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Originally Posted by Ellis View Post
I agree that starting from ground zero is where our culture is (or at least close to) and it's turned out to be a wreck, but I still think it's right.
It isn't necessary...that's all Rob.

Originally Posted by Ellis View Post
My generation? I don't identify it, so I don't consider myself of a member of it; if you want to find someone who identifies with it, talk to CK

That remark is all you.

Just because you don't identify with it doesn't mean you aren't stuck with its products or way of life. You're forced a certain extent. I mean, I consider you to be a bright and reflective kid Rob but honestly...unless you go out of your way...really out of your find something of substance in your life you'll be doomed to a life of a typical young person today: useless, over-analyzing, lack of value. That's because culture today is set up where you can go thru life without ever playing a hand (to paraphrase Good Will Hunting).

Originally Posted by Ellis View Post
"Experience"... I just don't see the word in the same way that you do. Again, I don't think that we're ever going to come to terms about this word/notation, so it's not really worth getting into.
Experience means you go thru something unrehearsed and gain a value/POV thru it. Then you apply that value in trial and error thru other experiences. This is how someone acquires a personality Rob. Your generation would rather use technology/academia/sounding boards to attain an angle/viewpoint that makes them feel rightetous or loved than actually get up and get involved in something. Don't get me wrong, technology/academia/sounding boards have their place in the development of a person but we've quickly become a nation of followers without merit cuz everyone would rather have the established views speak for them as to not show "weakness" or "vulnerability".

If you still can't make this out...don't sweat it. It's probably the generational divide...nothing more.

Originally Posted by Ellis View Post
If you have a problem with anyone, it should be with the parents of today's children. I'm sure you have to deal with them all of the time, and any moral decay has certainly started with them and worked its way down.
Of course this is true but what I'm saying to a member of the younger are you going to do about it?

That's the point here. Every generation has been lied to but this one simply doesn't care. And they don't care with an abundant amount of resources and angles to see and overthrow the b.s. like never before. THAT'S the primary root of the disdain I have for younger people.

Really, this isn't a generational battle as it seems to turn into on here...and maybe I don't do a good enough job of explaining either. Your generation has so much at its disposal (the shear amount of b.s. from my generation is enough to chew on) combined with access/opportunity that I just find it a shame that most young people today don't use what they have before them.

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