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I think a greater burden to his once-upon-a-time presumed candidacy will be his actions taken while in this administration.

I know someone who believes that it's Powell or someone near him leaking all the damaging files and papers that get leaked, but that doesn't atone for all the lying and "doing as he was instructed" bullcrap that he's done while working for Mr President.

I moved, frightened out of my wits and scared completely to death for the life of my child, from the Iraq invasion fence firmly to the "we gotta invade Iraq" camp.

I hold him personally responsible, and I'm sure I'm not alone in having been swayed by his testimony before the UN in Jan/Feb '03 (whenever it was). He didn't have to do it, contrary to most opinions. He could have sat on his hands and told the Pres to fire him, and to let one of the warhawks do it.

While I want to like Powell, he's got some making up to me before I believe another word from him again. My vote he would not have in 2008... barring a complete 'fessing up to all the bad he's done while in this administration.

As for African Americans, I'm watching Illinois' junior senator-to-be, Barak Obama, who delivered an incredible speech at the Democratic Conventions. His voting record once he reaches the Senate will be something I monitor. 2008 will be too soon (esp., if Kerry/Edwards win), but I expect he'll be a major name in the 2012 race.

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