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Originally Posted by Ellis View Post

Parenting? Have you seen the parents in America?

33-50% are divorced, 99% want to climb the social ladder, and 85% are complete morons.

If kids took less example from their parents, America would be a much better place.
Dear Lord...

I'm beginning to think college is getting the better of you Rob.

Maybe I worded that badly but the point I was making is that the world used to be an adult place where children did as they were told and then either benefited from that experience, ignored it or said to hell with it regardless of how good/bad the parents were. This all gets back to our last conversation where I tried explaining how actual events and systematic processes could be used...and were used...for people to actually develop a personality and some sort of functional ability to live in society. At that point they could actually be considered valuable to others and of some use.

I'm gonna cut you some slack though cuz that day is long gone...well before your time.

But the idea was that regardless of how a parent raised their child the kid still had to operate in a world designed by adults...for better or worse. Today's world is run by youth culture where the unproven and latest shortcut can always provide a last minute excuse on why something did/didn't get done. In the old days, few people even thought of living that way...where you simply tried to bargain your way out of everything. That's the norm now.

Parents influencing their kids is seen as a negative now. And you're right that most are just giant-sized kids as well. But the thing you're missing (and your generation as a whole) is that working thru your own influences/identity/experiences one can properly judge the values of their parents to actually better themselves. Bottom line Rob: that's the definition of growing up.

That's why your religion example isn't all its cracked up to be. I see your point but essentially what you are saying is that kids must be able to find and learn from life on their own from ground zero. Sorry Rob, but that's the current state of affairs and quite frankly, your generation has done about as poor of a job as possible in experiencing life (cuz the majority are totally sheltered) and forming an identity from it. They simply don't have the maturity and will to do so. There's nothing wrong with the older generation sharing their values thru who they are to their kids. In essence, that's how kids are gonna best be served when they embrace the good stuff and when they shelve the b.s. (which religion is... on a personal note...cuz I'm with ya). But without the experience to draw from, it's simply gonna come across as a crybaby contest. Which, by the way, is how I would describe 99% of your generation's means of going thru life and getting things.
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