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Originally posted by buckeyefan78

I told ya about Myles young man (waving finger).

Let me have this one. I'm rarely correct on anything...LOL.
I'm "Miles," but I thought you guys might've found this bit from's college football mailbag telling and entertaining:


Oh, dear God. I know I didn't actually see Les Miles frantically trying to call a timeout after LSU intercepted a pass near the end of regulation, only to be restrained by his assistants. Is this guy really so stupid that he didn't realize that the clock stops automatically on a change of possession? And what does this ultimately say about his ability to keep my alma mater at a championship level?
--Jeff, Columbia, Mo.

At least Michigan fans waited a few years to jump off the Carr bandwagon. Judging by my e-mails, a whole lot of LSU folks are panicking after just two games -- and I can't exactly say I blame them. As I wrote over the summer, I think Miles is a good coach, but I feared he was getting in over his head walking into Baton Rouge, and it certainly appeared that way on Monday night. Tip No. 1: That wimpy little ear piece might have worked in Stillwater, but it isn't going to do you much good in Tiger Stadium. Tip No. 2: Even if your quarterback does make the mistake of tucking and running, you should still be able to get a field goal off in fewer than 20 seconds. And Tip No. 3: Well, see Jeff's comment. -Stewart Mandel


I think I could've told you when I was five that the clock stops on a change of possession. Five years old. That's just unreal that he's that ignorant about basic football rules.

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