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Brad mentioned Ladell Betts. I probably only saw the Redskins twice last year, but both times, Betts impressed me, pulling off 5-7 yard runs on about 2/3rds of his carries, it seemed.

Who knows, maybe he sucked in the rest of his games, but to the guys here who know the NFL better than I do: Is he any good?

Clarett won't be taken by the Pats for all the reason Dave mentioned, and won't be of immediate help to anybody.

As a Clarett fan, I hope whomever takes him has the sense to sit him for the first two years as he slowly gets up to speed, after the rust and injury problems which, for the record, I do not think will haunt him throughout his career. If he is brought along slowly, I don't see any reason why he can't become an 1,000 yard rusher in this league eventually. He know he has mastered at least ONE steep curve in his football life: He rushed for 175yards against a Big 12 team (albeit a porous Texas Tech one) as an 18 year old in the first college game of his life, than for over 200 against the Pac 10 champs in his third.


I looked up Betts and, sure enough, I had the benefit of watching him in the two games (vs. Jets in week 1 and vs. Giants in week 3) where he had far-and-away his best days. Other than that, it looks like he pretty well sucked, although given the gaping maw of stats for him in the latter part of the season, he was apparently struggling with injuries for awhile.

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