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Originally Posted by Ellis View Post
Who's going to be the thought police: the free market or the government?
Lose, Lose.
And reading isn't necessarily good in and of itself. Tori Spelling (I have no idea what she is famous from) and Paris Hilton have books. Plus, most paperback novels are garbage, along with most best-sellers. If you're going to read that, you might as well just turn on the TV.
I think that is my point, though. Right now the free market is the thought police. Market shares determines what airs, people love money, sex, violence, shouting matches, and entertainment which doesn't require hard work or serious thought. Voila! There's your television lineup!

And while I agree with you that reading isn't necessarily good in itself...I think you would have to work hard to find a book that is quite as stupid and mindnumbing as the average reality tv show. Plus, almost any form of reading requires more suspended concentration and active thought than any television program, which is literally projected at you even as you sleep. I mean, I'm no fan of trash novels, and I think people should be reading the classics instead, but even the worst paper back novels are a little better than television, IMO.
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