physical intelligent aspects of a team net sport like volleyball?


Rally Point Volleyball leaves a lot to be desired. There is now a rule for attacking the serve. We have been attacking the serve long before the FIVB (Federation International de Volleyball) implemented rally point scoring.

Attacking the serve: It is call a "Jam". And, it is one of the hardest plays to complete in a receivung team's arsenal for scoring points. Why in the name of common sense, would a person be hobbled with a rule that states you have to have your feet on the floor to attack a serve. :lol:

Is this something like the FIVB rule where you can only kick a driven ball? In Rocball, kicking a ball to sustain a rally has been in exostence as long as the Jam. :thumbup:

jamesfeger 09-09-2008 04:19 PM

Volleyball Clinic On A Rocball Court !!!

Well that was interesting. FIVB sent a Mr. Thomas Saint Marie of Australia to Saipan to teach an 8 day, level one coach clinic. The Clinic was held in our gym on the only indoor Rocball court in the world.

Mr. Saint Marie is apparently a FIVB official. I was introduced to him and informed he has had some degree of influence, of a sort, on the sport of volleyball. And, our mutual friend iintroduced me as a person that has created a hybrid sport with volleyball.

By word of one of the older Rocball players who attended the level one volleyball clinic, Thomas was aware of the letters I've sent to FIVB in the past. I wound up taking a group picture waering an official FIVB T-shirt and some of our young Rocabll players presented Mr. Saint Marie with a couple of our official Rocball T-shirts.

Tarkus 09-09-2008 05:20 PM

:thumbup:, James

Keep it up...

doublee 09-09-2008 06:29 PM

Yeah, I was getting worried there for a while it had been almost 3 months...

jamesfeger 09-12-2008 08:09 AM

Thanks gentlemen !

Rocball season starts next month. A few teams have already started to get their teams organized. But, I think I'll try to keep the league down to 12 teams this year.

Tarkus 09-12-2008 08:32 AM

I just stumbled across these posts that I missed before:


Originally Posted by jamesfeger (Post 277374)
If Ultimate Fighting is replacing boxing in that kind of sport, might one day Rocball replace volleyball in team net sports?:rolleyes:

I wouldn't say UF is replacing boxing in as much as boxing (& MA) helped UF emerge as a new sport in itself.

So I think if Rocball continues reaching out to the masses, one day it may make the same type of emergence to go right along with volleyball.


Originally Posted by jamesfeger (Post 278062)
Is it time to challenge the mental and physical skills of the athletes who play this kind of team net sport with more than just a conventional rally point game?:cool:

Personally, I'd love to see it. :thumbup:

jamesfeger 09-20-2008 11:33 PM

Rocball starts preseason matches next month

The islands' only indigenous sport, Rocball, returns for its 26th year early next month at the Marianas High School Gymnasium.

The sport's founder, Jim Feger, said the longest uninterrupted extra-curricular sport activity of the CNMI's Public School System will start with its preseason games on Oct. 6.

“Team net sport players interested in competing in this year's Rocball games need to form a team, choose a captain, and register with me at the MHS Gym during the MHS Drug and Violent Free Safe Haven Program,” said Feger.

The aforementioned program runs between 5pm and 8pm Monday through Thursday, and Saturday.

Feger said seven teams have already signed up for this year's season of Rocball competition. They are led by last year's champion Evenflow, No-Mercy, Soul Rebels, Okies, Naturals, Uraiwak, Section A, and Ghasias Brothers.

The Ghasias Brothers were former triple crown champions and are raring to make a comeback in the 2008 season.

Feger first wrote about the rules for Rocball in Ebisu, Japan in 1979. The sport itself went through a two-year experimental period at Hopwood Junior High School from 1981 to 1983. Rocball started being played as a regular sporting activity in 1983.

Feger said Rocball is unique because it is the first team net sport to develop offensive and defensive scoring, multiple-point scoring, penalty point scoring, and included goals for scoring in this kind of sport.

The offensive and defensive scoring developed for the indigenous sport of Saipan predated the Federation International de Volleyball's adoption of rally point scoring by 15 years.

