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I'd feel a lot better about voting for Powell if he had stood up to the neocons and told them to kiss off when they got the idea to send Powell to the UN to defend the WMD "proof." They picked him only partly because he was secretary of state. The real motivation was that Powell had been a critic of war plans in Iraq, and, therefore, he would have more credibility than, say Cheney or Rumsfeld.
Of course he'd be dead to the Republicans if he had declined their order.
Buckeyefan is probably right, the Republicans won't nominate a black man to lead the ticket because the southern racists (as well as a lot of northern ones) might stay home on Election day. Putting him in as the veep in 2008 might not be out of the realm of possibility.
And, Dave, I'm as big a fan of Barack Obama as you are, but it's not likely he'll be the first black president. First, there's the curse of the keynote address. A quick look at some of those who have given the keynote address at the Democratic Convention -- Zell Miller, Jesse Jackson, Mario Cuomo -- and you get the idea that it's not exactly the road to higher aspirations.
Secondly, I think the first black president is going to have to be a conservative, or at least a Republican going up against someone who scares the racists so much that they vote for the Republican anyway.
I think middle America has a concept of minority (and the same goes for female, Mrs. Clinton) politicians that they have to be conservative just to be considered centrist. A liberal minority candidate is, I think, seen as being even more radical than he or she really is.
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