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Thanks guys!!!... I had a low-key birthday this year..... had some family over for cake a day before my birthday (Thursday), because I was suspose to goto Winnipeg this weekend to see the Blue Bombers game, but it was cancelled not due to this week's past events... because the Edmonton Eskimos literally decided just not to show up for the game!!.. and the league backed them on it!!!!!!!!.... Grrrrrrrr.... I am very very upset... I was 1/4 of the way to Winnipeg when I heard the news...
Originally posted by Spike
So is Canada the same as the United States as far as privileges gained on your 18th birthday go?

Like here on your 18th Birthday you can buy cigarettes and buy lottery tickets and go into R-rated movies like Marc said (I might be missing some other stuff. Somebody else fill me in if I am). Not that you would want to do any of that stuff, but it's nice to have more options and feel freer.

Is 16 the legal driving age there in Canada like it is here in the U.S.?
Oh no -- of COURSE I would never want to do any of that stuff .........

Well, the 18th isn't "THE birthday" in all of the U.S., is it? -- in some states, it's 21, but for all of Canada, yes, 18 is the leagal age.... you missed "voting" in your list. ...and for MOST provinces, 16 is the leagal driving age... though that's changing in April, 2002, in Manitoba... phewf! -- glad I missed that!! -- I got my liscence on December 8, 2000 :nod:

...but I still have 364 days now until my 18th! -- Unlike most in my class in my school, my 18th is on a Saturday!

Thanks again, guys, for the happy birthday wishes!!!
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