Rocball is also the first sport of this kind that developed a scoring system, where a team could win a game by total amount of points scored using a set system of play.

The unique sport is played on a slightly modified standard volleyball court with an overhead net bisecting team courts and a 6x12-foot soccer type goal located 10 feet behind each court. (Saipan Tribune)

jamesfeger 10-11-2008 07:21 AM

12 teams to vie for Rocball championship

Twelve teams, led by defending champion Evenflow, will be battling for the championship in the 2008-2009 World Organized Rocball Community League at the Marianas High School Gymnasium.

The league is expected to open later this month, but has started its preseason games last Saturday during the Violence Free Safe Haven Program at the MHS gym.

Rocball creator James Feger said the preseason matches aim to get old players back to their rhythm and to introduce new players to the rules of the sport.

Rocball is called Saipan's indigenous sport and is unique as it combines the rules of volleyball and soccer. It is played in a slightly modified standard volleyball court with an overhead net bisecting team courts and a 6- x 12-foot soccer type goal located 10 feet behind each court. The sport uses a scoring system where a team could win a game by total amount of points scored using a set system of play.

Last season, Evenflow was down in the best-of-five series, but went on to steal the championship from No-Use. Evenflow trailed in the series, 0-2, but swept the last three games to claim the 2007-2008 title.

Evenflow's Typhoon Saito was adjudged most valuable player of the league.

Last season's Rocball league drew 18 teams and 140 players. Joining Evenflow and No-Use in last year's league were the Naturals, No-Mercy, Jammers, Malat, NG Force, Chuukese Warriors, Islanders, Sonics, 670, By Luck, Yamat, Team Seven, Dota All-Stars, Try-Out, and Monota.

No-Use swept No-Mercy in the best-of-three semis series to gain the first finals ticket, while Evenflow notched the last finals slot after outlasting Try-Out, 2-1.

Besides Eveflow, also making a comeback this year are the Islanders, Naturals, and No-Mercy. Completing the list are Ghasias Brothers, Uraiwak, Okies, Sail Rebels, Section A, FSM Boys, Prims, and Fanians.

Feger said teams will play in preseason games for two weeks from Monday to Thursday and every Saturday. Weekday matches will run from 5pm to 8:30pm, while Saturday games will be played from 4pm to 8pm.

jamesfeger 12-05-2008 09:00 PM

Ghasias Brothers whip Fanians

By Roselyn Monroyo

Ghasias Brothers won the battle of unbeaten teams in the 2008-2009 World Organized Rocball Community League walloping the Fanians, 59-34, in the second round of the regular season Saturday at the Marianas High School Gymnasium.

Ghasias Brothers, who is composed of veteran Rocball players, gave Fanians their worst beating since joining the league last year.

Fanians players are mostly indoor and beach volleyball enthusiast and started playing Rocball last year. Despite being new to Saipan's indigenous sport, Fanians left an impressive mark in their debut last season.

But Fanians' lack of experience was uncovered by Ghasias Brothers, which showed dominance in the first two sets, 15-3, 15-8.

Fanians regained their form in the third set, pulling off a 15-12 win. Ghasias Brothers still led by a big margin, 42-26, and Fanians needed to win by 16 points in the fourth set to grab the win.

But Fanians tallied only half of the required points helping Ghasias Brothers to nail a 17-8 triumph and preserve the victory.

It was Fanians' first loss in the league after winning three matches in the first round and their debut in the second round.

For the third time, Freddie Pelisamen was Ghasias Brothers' heavy hitter with 17 points scoring five aces, two kees, and a goal.

Ghasias Brothers extended their winning run to four, joining the Okies (1-0) and the Islanders (1-0) in second place in the team standings in the second round. Defending champion Evenflow is leading the league with a 2-0 record.

Eight teams are playing in the second round, but only the Top 4 will advance to the playoffs.

Okies won their first game in the second round after juicing out FSM Rebels, 54-31.

