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Originally Posted by Richard the Lionheart View Post
I think it's probably the best slate of bowls we've had in several years. We get a real Rose Bowl, and including that game, two other huge bowls...a Texas/Ohio State tiebreaker (if they blow us out badly enough they might be able to squeeze their way into an AP title...probably doubtful but possible I think) and of course, the Florida/Oklahoma game which will be entertaining if OU continues to tackle at an average level.
I disagree.

As I stated before, Texas got jobbed. And not only did they got jobbed but now they have to play Ohio State...a vastly inferior opponent. If they win, no big deal. They have no chance to prove themselves. I really wish Texas would have got Utah (if you had to job them) and Bama-Ohio State...if you had to put OSU in the BCS.

USC-Penn State is technically a legit Rose Bowl but it still feels weird having PSU in there simply because they have made the trek only once before since joining the conference in the early 90s.

If I had to place 'em...

BCS CG: Texas vs. Oklahoma (clearly the two most deserving teams)
Rose Bowl: Penn State vs. USC
Sugar Bowl: Florida vs. Utah
Fiesta Bowl: Alabama vs. Boise State
Orange Bowl: Cincinnati vs. Virginia Tech

The minor bowls have some intriguing matchups but the bad economy forced many bowls to pick local teams over better teams. Georgia Tech, #3 in the ACC, has to play LSU which finished tied for #7 in the SEC. And to top it off, the ACC was clearly better than the SEC this year. Jackets got jobbed but the game will be in their hometown.

Games I do like...


Florida State-Wisconsin


Ole Miss-Texas Tech...which is technically a #4 vs. a #4 so I'm going to enjoy the thrashing by the Red Raiders

The Big Ten is in big trouble.

Penn State and Ohio State are clearly facing superior opponents in the BCS bowls. Michigan State vs. Georgia is one I think we can handle. Iowa-South Carolina will be close as well. Minnesota playing Kansas is bad news for us. I don't think we have much of a chance there. Wisconsin-Florida State is really a toss-up. NWestern-Missouri isn't going to be pretty IMO. The Cats simply don't have the depth in the secondary to hang with the Tigers.
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