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Originally Posted by CKFresh View Post
I agree with your general point here, but I still see a huge problem with your argument.

I know this may be the exception, but what if a kid reads 2 hours a day, joins clubs, plays outside, AND enjoys a half hour of cartoons (or whatever) a day?
It's not my argument you have a problem with. I said some television in extreme moderation (30 minutes to an hour at most) is probably alright. But, honestly, do you really think what you have described is the average schedule for 99% of Americans today?

Originally Posted by CKFresh View Post
Who knows why someone is watching any show? Yeah, "The Real Hosewives of Orange County" is a joke. There is no real value in the show. But if someone gets a good laugh from watching it, where's the harm?
I don't know this show, so I can't really comment on it, but I'll just say in general, someone watching this show is probably watching the other 18 shows like it on television. If this hypothetical person watched this one show and that was all he watched of television, I guess that would be okay, but someone doing that would be an oddity. I'm all for some stupid humor every now and then--personally, I enjoy Late Night with Conan and sometimes if I'm not doing anything when it airs I'll check it out. But there's a difference between one little break in the day to relax and spending 8 hrs a day doing so. Plus, I'm guessing the humor to be found on shows like the one you mentioned is of the empty, celebrity worshipping, materialistic nonsense, but I don't know the show so I can't say anything.
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