The first set of Okies-FSM Rebels tiff was a neck-and-neck battle with the former escaping with a 16-14 win. The second set was an easy ride for Okies, 15-1, while FSM Rebels recovered in the third, 16-8. But FSM Rebels ran out of gas in the crucial fourth set allowing the Okies to notch an impressive 15-0 win.

Christopher Yug of Okies was the game's heavy hitter firing 18 points on four aces, four kees, and a xunk.

In the second game, Islanders also juiced out Soul Rebels, 56-45.

Islanders swept the first two sets, 16-5 and 16-13, before Soul Rebels found their marks and recorded a 16-8 victory.

In the fourth set, Soul Rebels seemed headed for another win and an upset when they took a 10-5 lead.

But the Islanders regrouped and eked out a 16-11 triumph to foil Soul Rebels' bid.

Jeff Saures scored 13 points for Islanders on three aces, one xunk, one kee, and one goal.

jamesfeger 12-14-2008 03:12 AM

Rocball News Release…….12/14/08

Last week was a busy week for Rocball teams. The league became one team
less and two teams are at 3 looses each and one loss from being
eliminated. The Naturals loss their fourth game against the Ghaisias
Brothers and were eliminated for the rest of the year.

The Gaisias Brothers played three games last week winning two and losing
one. The Brothers had to go into overtime to defeat the Naturals because
they failed to close out in regulation play with a winning set. The
Brothers game score after four sets were 66 to 45. The Naturals lost the
first three sets but won the fourth set 15 to 13 and prevented the
Brothers from juicing-out. But, the Brothers were able to win first set OT
and win the game.

In the second game, the Ghasias Brothers defeated the Islanders in four
sets and juiced out with an easy 63 to 39 win. In the third game, the
Brothers rematched against team Evenflow in their second game of the year.
The Ghasias Brothers defeated last year’s champs the first time they met
but failed to repeat their performance the second time around.

Evenflow won the first set 15 to 12, the Ghaisias Br. won the second and
third sets 15 to 14 and 14 to 5. The Ghaisias Brothers had a seven point
lead going into the final set of regulation play and only needed to win
set four to juice-out and win the game. Team Evenflow needed to win set
four to stop the Brothers from juicing out or they needed to win the
fourth set with an eight point margin to win the game. Team Evenflow won
the fourth set 17 to 8 with a nine point margin and won the game and
handed the Brothers their second loss of the year.

Evenflow met No-Mercy later on the same day and didn’t seem to have enough
in reserve to get over a reconstituted No-Mercy team. Evenflow won the
first set 16 to 11 but lost the next three sets 17 to 12, 16 to 7, and 15
to 12. No-Mercy won by juicing out with a 59 to 47 victory.

The Fanians improved their record after defeating the Okies in a game that
went into overtime. The Fanians won the first three sets 15 to 8, 16 to
15, and 16 to 10, but failed to close-out the game by losing the fourth
set 16 to 12. Under Rocball rules of the quarter/set system, a team cannot
win a game in a losing set. So, even though the Fanians outscored the
Okies in four sets of play 70 to 56, the Okies won the fourth set, stopped
the Fanians from juicing-out, and forced the game into overtime. But,
since the Fanians scored the most game points, they only needed to win one
overtime set of 10 points or a goal, and the Okies needed to win two OT
sets to win the game. The Fanians won the first OT set and finished the
game off.

The Okies also played the Soul Rebels who were at three losses and on the
verge of being eliminated if they lost to the Okies. But, the Soul Rebels
hung on by the narrowest of margins and came from behind in the fourth set
to edge out the Okies 61 to 60 for a juice-out win.

The team standings as of 12/14/08 are: Ghasias Brothers with 5 wins and 2
losses, the Fanians with 4 wins and 1 loss, The Okies with 4 wins and 2
losses, Evenflow with 3 wins and 2 losses, the Islanders with 2 wins and 3
losses, the Soul Rebels with 2 wins and 3 losses, No-Mercy with 1 win and
2 losses, and the FSM Rebels with zero wins and 2 losses. The Naturals
were eliminated after they lost their fourth game and two teams, the
Islanders and Soul Rebels are one loss away from being eliminated. The top
four teams will go into the playoffs.

jamesfeger 12-21-2008 05:37 PM

4 teams out, Rocball semis set Saturday

Monday, 22 December 2008
By Emmanuel T. Erediano - Variety News Staff

FOUR teams were eliminated last week in the Rocball games leaving three surviving teams playing in the semi-finals set on Saturday at the Marianas High School.

