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I've had a sneaking suspicion all year that the Big 12 is a little overrated. We'll see in January.

I supported Florida getting the nod in '06 and do so again this year. I disagree with the system as you do, but since it is in place, I don't think it's advantageous to have two teams from the same conference in the "title" game. While I think Texas should be the team coming out of of the Big 12, I think Florida "deserves" to be there playing them. Texas already proved their superiority to Oklahoma on the field this season, and should not have to do so again in this contrived game. At least make it interesting and have two conferences going head to head here. Is it unfair? Yep. Is it not how the system is supposed to be? Absolutely, but I don't give a crap about the system so I don't really care. Fans like us are the ones getting screwed by this system (as opposed to the old bowl system), at least give us the most interesting match-up possible as far as I'm concerned.

In 2006 lots of people wanted Michigan. I made the argument that it is possible the SEC was vastly superior to the Big 10 that year and one loss in that conference was as much of a claim as OSU's no losses and UM's one loss, despite their better SOS stat. That turned out to be the case. Florida was, if not the best team in the country that year, at the very least a better team than Ohio State. I think we may be seeing the same thing happen to the Big 12 this year, even though the SEC is down a bit as well and there seems to be a realignment going on.

This is the second year in a row where there is no deserving sole national champion, and if I were an AP voter I would purposely give my first place vote to Texas if they beat Ohio State, regardless of what happens in the OU-UF game.
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