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The J 12-31-2001 05:46 AM

BCS Bowl opinions
Here is my outlook of the four BCS games:

Orange Bowl: Florida 35-24 over Maryland. Florida is just a better all around team, maybe not in the running games, but everywhere else. Expect Bruce Perry to get between 80-120 yds and score twice. Rex Grossman will go over 370 and throw 5 touchdown passes. Earnest Grahmn won't get many carries, maybe between 10-13, but will be effective in his limited use.

Sugar Bowl: LSU 38-35 over Illinios. Illinios has a good defense, but can't stop the LSU offense. LSU will give up it's share as well. Expect Kittner and Davey to throw for over 350 and 4 TD's each. Since LaBrandon Toefield is out for this game, the Tigers will focus on the pass.

Fiesta Bowl: Oregon 28-26 over Colorado. Expect Joey harrington to go out on top. His final college game should be a great one. My guess is he will be 29-41 397 yds and 3 TD's. Maurice Morris should go over 100 yds, but Colorado will dominate in the run. Kris Brown should go over 150 and his counterparts should help out. Don't expect to see much of Onterrio Smith.

Rose Bowl: 27-26 over Miami. This Game should have a lot of TD's scored. The reason I say numbers like 27 and 26 is because I think they will each go for two at least twice and not be succesfull. Just my opinion though. Clinton Portis will be the factor for Miami. If he can get over 100, the Canes win this game. Ken Dorsey has to throw for a lot of yards because if they can't run with Portis, it will be very hard to pick apart the Blackshirts. Also , I think they have get the ball in Najeh Devenports hands , whether it's pass or run, at least 10 times. He will be a factor if that happens. As for Nebraska, I think Crouch will not be a factor throwing, maybe 155, but running will be the name of the ball. If they successfully and continuosley run the option and power the football, they will be national champs. Darien Deihdriek will have to be a factor as well.

Marc 12-31-2001 11:35 AM

Good post. I agree in the Florida prediction - they'll roll big time over Maryland.

As for the Rose Bowl, something is making me think this won't be a close game. Can't decide on what the outcome will be. Depends which Nebraska team shows up.

The J 01-01-2002 09:54 PM

27-42! I was sooooo close! O well. unfortunatley, in the Orange Bowl, Rex Grossman won't start, good-bye 370 and 5 TD's :( .

bama4256 01-03-2002 01:58 AM

Miami will win 37-26 Man I wish Oregon was playing Miami shucks

Marc 01-04-2002 05:17 PM

No Split Champions
Miami came out and dominated in the Rose Bowl, anyone watch? Total, utterly domination. It was amazing, especially in the first half.

Anyway, did anyone else think about how it would be if Oregon got a chance? I would love to see Harrington out there playing; it would have been a much better game, but thanks to our good friend, the BCS, they had no chance. :rolleyes:

Nate 01-04-2002 06:22 PM

Yes, Nebraska should not have been in the Rose Bowl, and it showed yesterday when Miami creamed 'em. Another reason why I hate the BCS.

jnmhayes 01-05-2002 08:39 AM

The games showed why they should not let computers pick the matchup. Colorado, Maryland and Nebraska were all over-matched. Sure they earned a shot at a major bowl, but the big game should have matched up either Florida or Oregon against the Canes. It was a clear case where just looking at the teams, you knew Nebraska had a serious achilles heal and wouldn't play well again Miami.


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