During last week’s games the Fanians eliminated the Soul Rebels knocking them off 76 to 53. No-Mercy juiced out FSM Rebels 69 to 32, the Islanders defeated No-Mercy, and Evenflow upset the Islanders.

The semi-finals will begin on Saturday with the Ghasias Brothers playing the Okies at 5:00 pm and the Fanians playing Evenflow at 7:00 pm.

Teams will play one game of four sets, 25 point per sets which is under the Rocball modified version of the side-out rules of play. Every serve isn’t a point, with one exception, teams don’t score points off a bad serve, a team has to have the serve to win a set or game, and there is not a two point margin rule to win set or game because of Rocball’s multiple-point scoring system.

Under the rules of the Rocball, a game is played by the quarter/set system where in four sets to a game, and a set, regardless how long it takes to complete, is equal to a quarter of game time.

A team has to outscore their opponents after four sets of play and win the fourth set to juice-out; win the game at the end of the fourth set. A team cannot juice-out in a losing set and a team cannot juice-out by winning the fourth set with lower game points than their opponents.

With a four set, 100 point game minimum schedule, players will have to show their skill over a longer period of time than during the regular season of games. Endurance will play a key role in a team’s performance.

Ellis 12-21-2008 06:12 PM

This thread deserves Thread of the Year.

Keep up the good job, James :thumbup:

Ellis 12-22-2008 01:18 PM


Originally Posted by jamesfeger (Post 278062)
What do you think?:rolleyes:

Is it time to challenge the mental and physical skills of the athletes who play this kind of team net sport with more than just a conventional rally point game?:cool:

Frankly, I would advise against changing any of the rules. You've got a novel idea going by adding a net-- this will attract people with an interest in soccer and hockey, as well as volleyball-- and the game's scoring system is rather complex as it is.

I would suggest modifying the jungle rules, though, and not allow players to go over the net when playing the ball. This will prevent injuries and "cheap play," as it's been called by a number of my friends who play RocBall at their local youth center.

Also, two time outs per set is a bit many. Teams should come prepared and so many time outs slow the game down and ruin the tempo of them game.


Originally Posted by Tarkus (Post 286333)
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"]
Personally, I'd love to see it. :thumbup:

While I usually agree with Tarkus and trust his judgment, I think that a rule change-- other than time-outs and maybe a few tweaks to the jungle rules-- would not be beneficial to the game, especially when considering how fun and novel it is right now. (Don't fix something that ain't broke, as my grandfather used to say.)

jamesfeger 12-25-2008 02:27 AM

Quote from Ellis:

"I would suggest modifying the jungle rules, though, and not allow players to go over the net when playing the ball. This will prevent injuries and "cheap play," as it's been called by a number of my friends who play RocBall at their local youth center."

Thanks for your support Ellis! The rules posted on Rocball's website are 12 years old. And, we usually experiment with rule changes during our pre-season practice games. I'll keep your thoughts in mind.

And, if you would, keep me posted on how well received Rocball is at your, as you mentioned, local youth centers. Our Rocball games are played after school in the Marianas High School gym during the Safe Haven Program.

If you have any questions on rules or plays, let me know!

jamesfeger 12-28-2008 01:38 AM

Ghaisais Brothers vs Fanians in Rocball Finals

There are only two teams left standing: Four teams played two semi-final
games to determine which teams would advance to the best 2 out of 3 series
for the Rocball championship title.

In the first game, the Ghaisias Brothers had to score a triple digit
number of game points to juice-out the Okies in four sets 104 to 78. The
Brothers took the first two sets 31 to 19 and 27 to 15 for a 58 to 34 half
time lead.

The Okies came back in the third set and outscored the Brothers 26 to 20.
At the beginning of the fourth set, the Brothers still lead in game points
78 to 60. The Brothers only had to win the fourth set to win the game.

The Okies had to either win the fourth set by 19 points and win the game,
or win the fourth set with less than 19 points to stop the Brothers from
juicing out and force the game into O-Kon (Overtime). Earlier in the year,
the Okies defeated the Brothers in a game in which the Okies skunked the
Brothers in a set 16 to 0. But, the Brothers came back and won the fourth
set 26 to 18 and eliminated the Okies.

In the game between the Ghaisias Brothers and Okies, there were 13 aces, 3
xunks, 30 backcourt kees, and 3 goals scored. Freddy Pelisamen of the
Ghasias Brothers was the game’s heavy hitter with 2 aces, 8 kees, and 2
goals for 26 points.

In the second semi-final game of the night, the Fanians battled down
Evenflow in a sub-hundred point game 91 to 72. Evenflow jumped out with
some hot plays and took the first set 25 to 16. In the next three sets,
the Fanians were able to cool off Evenflow’s court attack and took the
last three sets 25 to 20, 25 to 16, and 25 to 11.

And, while the Fanians were outplaying Evenflow on the court, the Evenflow
players did out score the Fanians in goals 5 to 3. In this game, there
were 7 aces, 1 xunk, 1 jam, 9 kees, and 8 goals scored. Tito Francisco of
Evenflow was the games heavy hitter with 2 aces, 3 kees, and 1 goal for 13

In the championship games between the Ghasias Brothers and Fanians, it
will be offensive skills of the Brothers against the defensive skills of
the Faninas. The Ghaisias Brothers scored more 2 point backcourt kees in
their game against the Okies than in the game between the Fanians and
Evenflow combined.

The first championship games between the Ghaisias Brothers and the Fanians
will be 12/29/08 Monday evening, at the MHS Gym.

jamesfeger 12-29-2008 11:27 PM

Game 1 goes to Ghasias Brothers

By Roselyn Monroyo
Reporter / Saipan Tribune

Ghasias Brothers drew first blood in the championship series in the 2008-2009 World Organized Rocball Community League, pulling off a double overtime win over the Fanians, 113-105, Monday at the Marianas High School Gymnasium.

Ghasias won Game 1 of the best-of-three title series with Freddie Pelisamen scoring crucial points in the second overtime.

The game was tied at 10-all in the second o-kon set when Pelisamen leaped for a backcourt two-point kee. He went for another backcourt kill with the ball finding the net awarding Pelisamen a goal and the series opener win for Ghasias Brothers.

Game 2 was played last night with the Fanians needing to win to force a deciding Game 3.

Ghasias Brother failed to wrap up Game 1 early despite taking a 92-85 lead after four regular sets.

Pelisamen's team had a jackrabbit start winning the opening set, 25-2. The second set was a neck-and-neck battle with Ghasias Brothers eking out a 26-24 win to take a 51-26 lead at halftime.

Fanians recovered in the third set, 27-26, and prevented Ghasias Brothers from nailing a juiced-out win with a 32-15 victory in the fourth set.

In Rocball, a leading team can only win a match after four sets if it also prevails in the fourth set. If not, the game goes into overtime (o-kon) where the leading squad should win only one set to end the match. The trailing team must win two o-kon sets to grab the victory.

In the first set o-kon, Ghasias had a chance to end the match when it led, 10-7. But Ghasias committed errors, allowing the Fanians to escape with a 10-6 triumph and bring the game into the second overtime.

Pelisamen had seen enough, as he took charge in the second o-kon to finally close Game 1 in Ghasias Brothers' favor.

Pelisaman was the game's heavy hitter scoring 25 points on nine kees, two aces, and a goal.

Larry Sharry paced the Faninans with 21 markers on nine kees and a goal.

Ghasias Brothers and the Fanians set-up their title duel after downing their foes in the semifinals. Ghasias topped the Okies, 104-78, while the Fanians dethroned 2007-2008 champion Evenflow, 91-72.

jamesfeger 01-02-2009 08:37 PM

Ghasias sweeps Fanians for championship

By Roselyn Monroyo
Reporter / Saipan Tribune

Ghasias Brothers ruled the 2008-2009 World Organized Rocball Community League after sweeping the Fanians in the best-of-three titles series Tuesday night at the Gilbert C. Ada Gymnasium.

A 93-85 juiced-out win in Game 2 allowed the Ghasias Brothers to wrap up the short series and regained supremacy in the sport.

In the early years of Rocball league, Ghasias Brothers were a force in the indigenous sport and even topped the league for three straight years.

They took a leave from the league for a couple of years and returned last season with a bang sweeping their first four games.

At the end of the second round of elimination, Ghasias Brothers were at the top of the team standings and had only two losses in 12 games.

They were seeded first in the semifinals and whipped the Okies, 104-78, in the Final Four round to advance to the title match against the Fanians. The Fanians dethroned 2007-2008 champion Evenflow in the other semis pairing, 91-72.

In Game 1 of the finals Monday night, Ghasias needed two extra sets to thwart the hard fighting Fanians and eke out a 113-105 win.

Both teams expected another down-to-the-wire finish in Game 2 with the Fanians needing to win to force a do-or-die Game 3.

But Ghasias Brothers showed their toughest form in the last two sets with Freddie Pelisamen leaping high for powerful kills to end the series after only four sets.

Ghasias won the opening set of Game 1, 28-18. The Fanians recovered in the second set with a 28-14 triumph to take the lead, 46-42.

But Ghasias Brothers regained the driver's seat, 67-66, after a 25-20 victory in the third set, and capped their successful comeback in the league with a 26-19 win in the fourth set.

Twelve teams joined last season's Rocball league. The list included the Islanders, Naturals, No-Mercy, Uraiwak, Soul Rebels, Section A, FSM Rebels, and Prims.

The Prims, Uraiwak, and Section A were booted out of the tournament after the first round losing four games apiece.

The nine remaining teams advanced to the second round with the Naturals becoming the first casualty having dropped their first four matches.

Four more teams-Islanders, Soul Rebels, FSM Rebels, and No Mercy-joined the Naturals in the showers, while the Okies, Ghasias, Evenflow, and the Fanians were left to battle for the title.

Rocball is created by James Feger and is a unique sport as it combines the rules of volleyball and soccer. It is played in a slightly modified standard volleyball court with an overhead net bisecting team courts and a 6x12-foot soccer type goal located 10 feet behind each court. The sport uses a scoring system where a team could win a game by total amount of points scored using a set system of play.

jamesfeger 01-11-2009 05:18 AM


The Gorilla Games have started: On Saturday night the Ghaisias Brothers faced off with the Okies for the first Gorilla Game. The Ghaisias Brothers wee pushed to the limit and had to play two overtime sets before they were able to win the game.

Every two weeks on Saturday night between 6:00 and 7:00 pm, two teams will compete for the winner’s prize of $50. The winners will return two weeks later to defend their Gorilla rights and a chance to win another $50 against a new opponent.

The losers of a Gorilla Game go on training leave for one month before they are eligible to challenge any current team that won Rocball’s Gorilla title. And, although $50 isn’t a lot, it does give a Rocball team bragging rights and enough money for a pizza party.

In the first of the Gorilla Games, the Ghaisias Brother, this year’s world Rocball champions, had to dig in deep in order to defeat the Okies. In the first set, the Ghaisias jumped off to a great start with a 25 to 10 win.

Ben Pelisamen of the Brothers set the tempo of play by scoring a three point goal in volley off the Okies first serve to start the game. In addition to the three point goal, the Brothers scored a total of six two-points plays in set one, while the Okies scored two, two point plays.

In set two, the Okies pushed the Brothers hard and only came up four points short, losing set two 22 to 26. The Okies hit five two-point plays against the Brothers who scored another three point goal and six two-point plays.

In the third set, the Okies came out on top 27 to 25. But, the Brothers outscored the Okies in multiple points scoring with Ben Pelisamen scoring his third goal of the night in addition to the Brothers’ seven more two-point plays. The Okies scored six two-point plays, were held at set point three times, and won the set after the Brothers were penalized one point on a bad first serve, for delay of game.

In the fourth set, the Brothers had game point advantage 76 to 59 and only had to win set four, juice-out, to win the game. In the Rocball rules of the quarter/set system of play, a team can only win a game in a winning set, regardless of the difference of team’s game points.

The Okies denied the Brothers their exit strategy, and won the fourth set 25 to 22. And, the Okies defeated the Brothers in the fourth set mostly by one-point court plays. The Okies only scored three two-point plays in contrast to the Brothers who scored four two-point plays and their fourth, three point goal of the game.

After four sets of play, the Brothers had scored the most game points. The final score after four sets of play was the Brothers 98 and the Okies 84. But, the Brothers ended the game in a losing set and were robbed of their victory.
By winning the fourth set, the Okies forced the game into overtime. And, when a Rocball game fails to end under the rules of the quarter/set system, the game continues with 10 point sets or when a goal is scored; whichever happens first.

The Brothers scored the most game points in four sets; they only needed to win one overtime set to win the game. The Okies won the fourth set with the least amount of game points and were required to win two overtime sets to win the game.

The Okies stunned the Brothers in first OT with their first and only three point goal of the night, and won nthe first OT set 4 to 0. The Okies first OT set win set up the second OT set as the do-or-die set of the game. Whichever team won the last OT set would be the first Gorilla of the games.

The Ghaisias Brothers tighten up their defense, played conservatively, and won the last set without any two or three point plays 10 to 6. Ben and Freddy Pelisamen were the heavy hitters with Ben scoring 2 aces, 1 xunk, 5 kees, and 3 goals for 23 points, and Freddy scoring 2 aces, 1 xunk, 7 kees, and 1 goal for 23 points.:cool:

jamesfeger 06-12-2009 10:47 PM

Beefed-Up or Watered Down

Is it beefed up or watered down volleyball? There was a proposal within the Asian International Confederation Coaches Commission (AICCC) and the Federation International de Volleyball (FIVA) to redesign volleyball in the areas of defensive scoring, left and right side court service, and to include kicking as a legitimate hit. And, there were more renovations under considerations in their attempt to remodel volleyball into a more balanced and complete sport.

However, the commissioners and officers of those different federations had already received the fundamental rules of play for Rocball. Rocball, the sport derivative of volleyball but as different from volleyball as baseball is from cricket, was the innovative force behind offensive and defensive scoring, kicking, multiple point scoring, changing service areas, and more. Rocball rules of play have been in print, registered with the Library of Congress, International Copyrighted, in play, and presented to the FIVB, AICCC and many other national and international sport organizations since 1979, fifteen years before rally point was adopted and one year after Rocball made international media exposure on the CNN World Report Program in 1993 & 1994.

Volleyball had been around for about a hundred years before rally point or any other significant rules changes were adopted in 1995. Rocball is the pioneering game of innovative rules for a team net sport of this kind. Rocball news reports openly criticized volleyball as outdated service/side-out game where a team often as not outscored its opponents and lost a game in sets. Now, volleyball is a sport with rally point scoring that is actually a water-downed version of Rocball’s offensive and defensive scoring system.

And, where Rocball holds to the premise that competition is best represented, in this kind of team net sport, with the scoring advantage and set/game closure as a reflection of the side-out version of play, volleyball adopted the anemic method of rally scoring where a set/game can be won off a bad serve by the receiving (defensive) team without having to touch the ball to win a set/game.

The Libero is definitely rally point flavored. Rocball is based more on the all-around player for this kind of sport. In Rocball, certain positions have scoring advantages and all players no matter what position can execute a three point play. The adaptation or development of the Libero feels like it should belong to rally point.

In conclusion, players, coaches, commissioners and officers of various teams and sport associations don’t have to wait for the Federation International de Volleyball to experience more revelations or mystical esoteric insights on any further developments for this kind of team net sport, they can write or e-mail the Library of Congress, Washington D.C. and request Rocball Literature.

(Revised Article 1994)

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